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What stage are you at?

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I'm starting to leave Bitcoin/Monero for Bitcoin/LN/CJ

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nigger i have been here since 2017, what the nigger is CJ.

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Even in their shill infographics the bottom panel states that the only use for bCore is selling it for money.

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None, because I'm not a retard.

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>XMRchads just sit back and watch maxis struggle to stay afloat while the real world moves on without them.

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Chainlink > bitchud

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I'm not buying your bags

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all of the above

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XMR wins

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I committed the act of shitcoinery in 2017 but repented when all of the gains were diverted back to BTC.

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I've made a thread before it got deleted
Gathering enough XMR to open my marketplace
Wouldn't work with BTC

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moneo is fine but it's cryptography is so obsolete today it needs as much tech swapped out as bitcoin for both to achieve the same level of privacy.

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He's just begging nonstop using proxies someone gave him like 50 bucks.
He's also the same faggot who uses proxies to ddos /biz/ and slide anyone talking don't give this faggot a dime please.

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The bottom one is actually the Jews and all in Bitcoin. >>55522499

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Wow this Bitcoin thing is pretty cool, I'm gonna buy drugs on silk road
Still think the tech is revolutionary, but now I also made a lot of money on this. Altcoins appear but don't see the point, they are basically just clones of BTC.
Finally some interesting altcoins appear. Especially smart contract platforms are very promising, enabling use cases that Bitcoin simply cannot do. Not to mention that the Bitcoin community has been kinda cringe recently with the big vs small blocker war.
Okay, after years of experience it's obvious that Ethereum is simply a much better chain than Bitcoin. Far more features with negligible tradeoffs. After the merge it will be far more efficient too. I wonder why more Bitcoiners don't see it. Still use other chains such as BTC, but less and less because there's really no point.
Only use Ethereum now. In fact, I now have come to see that Bitcoin is actually objectively bad, with its extremely harmful mining and toxic maxi community. The situation is far worse than I previously thought, to the point where I'm almost ashamed of myself that I didn't realize this sooner.

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Gold and silver is all you need.

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Exactly the same, except 2012 latefag, never bought drugs, firmly took the big blocker side, and bought 100k AVAX (and got a 4k AVAX airdrop) thanks to it.

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I'm essentially a nocoiner after Vitalik rugpulled. I contributed to a good cause so I don't regret anything. Still hold my now worthless ETH bag as a statement.

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I'm at the part where I throw it all away just to go back to memecoins, honestly EPEP has done more for me than any shitcoin I've ever had the bad luck to try it

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the stage where LN is SHIT and I realized Kaspa is the same BTC consensus but better.

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Fish can be stored just as grain, and was the reason whites have higher iq you despicable city fag

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Obviously. XMR is basically a Bitcoin update. Bitcoin 2.0 if you want. Literally. Cleaning the imperfections of the first version. Low number of transactions, transaction speed, fongibilty through anonimity. Nakamoto Satoshi and Nicholas Von Saberhagen are the same entity. Now how could a previous version of a software, be better than the next version. Adoption, hash power, sure. But still that's not enough. For a software that was already as complicated as Bitcoin, they spend a few year to make it, well, better.

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love how this meme avoids mentioning scalability

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Lightning network is dogshit

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LN or Coinjoin are not private retard.

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I bought Apple and Meta

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You left the final stage off your pic
>Cash is King, baby

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Im in the "avoid alt scams". Back then i thought i can get rich faster with cheaper alts. Turns out i can just long 75x btc lol

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You aren't gonna get much it you don't invest in MATIC and AVAX

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>doesn't mention scaling
BTC + LN = BTC + Lightning Network, it's BTC's L2 scaling method. However, it's generally shit and centralized. Seems like the best solution currently is to bridge a sliver of your BTC tokens over to a fast/cheap L1, use those for transacting and smart contracts. If the balance drys up, bridge more over. If balance grows to big, bridge back If you keep the majority of your tokens on the BTC network then you essentially have the best of both worlds.

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Solana flippenings ethereum as both continue to bleed out against BTC. Even Doge outperforms Ethereum, because even doge is a digital commodity, whilst shitcoin securities are regulated into the ground worldwide. Vitalik is sentenced to life in prison in The Hague, going down as one of the greatest scam artists in history, not to mention CZ

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Yes, yes, you are right and definitely not coping. I'm sure the long term trends will suddenly reverse and something completely random like that will happen.

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BTC, LTC, gold, silver, guns, bullets, nazi daggers

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>move part of savings to goods and metals
Lost me here. Total midwit take.

100% BTC only.

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with Jews you win

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That doesn't rhyme.

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it's just a place in the image where you insert the scam you want to shill. you then have to switch ids and pretend that you knew about it all along and make it look like an established thing instead of the scam it is. bonus points for absolutely embarrassing inorganic back and forth with multiple ids

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Bitcoin provides all nine essential vitamins and nutrients, plus 4000 calories a day.

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> what the nigger is CJ.
Well nigger, that's obviously CoinJoin:
- https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/CoinJoin
- https://sethforprivacy.com/posts/fungibility-graveyard/#all-coinjoins

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Here’s mine:
Wow this Silk Road thing is pretty cool. I guess you pay with some weird thing called bitcoin. Sounds sketchy, I’m gonna be a söyboy and not buy anything
Haha dogecoin is funny but this is all stupid and will never amount to anything
Dude what the fuck did I do?! I’m gonna fomo into crypto now and lose money

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Never tried lightning because I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I'm not too much of a fan of coinjoin. You risk mixing clean coins with tainted coins, and I'm not sure what impact that would have. It also doesn't make coins untraceable, only more difficult to untangle where the coins came from and where they went.

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big brain move

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>troll image
>bot filename