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>he fell for the crash meme


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Skill issue

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It's by design.

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short sol and thank me later

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I bought my house in Summer 2020.
I had started planning for it in Fall 2019, getting my credit set up, then applying for a loan in the spring of 2020.

Then of course in March everything went to shit.
Lockdowns, closed businesses. I was furloughed at work.
Nobody knew what would happen. Would rates fall lower? Would the economy crash? Would houses be worth anything?

But I went for it anyway. I found a house and made an offer.
I figured it would either go down as a great decision on my part, or really, really bad timing.
I got lucky.

What's my point? I guess that "it's still impossible to buy a house" is weird to say. As recently as three years ago was a great opportunity to buy a house, with good rates. Maybe it's impossible today, but it's not like you have to go back 20 years to remember when it was possible. What were you doing three years ago, and why didn't you buy then?

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I'm buying a house with my neet savings.

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Maybe if you're a poorfag. Most of us have saved up quite a fat stack over the last several years. Don't tell me, you're a left wing authoritarian??? lolololololololol

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idk dude, I'm doing pretty well with just holding EPEP
if you're so worried about it just rent a flat and use it as a b&b, that's my plan with the flipped frog

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You don't need to buy a single family house in an urban area as a single guy

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ruessionnoc gorf a ,ees I

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Why live in a house when you can live in a dump?

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No kidding. My wife and I have $150k ready for a down payment, and our household income is ~$200k/yr before taxes and there's fuck all to buy in my area that's not an overpriced shitshack

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I don't understand shit about hieroglyphs.

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In that case, maybe just maybe it's not overpriced.

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You need to find a house that hasnt made it to the "market" yet. Look on facebook and craigslist.
Find a realtor that represents sellers so you can get a direct sale before people can start bidding on it.

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Every house I check has inflated in price by 50% since 2020. It's all overpriced

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I have a realtor who's been in the biz for 30 years, he sends me filtered notifications as soon as things are "coming to market" i.e. before they are ever scraped by zillow or redfin

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fuck you

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>What were you doing three years ago, and why didn't you buy then?

not everyone here's a boomer

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You have to be 21 or older to get the most out of /biz/

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the housing market is a complete shitshow for both buyers and sellers.

mortgage rates moving so fast have people trapped in their homes.

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I hope everyone is harmed.

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this. Faggots join a server with 8 billion players and think they can fight the final Boss at level 1

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a job-losing recession would probably crush some home owners. right now it's just stagnation.

buyers should just keep saving. that's what we're doing, anyway.

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Do you guys think of I buy a bunch of Blackrock stock (2 shares) and email Mr fink he will give me a house?

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or a car

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I'm done worry about things that are out of my control anon. What is in my control is how I can force boomers into handing over their money to me.

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