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People unironically think America is racist because black people get arrested more often which is really caused by their higher crime rates

People actually think police are targeting black people for no good reason, “just cuz”

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people think a wage-gap exists

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okay but I'm black and I don't want the police bothering me just because I'm black, I'm not a criminal and don't appreciate being treated like one.

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>oy vey why do they persecute me so

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Reminder that the wealthiest black majority neighborhoods have more violent crime than the poorest white ones.

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Just make all the police black
Problem solved-oh wait that group of 5 black cops who beat that guy to death
Sorry boss can't say you'll ever be safe

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Shoo nigger

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they probably wont

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And guess what retard higher crime rates are a result of poverty....which is a result of racist redlining and segregation policies.....which are a result of capitalism....

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your under arrest by capitalism. hurry it up

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>Doesn't post proof just posts a gay wojack


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America is racist because they manufacture poverty through redlining and byzantine legal codes targeting the poorest members of the community while hollowing out the middle class. America is racist because the CIA imported millions of tons of cocaine to sell to black communities as a part of a money laundering operation with the goal of deposing democratically elected South American presidents. America is racist because they took this national tragedy and turned it into a global mistral show through a collaborative effort between Mafia-backed entertainment studios and private prisons. America is racist because they have LITERAL STATE-SANCTIONED SLAVERY at the behest of private corporations ENSHRINED IN THEIR CONSTITUTION.

In closing: fuck America.

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>blames capitalism and racism instead of doing research
>wants to be spoonfed
very typical

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So are you actually gonna, like, prove your point or just keep avoiding it?

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Why the fuck should I do your job?
You make the claim so you should be the one to present the evidence. Perhaps you aren't as smart as you think you are?

That wouldn't surprise me, lol.

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yea the CIA made those niggers sniff coke and buy nike shoes

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What point you retarded fucking nigger loving retard? You're a disabled tranny, wasting a second of my time explaining to you why NIGGERS SUCK is beneath me. I am not going to evangelize to you for that is not my purpose. In 20 years time if you're not already dead, I will be one of the men who will crack your disgusting tranny skull in half.

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Lol, what ever helps you sleep at night.

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>don't blame one of the biggest drug dealing operations in human history... blame, uh, niggers! yeah. fucking niggers.
You're right anon. Clearly America isn't racist at all. Nor are you, for that matter. Its all those damn porch-monkey's fault.

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there is no drug operation without drug users anon

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Unironically every problem blacks/poors have can be solved by saving money and watching dave ramsey. Change my mind

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Let’s run this up to 200 replies bros so that the glow bots making these threads get paid.

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yea nogs arent violent or anything, its just poverty which is caused by da white man keepin them down even though nogs in the us enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. A burger talking about poverty what a fucking tool you are lmao

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I work for the Central Intelligence Agency. Problem?

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America is racist against white people

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So I was only able to find one study (after some serious digging) and all I could find regarding this topic was ONE article published by Penn Today (A literal who university) The study was not oversaught by any review board, and, even in this singular study they admit that even though gun violence is still higher in (less poor) black areas it is still most likely the cause of socioeconomic policies left over from segergation:


>For a fixed socioeconomic status of a US Census tract—high, medium or low—US Census tracts with a higher proportion of Black residents have higher gun homicide rates. The US remains highly residentially segregated by race despite improvements since the 1960s.5 Besides residential segregation reducing Black individuals’ socioeconomic status by such mechanisms as inhibiting wealth accumulation through housing value and limiting access to high-quality schools,6 our findings suggest that even among neighborhoods of the same socioeconomic status, residential segregation may put Black individuals at higher risk of gun homicide. Potential explanations include the following being more prevalent in higher proportion Black neighborhoods: lack of institutional resources and opportunities caused by racial wealth gaps and underinvestment, the legacy of punitive law enforcement leading to difficulties controlling crime, lower collective efficacy due to lack of political power or city responsiveness, geographic proximity to poor neighborhoods, and gang networks or interconnections. Further studies should be conducted to investigate these explanations and design policies to reduce gun homicides. Limitations of this study include the inability to pinpoint the demographic characteristics of the people affected by gun homicides.

Omitting the truth and using it to fabricate a lie is how facists work.

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I had no idea there were this many leftoid homosexuals on /biz/. Why don’t you go to /r/stocks or something and hangout with other people who believe in your African fairytales?

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The problem is that there's too much shit that's illegal. If you can get arrested just for having weed, a gun, cocaine, dressing slutty on the streets, etc it just causes needless encounters for police to act on the crime statistics and treat you like shit unjustly.

Whereas if the only crimes were homicide and robbery, then yeah blacks would still be treated with more suspicion but at least innocent black folk would be significantly less likely to be caught up in the state's bullshit

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The truth hurts the facist retard.

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>i-its the whitey fault i kill others!
>they let me buy all these guns yo
>if i was in africa i would be extremely peaceful
lmao kys commie

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4troon sucks these days man, full of failed normie subhuman fatass millenial leftists. They always talk like the other two fucking faggots in this thread. I tried posting the tranny helicopter gif and it wouldn't let me. Fuck this website and FUCK the jannies it is a shell of what it used to be

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At no point in time did any one blame this on white people.

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Not quite, hoss.

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Can the chronically online political retards explain why you all treat blacks like they're retarded? Right wingers claim they can't be helped and hate them, left wingers treat them like a dehumanized disabled child for brownie points. ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS SHOW THEM DAVE RAMSEY

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It's mostly fags from leftypol.

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Read the thread retard.


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I've been lurking since 2004 fag. If anything you're the newfag.

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>gun violence is still higher in (less poor) it is still most likely the cause of socioeconomic policies left over from segergation
segregation from who retard, chinks? arabs?

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Off topic

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How is pointing out that black people are the victims of socioeconomic and political motives spurned by our economic system infantalizing them?

The real issue is everyone in the US thinks things are an individual problem when they are not they are socioeconomic and political; collective and objective problems.

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From whites, obviously. You realize that segregation was a whole period in time in the united states right? After the civil war? Jim crow?

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We're talking about economics, lol.

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> victims of socioeconomic and political motives spurned by our economic system infantalizing them
again, US nogs enjoy the highest standard of living compared to any nogs in any other country. If anything they were done a huge favor. they can go back to africa anytime they want if they're so tired of muh racism, but they wont cause they love it in the US. You are a massive retard

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The *truth* is that blacks are violent and impulsive everywhere on this planet. They ruin any area they’re let in to. The *truth* is that they have the lowest average IQ of any other race on average. You can come up with reasons for it all day, it doesn’t make it any less of a fact.

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so you are blaming whites, why the dishonesty ?

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Uhhh, I take it you grew up in an affluent white neighborhood because I grew up in the fucking getto and, yeah, this is just bullshit. This isn't even true for white people in the united states. At this period in time most working class people live near 3rd world levels. In many instances crime and violence is really all there is especialyl for black communities.

>Go back to africa

You bitch about right wingers but harbor the same reaction tendencies and ideologies they do, lol.

Other than the fact that they were born an breed here in the united states and their ancestors were brought over here (by force) via the slave trade "Just move bro" is hilariously myopic especially, again, considering how poor everyone in the US is.

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they are too low IQ to take good advice, no helping them amigo.

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This is a serious guilt complex. Pointing out that racism happened and is a thing that happened is not "Blaming white people" This talking point is just used to take the onius away from the economic system of capitalism anyways.

The issue is material not individual. Unless you actually are still racist....you aren't right?

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your "ghettos" are rich tier where im from. Their gibs and food stamps are worth more than what doctors and engineers earn here.
And yes they can certainly afford a plane ticket to africa with all their gibs. They rather spend it on KFC, drugs, clothes and cars though. They are massive consumers. There are extremely fat nogs in the US, something unseen in africa. You are clueless and you dont know what real poverty is

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Did you at least make it out the ghetto

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So I can read your communist bullshit? Explain why modern Africans carry jugs of water on their heads whereas rome had plumbing systems two millenia ago.
Your desperate attempt to make everyone equal when, by nature, we arent is what leads to pic related.

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>how poor everyone in the US is.
holy shit lmao, now you must be trolling
>you actually are still racist
yea i am, problem commie?

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Are people they way they are for no reason?
Serious question.

Yeah gettos in the US aren't 3rd world (yet) but they are pretty dadmn close. Plenty of places with out running water. Dirty drinking water, etc etc. You clearly have made up your mind though so there's no real point in talking to you. You're just a dumb racist.

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Well if you are racist why are you mad people are blaming shit on you? You see it's called a self fulfilling prophecy.

Yeah I know yuppies don't understand but yes tons of people in the United states are incredibly poor.

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Did you make it out of the ghetto

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you dont have a clue about real poverty if you think anywhere in the US is "poor". Nobody is starving. Nobody is killing for a loaf of bread. Promptly kys

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East Oakland is full of blacks doing nothing all day with a full belly, plenty of weed, and $400 worth of clothing on. They’re living the dream compared to their counterparts where they came from, but they’re not paying for any of it with work.
At least jeets and Asians come here and build a productive life for themselves. Japs were in internment camps. Did they all turn out like wild monkeys? No, because they’re intelligent and hard working.
Every single place on earth with a majority black population is a fucking shithole. Except for that one spot in Africa they genocided everyone to clean up. That place is alright.

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Genetics. Same thing that separates golden retrievers and pit bulls.

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>CIA imported millions of tons of cocaine to sell to black communities

Fed imported millions of niggers to inner city to terrorize the formerly white inner cities. Countless neighborhoods and entire urban areas basically destroyed by ethnically cleansing whites. And everyone wants to talk about muh crack cocaine

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Lol I don't even have running water.
No matter what I say to you you are always going to shift the goal posts because you have already made up your mind, so, again, there's no point in continuing the conversation.

How poor is poor enough for your arbitrary metrics and why?

I'm working on it. I left where I was born but now I live in poverty but I just got a good job and I am saving and investing currently.

If that were true then why do white people in poverty do the same shit? Sell drugs, etc etc?

Again most of the reason black communites are the way they are are centuries of exploitation and colonialism, etc etc. If you want to talk about india people in india shit in the street because they lack adequate plumbing because of colonialism.

If what you were saying is true ONLY africa would be a shit hole but it isn't. European countries are at the top because we got that way through aggression and force.

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Furthermore American crime wave began some time in the 60s - a couple decades before crack cocaine was even a concern. The crack epidemic is a leftist tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. Shitty “black neighborhoods” predate cocaine. America didn’t have a crack epidemic, it had a great migration epidemic beginning in 60s

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A problem that solves itself when you dress and present yourself in a respectable manner. I've never seen a nigger wearing a suit and tie, that articulated properly, and carried himself confidently while still being kind and respectful to others get hassled by anyone.

But thats just it. What's commonplace for literally every other culture is looked down on by western black culture. I know several actual Africans and they NEVER have run ins with the cops because they understand how to assimilate into civilized society.

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tounge it. Now.

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It's literally not a conspiracy. The Regan administration bought cocaine from the Contra's in Nicaragua in order to fund rebellion against (suprise suprise) the socialist sandistas. That cocaine would later find its way into the gettos of the United states in the form of crack cocaine.

This i well documented historical fact:


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>oh nooo no running water im so poor
>its da white man fault muh segregation 80 years ago and shit
nigger if you live in such precarious conditions in the richest country on earth then you are the lowest of the low. Any retard job makes you more in 4 hours than wagies earn in a week here (argentina).
You can probably go to any gym and shower there. Nogs in africa are still bathing in rivers/lakes and washing the scraps they call clothes with their hands

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I do go to the gym and shower. My current job is going to nab me 6 figures in a year or so. But you can;t just snap your fingers and get out of poverty. Most people also don't have the luxury of working a job like I currently do. It takes time. I still don't have running water.

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>be financially incentivized to incarcerate as many people as possible
>Also have a minority population that you can arrest on petty charges while also propagating them as the le ebil crime people so that nobody questions it

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nobody forced the nogs to smoke crack cocaine
>inb4 muh poverty conditions make them take drugs
yeah thats why the richfags were sniffing coke like no tomorrow too

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if you could make it, then so can your brothers. Stop making excuses for them.
6 figures is more than politicians make here, be glad whitey gave you such opportunities and if u wanna blame someone, blame the jew

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your tounge, my anus cheif.

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The drugs aren't really the issue you moron.
But yes poverty and shitty objective conditions makes people more likely to do drugs and it be a determent to their own existence.

The problem is, well, capitalism.

>> No.55510432

I'm not saying that they or other people cannot make it, anon. What I am saying is that the current economic conditions we live under make it nearly impossible for at least 60% of the population (and that number is growing daily) It's just not realistic for most people. I got really lucky.

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tounge. now.

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what part of you live in the richest country with the biggest opportunities on earth dont you get ? and you still blaming muh capitalism and shit
get it through your skulls, those who are poor in america CHOOSE to be poor. Maybe if we were talking about blacks in africa you'd have a point but the US? lmao

>> No.55510462

and by "poor in america" i mean not affluent, cause the "poor" still have access to quite comfy life as this anon pointed out >>55510289

>> No.55510466

Who let Reddit commies post here?


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They’re in poverty because they’re stupid. They’re on the lower end of the genetic bell curve. All races have stupid people. Blacks have the most, Asians have the least. They’re not stupid because they’re poor, they’re poor because they’re stupid. The smart ones get out of their situation.
In absolute third world countries, it’s harder to do that and some people get stuck. In a country like the USA, there is literally nothing stopping an intelligent person from getting out of the hood. There’s no excuse. It’s all poor decision making.
Whites are not as violent as blacks by any measure, poor or not. Selling drugs isn’t something only retards do either. I’m pretty sure you have to be intelligent to be high up in the food chain of the drug business and not just some guy on the corner. Frank Lucas is a good example of this.

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I'm sorry to tell you but it isn't the 1950s anymore. Capitalism has mutated into a monopolistic form. Most jobs that were actually worth anything are long gone; Shiped over seas or automated. We loose more and more production capacity in the united states every day. Thank to NAFTA and such, all part of maximization of profits.

I'm just stating facts, anon.
Most jobs in the economy are not worth a damn.

That study is old i've seen studies that go as high as 55%

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my anus remains untongued, anon

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yea thats why you're about to make 6 figures. Come to my country and see how much you earn, nog, lets see whats your excuse then

>> No.55510515

avg salary here short of 300 usd /month by the way. You would probably earn less and blame whitey and capitalism too

>> No.55510519

You know how a lot of smart blacks get around this? They get lower end government jobs with union pay and benefits. They drive trucks. They drive for UPS and FedEx. They learn to be a mechanic that works on those vehicles. They get comfy jobs at the airport. They become long shore men. Even if the manufacturing is done elsewhere, it gets sailed, flown, and driven to its location.
I’ve lived around and worked with more blacks than I can count and I’m not from the sticks. You know who agrees with me? Almost every one of those blacks I worked with and currently work with. Some of them did time lived fucked up lives. All they had to do was stop being a criminal and go to work to fix it. The ones who don’t are literally just too stupid to do so.

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median income is less than 40k retard

that means half of people make less than that

this country is only good if you're rich, otherwise you get to make 35k and pay $1500 for rent and have people like you insist you be grateful for it

sure you have a slightly greater chance of getting rich here but the depths you can sink to are much lower because everyone is out for themselves

tongue my fucking asshole whitoid cuckbrain

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holy sweet fuck you shit eating mods and jannies do your fucking job

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kys nigger, you dont know poverty

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> tongue my fucking asshole whitoid cuckbrain

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>This fag got duped by terrible three chord Green Day songs and literal corporations into thinking that communism and antifascist = loving niggers

Wew my sides, corporations, the irony.
You are incredibly low iq.

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ok conspiratard. Go back to /x/

American inner city crime rate was already climbing prior to the Reagan admin.

>> No.55510583

Do you think that realistically 100% of people in the united states can pull themselves out of poverty? Do you think that under capitalism it is possible for 100% of people to make it?

>> No.55510592

I’d have funded armed groups to fight socialists if I were the president of the US too, because it was socialists who invented the subsidized housing scheme that lead to whites being ethnically cleansed by blacks from inner city neighborhoods. And now I have to hear you suburban plebbitors constantly whine because you live where there’s no sidewalks or public transports. Your problem predates crack by about 20 years. Your grandparents were complaining about black crime before even your parents smoked their first rock

>> No.55510909

his cost of living is not even comparable

>> No.55510934

Then tell your friends and family to speak English and put the guns down

>> No.55510960

you still can probably save a grand or two per month, whereas here you cant even legally buy dollars lmao. Complain about inflation? try 100% annual inflation faggot

>> No.55511091

>nog doesnt know how id's work
color me surprised