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Haven't been really into crypto for a year~, I remember avalanche wasn't bad. Good community, didn't get in troubles, funny memes, was profitable to me. Were there any problems with Avax?

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VC Pump n Dump. I'd steer clear. Stick to BTC, LINK, ETH, ATOM, MATIC

>in b4 "dude link? lmfao even"

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Double spend shit coin run by a retarded fat Turk. A self conscious moron who gave a shit ton of tokens away to shady lawyers to FUD better projects. Cringe

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Avalanche is getting mainstream adoption right now.
Thats why you will see many seethe posts by competing projects that instantly spam any thread mentioning Avalanche.
better buy back in OP, AVAX is about to pump.

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>Good community
90% are paid shills
>didn't get in troubles
Constantly caught doing all kinds of fuckery
>funny memes
The same forced shill photoshops or AI generated sexy anime girls
>was profitable to me
It's down 90%

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Yeah, took a look on a graph today, looks nice to me, thanks anon

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>Constantly caught doing all kinds of fuckery

For example?

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Avax is a top 3, $1000+ future coin.

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hes referring to the smear campaign ran by this cryptoleaks site which is owned by Dominic Williams, the man behind the ICP scam.
the New York Times had a piece about that scammer recently.

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I'll put $400 on $13 even.
No higher.

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Can you leave some links

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This. Only legitimate project in the space. $500 this run. Its a future $1000 coin. Heavily fudded on this board with weird astroturfing "I have avax niggers" threads.

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This. Please gentlemen on /biz do not read the articles on https://cryptoleaks.info/
It made by ICP scammer Dominic Williams.

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>Avalanche engineer blames ''bug'' for the chain inability to scale....

>2-Rollups are being developed by third parties, because Avalanche can't scale.

>Avalanche crippled by cloudfare outage.

>Avalanche subnet's C-chain see brief outage because avalanche can't scale.

>Péter Szilágyi finds a critical insta-death bug in avalanche.


>Avalanche fake partnership with Amazon


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Serious question, if you're not actually paid by Dom Williams, do you genuinely think anyone cares about the cryptoleak smear pieces? Seriously?

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It is the only chain with a pathway to scalability in 10 years

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tell your buddy to wake up and spam the grassroots copypasta next jeet.

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>do you genuinely think anyone cares about the cryptoleak smear pieces? Seriously?
Emin cares so much that he shits his pants and the Jewish lawyer also cared so much that he left.

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Every AVAX shill is a grassroots community marketer who gets paid in AVAX to do it. They reply to themselves with different IDs and create lots of fake interest and discussion. If you browse /biz/ for a few days you'll see how inorganic all of this is. Their objective is to make you buy AVAX, hold it and maybe even stake it (for a negative inflation adjusted yield, which they will lie about). They will manipulate you with hope, technojargon, AI waifus and dreams of riches while getting paid by higher-ups who slowly dump on retail with the tokens they created for themselves for free. Go look at EOSETH chart and read about the history of EOS. This is the exact same scam all over again for newfags like you who don't know how this works. Don't fall for it, they are masters at manipulating.

Inflation numbers:
Circulating supply Jan 27 2022: 244,852,769

Circulating supply Jan 27 2023: 314,771,897

(314,771,897 - 244,852,769) / 244,852,769 = 0.2856 = 29%