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>learn skill
>make youtube based around skill
>make a website and sell products
>become a millionaire

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Is shitposting a skill?

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more like
>have to try and stand out
>soiyface cucks doing the same thing

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you and a million other swinging dicks

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>spend lifetime acquiring a skill
>there are hundreds of other already established YouTubers with said skill, and most are better at it than you
>they also have more interesting personalities and know how to film and edit video and manipulate the algorithm
I’m gonna have to go niche.

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I thought about this regarding music production but all of the music producer youtubes I've watched are shitty musicians, so I'd rather exist in my talented obscurity without being swilled by the mainstream masses. Teachers are, like, artists who failed to make it big so they compensate by trying to teach people to be better than them.

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you've never tried that, right OP?
cuz if you did you won't post something as retarded in here