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I worked my ass off to get an engineering degree to progress to a 6 figure salary and can't even afford a home... Can't find a wife either, they are all taken or whores/single mothers.

What's the point? I did everything they told me and was sold a lie. Crypto is pretty much dead at this point and I won't have any kind of wealth until I am in my late 50's and 60's...

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its over good you realize that by now

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This bullshit spam are you a bot or a schizophrenic?
Answer us without samefagging faggot.

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Same for me. Im not able to have a family because this ill society wont allow me to, even tho its the most natural desire to have. im so tired and depressed, not even workout or sun exposure helps anymore

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>demoralization thread
You didn't get any degree, that's why you work for the government posting on 4chan from the basement.
You can't find a wife because your boss makes you work overtime without pay and you lack the energy to resist.
Crypto is not dead. You're dead. Spiritually. Psychically. Psychologically. Chemically. Observationally. Imaginatively. Creatively. To your peers and family.

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Yup same thing happened to me. Kept trying to find love in my 20s, had a handful of relationships. They always left or cheated. A few things with whores and women I really shouldn't have been around. I didn't do an engineering degree though, but I started a business at one point that was bringing in 6 figures. I quit a couple years ago when I turned 30, moved back into my moms. What's the point of taking out a mortgage for 20 years to live in a house by myself? Can just keep my crypto. The only advice I can give is DON'T CONTRIBUTE. You contributing leads to your tax dollars getting siphoned off to these single moms and whores. By working hard, you're just enabling the behavior. If we all stop working, the system ends tomorrow. Slowly, even without the ideology, men are doing just that on their own. Remove incentives, people get off the hamster wheel.

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>not just being homeless

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im serious bro

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Same anon, same. I honestly sometimes feel like I missed the boat in everything.

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>le mechanical engineer face
How many days do you think you can make the same thread? Longer than snailposter?

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>Can't find a wife either, they are all taken

New 18 year olds are being minted every day, you delusional kike demoralization thread tranny faggot.

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Also now we are getting flooded by migrants who all desire to fuck virgins. So we are prolly going to extinct in a decade. What a time to be alive. What did god mean by all of this?

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The fact that incels worship this child support cuck makes me lol

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Well it seems like it's just first world problems so I won't bother addressing it. But for everyone else, look into a project called Blackswan. It's an AI powered trading bot that works on Twitter and Telegram. It enables users to instantly trade on the news. Ahead of the market so you can take advantage of being the first to act on the news.

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A revolution is necessary.
I mean not communism, but i mean
killing all boomers, capitalists, and corporate executives, and politicians, and sharing their wealth to all the revoltionary fighters and then we can make it bros and everyone gets instantly a million dollars in BTC and we can all buy homes.

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Thanks for playing. try again next time

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>sharing their wealth
you mean fiat notes? their land? their business? how exactly would you "share" their "wealth"?
do you think their wealth is composed of these things?

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demo threads running late tonight huh

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what?? I worked my ass off to get an engineering degree to progress to a 6 figure salary and COULD afford a house...

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>What's the point?
>im serious bro
Bro, what's the point, bro? Bro, I'm serious, bro.
Can you at least vary the copypasta a little?

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First time making this thread.

When did you buy it? If you didn't buy pre-covid or when you could get a <2% interest rate mortgage its literally over.

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you could literally never get a <2% interest rate in the US you dumb street shitter

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it's not, you simply refuse to do the needful and just buy in. Like you always have.

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I feal bad for your kind. You were born in a bad country.

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Yeah you could bro.

It literally is, you are confusing me with someone else than who makes a similar thread.

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>If you didn't buy pre-covid or when you could get a <2% interest rate mortgage its literally over.
My first mortgage was 8.625%.
I made twice-monthly payments until I could refinance at a lower rate.
Kids these days.

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anon you were supposed to meet women in college, thats the whole purpose of it. Nobody goes to college for a degree or they would study something useful. its too late now, you fucked it up

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>muh love
shit doesnt exist past 20 anon. find a bitch you can tolerate, who will let you bust a nut inside her (probably an asian) and be happy.

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soulless, your parents are also soulless
>inb4 literally anything don't @ me, reading one post from you was enough

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>Can't find a wife either, they are all taken or whores/single mothers.
find an 18 year old or whatever is legal in your area and date them before they become whores or single moms

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100% b&rp

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Because niggers

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Buy a house where you can afford it. Rent that house out. Use a management company and contractors to do upkeep. Live in whatever you can afford where you work. When you are done working you can retire and go live in the house you bought.

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>We need a revolution
>Not a communist revolution because that's bad
>But a revolution with communist values

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What an exciting existence

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>Shit doesn't exist past 20
Yeah exactly. I mean I've come across dozens of decent gooks over the course of my life, but I'm just not doing that. The point of having kids is to reproduce, not hybridization. Hybridization is the 4th most common form of extinction of all life on the planet. I can see spending money on having White kids and reproducing, I can't justify getting rid of my satoshis for brown slant eyed goblins. I'll keep my sats and be alone.

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>Find 18 year old, date before they become whores
Bro you're really out of touch with what young people are doing these days. By 18 they've already had their first nigger gangbang. The only way to find a wife quality woman is to... idk, you're just not getting that these days.

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There is a strip
A garden of eden

A place where all your issues can be abritsrged out.


The strip between punts Del negra and punts Del este.

If you have 100k

You can get a beach house and a euro wife
In a high trust society

Woman still hitch hike here

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>Crypto is pretty much dead at this point
What the fuck are you talking about?

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