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August 15th Edition

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what happened to the auspicious occurrence?

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>35 DAYS
35/2 =17
17.5/2 =8
8.75/2= 4
>4.37/2= 2 more weeks toad marines


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You realize he said that because the guy's profile picture is literally toad soup right? You available schizo tier nigger. TREAT will have the (Ticker: TREAT). Dumbass.

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七 七 七

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I FOMOed into TOAD because I’m either retarded or a genius. Only time will tell.

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Stop making generals about this shit. Buy your bag and wait. Shut the fuck up about it.

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It doesn't matter either way. Fudding and shilling don't work unless you have a huge Twitter following or something.

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Stfu cunt, you just proved you are dumb and know nothing. They said a million times Treat is only a code name

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Got rugged by multichain, so I decided why not and just bought another trillion.

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sure you did fag

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Might as well finish my 4.2 trillion tomorrow and hope for the best.
Ngl, not as bullish as before, seeing how the exact same dumping whale still owns 10% of the supply.
But desperation is getting the best out of me.

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you realize everyone can see the transactions right? if you bought 1 trillion it would show up faggot

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Go look at ticker: TREAT and come back and tell me if that’s the SHIB team retard.

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Nobody here buys from the same wallet in 1 tx, you newfag.
And with 48 hours to observe, that's too much work for the average channer.
Still, if it was a single wallet, I'd be top 25.

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as if two tokens cant have the same ticker, retard. TREAT hasn't even been released yet

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Here’s your next hurdle to leap

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Regardless of what the ticker is, retard, what makes you think treat has already been released?

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>Regardless of what the ticker is, retard
But you just said the ticker will definitely be TREAT. Your fud sucks. Next

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The fact that the shibaswap LP is accumulating TOAD and fixing its bottom pricing?

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Right, because one whale (who isn't even close to the top holder) that provides liquidity to shibaswap is buying means they must be inextricably linked. Retards. All of you.

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Dude how cheap do you need it?

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Why would I buy this retarded shitcoin. It says on it's own website that there is no use case. It's literally useless. Lol.

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We're gonna be creeping up until lunch. Then we explode.

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I can't imagine this works on anyone.

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Lunch wtf does that mean?

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I believe he meant "launch."

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What makes you think there will be a "launch"? What are they launching? The website says there is no actual use for TOAD and there is no roadmap or team or anything. There is literally no reason to invest in this.

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Anon? Are you alright? Anon?!

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show goku and vegeta

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This guy pays multiple gas fees on both ends, because he's a player and a rich genius.

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Thanks for making me feel better, after I lost a buttload of money on multichain.
Now if my 3t stack gets to $1m that would also be nice

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Daddy has spoken.

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What does any of this mean?

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They're launching you on a small rocket into the ocean.

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Can you translate this discord faggotry for me? I will never go into a discord even if the cure to cancer was revealed there

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Is not discord retard its telegram. If not a larp this toadoshi feller is shytoshi.

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Same bullshit telegram discord suck my dick. Thanks for the translation tho.

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Oh then that's definitely a larp.

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Well maybe so maybe not. Crypto doesn't come in tricycles you have to take risk fag

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I have plenty of toadies. I just doubt that that's Shytoshi. I don't have shit else to look at on my phone when I'm bored though, so schizo stuff is alright until the 15th.

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Everyone knows it's created by Shib so it wouldn't be a stretch to be Shytoshi but it could also be some random cunt. Time will tell.

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That's the biggest and most obvious larp I've seen, and I've seen a lot of larps

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Is any DCAing into Toad as long as it is under 5 million mcap smart?

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I can feel it toadbros.
It's going to be glorious

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Bought. 5b stacklette.What is realistic for gains?

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The pricing of the coins are stabilizing sers.

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so many grammatical errors it really does look like it was written by a ‘jeet kek

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Maybe to filter guys like you out, who knows. The description changed a few weeks ago.

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The fuck is ESF WILBUR.

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The secrets in the brown pudding my frend. Let the mistery unravel

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Oh wow a jeer larper copied and pasted a post from shytoshi and toadies are eating it up.

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Every single fudder (ESF) ...


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Ok but who is the actual toad killer? Is it shibu?

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Yes you fucking retard the question is toad just a scam created by them or is it gonna be use by them.

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>We're gonna be creeping up until lunch. Then we explode.
Fucking checked. Wagmi Toadbros

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Why would a supposedly legit coin or org create a scam

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Dev farming

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>Team, or team affiliated insider whales slowly kill the entire project selling for thousands and killing every pump while larping

Where have I seen this before?

Oh yes DBI!

At least DBI was larping with CZ and Jesse Powell!

You niggers have random Telegram and Twitter accounts that turn out bogus and you keep citing them still!

This is some new recipe for scam rings to slow rug dumb niggers.

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the whales in this shit coin have way way too many coins and are way too idiotic for Toad to moon

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"$TOAD is a MemeCoin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only."

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>You niggers have random Telegram and Twitter accounts that turn out bogus and you keep citing them still!
Such as Cryptoad420, I never want to hear about that larp again. That's what I don't understand, SHIB has multiple official minions and underlings, why not have someone credible drop the bread crumbs? Maybe because they don't want to use their credibility so they can disavow after Toad goes nowhere but make money off their clout.
So SHIB pretends to be a part of TOAD while farming it for ETH then walk away. Have their cake and eat it too. Slimy af.

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kek is this for real? ppl bought this painfully obvious jeetery kek my sides

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Description was changed a couple of weeks ago by the dev at the cost of 0.5Eth. Next fud?

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I’m at my sisters house in Georgia and whenever I’m here I see these little toads hopping around in her backyard sometimes. Should I step on one next time I see one because I own this coin? Will this maybe help it moon?

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No, don’t step on animals. That’s nigger shit.

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I know. But since I own the coin maybe it should be done.

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All you guys had to do was liquidate this horseshit and buy pepe 2,3, 4.2 whate.

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All you guys had to do was liquidate this horseshit and buy pepe 2,3, 4.2 whatever. Legitimately doesn't matter. Yet you're still bagholding. Toadkiller doesn't even appeal to normies WTF does it mean? It's literally the whole point of memecoins, get normalfags on board with a trendy name.

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>Jeet dev writes jeet description
>The same jeet dev pays 0.5 eth to change description to look less jeet after looting retards for a grip of eth

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>Yet you're still bagholding
these cucks have had shiba team members in their tg and don't ask them questions directly or even tag them for fear of them leaving, rather than hold these fags accountable they cling to pathetic larpoors, their dev disappeared and they don't even ask why, imagine how much of a pussy you would have to be to not ask direct questions after you aped in

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Some fag whale owning 10% of the supply and doomping for months always happens in these coins.

>> No.55503415

because they're always scams when will /biz/ learn>>55503326
>Some fag whale owning 10% of the supply and doomping for months always happens in these coins
Because they're always scams, when will /biz/ learn

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Kek green text fail, you not wrong tho.

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Why don’t they just announce it already. They’re fooling anyone. The fud is getting more gay by the day

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They are not announcing it because they are not behind it, all Toad has is weak LARPing. Toad dev being AWOL is a red flag and now you have yet another LARPing faggot in Telegram trying to pretend he is Shytoshi by copy and pasting Shytoshi's messages from Shibarium Tech, until he gets called out. The LARPing gets weaker by the day.

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Undeniable trips of truth. The jig is up, niggers. Pack your fucking bags.

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Why are you in here responding and why do you care?

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>Why are you in here responding and why do you care?
Do you feel threatened Ranjit?

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Team is soft-rugging by selling their-insider stacks into every pump. This will never pump, because insiders who were allowed to buy at launch already 100x'd and now dump on you degens.
i repeat, there are insiders who already 100x'd their investment from day1 who are dumping on you plebs all-day, with wallets of tens-of-trillions stacks

>> No.55504093

Thanks for caring about my financial well being. Never selling.

>> No.55504113

either you are a team member who wants to keep volume up that you can dump into, or you are a cuck and enjoy being dumped upon

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DBI 2.0!

>> No.55504339

Checked dem trips
Jeets rekt, sure got quiet all the sudden after these posts lawl

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what fuddies don't understand is most TOAD anons are up 2x at least
you know toad threads have been around when it was crabbing 0.....3 to 0.....5 for the longest while right

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Where token is needed?

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based if true, 250k is big liquidity to burn and sink into a shitcoin, too much for if it was a rug. tx proof would be enough to get this fence sitter to buy in.

t. a fence sitter

>> No.55504655

By now they sold 700k worth of tokens BASED

>> No.55504704

oof true if big

>> No.55504921

It's true. It's one of the main reasons why I bought TOAD. No jeet coin is burning 250k

>> No.55504997

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you missed out on the next SHIB token because you did absolutely no research? Just saying, man. You can confuse this project for DBI all you want, but you’ll look pretty fucking retarded on August 15th

>> No.55505030

Care to post the etherscan transactions?

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I was x2, but I can't stop buying, so it's more like x1.2 now.
Pretty sure most anons are also scooping local bottoms.
Did you miss the crypto market from 2017 to 2023 or are you just stupid?
Every single fudder out there is trying to accumulate more. 99% of people here don't care about TOAD but they also aren't spamming the thread, the ones reading these are exclusively potential buyers.
Small caps don't have dedicated haters for the sake of it.

>> No.55505084

It’s not LARPing, this is not a jeet shitcoin. This $7 million wallet which provides liquidity for Shibaswap has been buying TOAD, here is the etherscan link.

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Bros i'm a poorfag and lost $800 needed for my village.. is it worth swinging toad between 3.4mil mc and selling at 5mil mc or beyond each time? I got $400 left plus some gas fees money.
I just got a 50bil stack to and want to accumulate more

Tl:dr can i recover my money doing this?

>> No.55505116

> is it worth swinging

>> No.55505123

There's already two big wallets trying to swing trade it that could really fuck you up. It's going to pump around August 15th out of anticipation for the announcement, if you really need the money, you could sell around then, might make your $800 back. If the announcement is that TOAD is TREAT, well, you might kill yourself if you sell early

>> No.55505141

Why not? how much could i be make between swings( without counting gas fees)

I'm not selling my original/initial stack
Just got some money to recover my loses.

I don't know wich shitcoin can give me a x3 Rn snd if i lose the little i have i'll kms

>> No.55505153

OK, if you need a hint - I'm buying more if it drops below 9.5.
If you want to swing, you might as well help solidify the bottom.

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Imagine not seeing a chart this bullish

>> No.55505215

You linefags are always wrong.

>> No.55505236

Listen bro, buy now, sell a little bit near the 15th of August and ride the rest. Safety profit and no wanting to die when it's revealed as Treat

>> No.55505261

Just hodl and put more in on each dip. Just pawn a bunch of shit to get more if you have to

>> No.55505337

>my undies get brown at every dip

>> No.55505487

Your undies are brown because you take dick in ass and shit just falls out

>> No.55505497

>August 15th

What's that, the next meme date where nothing will happen?

>> No.55505514

I'm wondering the same. Gas fees are really cheap rn...
never swung shitcoins because gas fees kill the purpose but might try it.
i also lost some money elsewhere

>> No.55505518

why are you buying this gay garbage?

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Shytoshi said in his most recent blog post that TREAT will be detailed publicly for the first time at the ETH conference in Toronto on August 15th. If TOAD is TREAT, we will moon ser. If Shy announces some other token as TREAT, it crashes. If he doesn't announce that TOAD is TREAT outright, it will dump a little harder than it did on July 6th and shake out the paper hands.

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File: 10 KB, 755x708, 1688610745345023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People asked the same thing about SHIB :)

>> No.55505526

and forget about getting more buyers here..
Toad will be mocked as the new DBI if that ever happened

>> No.55506179

I only hold 1T TOADies
Either moon to Valhalla or dump into inferno
I'm fucking holding

>> No.55506489

90% chance TOAD is treat. Only way not is if they decide to be dicks about it and fuck their own community over. Idk why they’d do that but I suppose there’s always a possibility that happens

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File: 43 KB, 657x527, 8nLFCVP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Only 1T

How are us 30B stacklets supposed to feel about this?

>> No.55506868

Anyone here buying both dbi and toad? These are the high iq schizo coins of choice for the post halvening run.

>> No.55506892

DBI is over after the dev didn't show up to his own DevFest.

>> No.55506931

I'm tapped out of spare funds so atm i'm waiting for a few things to pump to sell to get more toad. I'm not interested in dbi but good luck with it anon I hope it does pump for you.

>> No.55506981

New research has been done this morning by an absolute Chad proving even more that SHIB is some how behind TOAD. All fudders click this link and tell me how this is bearish. I’ll wait.


>> No.55507041

New research has been done this morning by an absolute Chad proving even more that SHIB is some how behind TOAD. All fudders click this link and tell me how this is bearish. I’ll wait.


>> No.55507074

Make sure to scroll down to the posts from today, that link will take you almost to the top of the thread

>> No.55507161

>brown id
kek even 4chan knows.
until devs rugs all of it, buy on every dip so you can bankrupt
first three candles are where devs bought it. it's not in the tokenemics, so they'll dump on you anonymously and jump to their next scam
fud, no burn happened, post tx faggots, you can't because it's not true

sooooo here we have another scam token by pajeet scammers somehow all of them says they are the rioshi or some fucking guy who created another ponzi token so this must be it, another 100000x. it's crazy that 4chan removes threads about stake for no-advertisement rule, but let these brownies advertise their ponzis here.

anyway, meme tokens are done for. only doge will survive. i'm really happy & glad that y'all lose your money in a month and cry here everyday like link faggots. so godspeed. once you are bankrupt your wife will taste my big black johnson so pajeets buying into ponzis actually good for my dream BIG BLACK COCK WORLD ORDER.

>> No.55507190

Suck a dick, Ranjeet. You're not getting my Toadies.

>> No.55507208

So is 4mil mc the new floor? I misse out on buying more cheapies below 3m?

>> No.55507246

Anyone who misses this obvious play with Shibarium coming in August has zero excuses. Regardless of what you think, it will pump on narrative alone. If you can't understand that, then this is not the correct space for you to be in.

>> No.55507251

I’m currently taking a shit and it’s not coming out

>> No.55507261

>has to bring up his dick and pretend it's black and big
>everyone knows poopjeets dont have big dicks
>poopjeets own women dont even want them

>> No.55507275

Fudder wrecked. Just buy some TOAD and get rich next month. Quit being a nigger

>> No.55507447

I feel sad for biz-frens who get conned by those scammers. team is rugging on you, they bought on day1 and already are up 100x on those buys. they just dump on any incoming buy volume with their trillion token wallets.

Also how are /biz/ allowed to keep those threads open, but ban other people for the simplest advertisement? they are obviously paid by those con men

>> No.55507494

Isn't this a complete scam?

>> No.55507523

All the constant gay ass fud only proves toadies are over the target.

>> No.55507534

the more the poopjeets sperg out and shit the street the more I know this was the right investment. poopjeets cant stop shitting all over the place right now and that means we're over the target.
>Verification not required.

>> No.55507634
File: 131 KB, 500x441, 1683611473771807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you going to post a TXN showing all these trillion TOAD dumps, or are you going to keep running your mouth? I'm up $250 on my investment and I've been holding since June.

>> No.55507691

Damn tried to swing trade and now the price went up fuck. I guess I will dca back in.

>> No.55507702

okay so i've been holding for a month or two now. i've noticed that they do have whales selling, although it always seems to be pegged to a price. It feels like they're selling 9 grand worth of TOAD then buying it back getting it back to relatively the same price each time. At this point it looms at .00000001060.

there seems to be some kind of plan even if people are selling. to me it looks like volume creation!

>> No.55507737

Also, it just has to be TREAT. I was denying it at first but it's the only possibility. Leash was "DOGE killer" and PEPE is basically the new DOGE. Toad is the "PEPE killer." I figured TOAD would just be a memecoin or the new SHIB but all signs point to it being TREAT.

I can't see it being anything else. I would like it to be PEPE killer more than it being TREAT as "defeating" pepe has a much higher market cap as a goal. TOAD being TREAT would create a huge hype pump though.

What y'all niggas think fr? In general i'm mad bored by it, tho it seems to be doing well. It being boring is also good in that one can accumulate and also forget about it at the same time

>> No.55507742

Some of them are bots, and some of them are swingers. A few are dumping a little any time it pumps. A few are buying any time it dumps. It's all normal price action, not a plan other than the Shibaswap LP wallet buying.

>> No.55507744

I'm bored with waiting but I will continue to wait since I also have this odd feel its treat under a different name. The goku vegeta comment also added to my theory. Toad will transform into treat in augest at the reveal party and than things will take off. I hope thats the timeline at least. Tho it pumping earlier would be nice.

>> No.55507773

Sort of like how frogs can transform into being gay? Alex jones thing

>> No.55507840

>I would like it to be PEPE killer more than it being TREAT as "defeating" pepe has a much higher market cap as a goal
It’s literally both. It will crush pepe and then it will persist in the shib ecosystem as their rewards token

>> No.55508047

I just feel so conflicted we have the toad devs/insiders from welly dumping but shibaswap lp provider buying. Idk what to make of this its bearish and bullish.

>> No.55508189

Can someone answer me this… if you are a dev or part of an organization like shiba and you start this toad thing…and you know it’s going to be huge and is confirmed with Ryosha or whoever…all you need to do is buy 10k worth and you’ll have 100 million in 6 months. Is there something in place preventing this? Like you can’t be a fucking insider and make a billion dollars. You can take a nice 10-20x and sell if you are on the inside, but most of it has to go towards hundreds of thousands of people buying for the coin to reach its true purpose.

>> No.55508334

They are creating volume and making money at the same time. Shibaswap holding is the only thing that matters, if that starts dumping then we panic.

>> No.55508361

>0 replies.
What a surprise. This fact is constantly ignored

>> No.55508382

they'll pretend people haven't been pointing that out for months when we start mooning

>> No.55508414

>they'll pretend people haven't been pointing that out for months when we start mooning
I can see it now
>why the fuck is this fake shib indian larp scam pumping?
>wtf you guys told me this was a scam!!!

>> No.55508650

Tell me about this coin. What does it do? And what happens on 8/15?

>> No.55508693

>What does it do?
it smells delicious
>And what happens on 8/15?
we eat frog soup

>> No.55508705
File: 2.73 MB, 576x850, 1634254778744.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

5% of all purchases goes to deporting niggers

>> No.55508716

Damn you guys are really tempting me

>> No.55508730


Who tf wth a brain cares about what any crypto dies????? lmao. Newsflash. They all do NOTHING.

>> No.55509061

Brainlet here.
What happens if the 8/15 is a nothing burger?
And how much money am i going to make with $300 if we hit 1bil mc?

>> No.55509064

Like 90k?

>> No.55509125

>What happens if the 8/15 is a nothing burger?
we doomp

>> No.55509416

just slapped down $660 on this. no rug pulling ty

>> No.55509431

We got a live one here sers. Pull the rug!!!

>> No.55510078

if nothing happens by then this shit dies like dbi and is not coming back, preferably there is more news well before then

>> No.55510091

>Everyone debunks our ponzi scheme is a fudster

No, people with common sense. You pajeets have no humanity, hope you got nuked.

>> No.55510109
File: 248 KB, 1546x2048, toadranks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55510323

>Finally made it to Toad Slayer

If it drops below 3 again, I'm going for Toad Warden.

>> No.55510370

It’s not going that low again even if we get rugged.

>> No.55510405

It was 3.1m a few days ago. All it takes is one whale.

>> No.55510539

How are normies not onto this yet? I know they don't check etherscan and whatnot, but how has it not hit crypto Twitter yet?

>> No.55510556

I don’t know, but I don’t want it to. It’s too early. Too much attention will wreck this. I want some decent alpha from this, not a 3x.

>> No.55510575

I don't want it to either, I just don't get how it hasn't happened yet. It's all too obvious.

>> No.55511320

Still don't see how are we getting to 1bil mc when whales are literally jeets selling each pump and dumping..
Pepe got to 1.6bil because whales either had honor or coordinated to keep the floor and dump once binance was available for liquidity...

Imagine a single whale killing it selling his trillions and stealing all the liquidity at 50mil mc

>> No.55511382

Just bought 39 billion. What am I in for? Please no bully.

>> No.55511411

You won’t be sorry

>> No.55511422

They are blinded by Pepe and other distractions. My normie co worker bought BONE the other day. After it had already pumped. Fucking idiot.

>> No.55511709

We need an announcement and we don't have another month while pepe 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 3.5.1 keeps pumping.

>> No.55511722
File: 96 KB, 223x261, toad-treat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Despite being unrelated, I don't believe in coincidences.

These are all signs that something, somewhere, is slowly cooking in the pot.


>> No.55511764
File: 950 KB, 1575x1727, AEE21A22-BAAB-4BAB-8A0F-D4CF6DDE1091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>is told clearly news about treat comes on the 15th on next month.

>decides if we don’t get news before the 15th it dumps.

You niggers and pakis really are the worst.

>> No.55511768
File: 249 KB, 1078x779, Toadlings-0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's a good thing, get them out now so they can't fuck us later. If this was a regular shit coin then yeah I'll agree they could kill the coin and we never take off but we're going to lift off regardless so it's better that they sell now then when we hit 50mil, 500mil, 5bil, ect. Plus I always enjoy seeing people cry about how they had big make it stacks and they sold them off cheap.

>> No.55511800

You can cope by knowing that if it moons, you'll have made enough to buy a make it stack next time something nice pops up.

>> No.55511963
File: 255 KB, 1600x1700, Ha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

YOU jeet niggers in Telegram are already downplaying August the 15th saying to expect nothing. Moving the goal posts already. How to you plan on pumping this shitcoin when you're going to sit on your brown hands for over a month and do nothing? Crypto moves fast nigger, Pepe went to 1.6 billion in TWENTY DAYS and you niggers are wasting THREE MONTHS with your LARP The answer is you DON'T plan on pumping it, you plan on poaching /biz/ for another month for small gains then nothing happens and you wrap it up because TOAD is a LARPing jeet SLOW RUG. You don't have a plan, you are going to go another 50 posts in this thread about information we already know, and no news, because nothing is going to happen, by design.

>> No.55512052
File: 24 KB, 400x400, 3p1mQJF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

real talk, i'd like to see toad sustain new move up without it getting completely jeeted by retard whale, it doesn't inspire confidence

chart is starting to look shitty

if you're not making another leg up you're making another leg down

>> No.55512093

>chart looks shitty
BTC is bleeding and we made 2 consecutive green weekly close. Kek.

>> No.55512104

Lol whales are going to sell into every pump till new buyers dry up and then just dump on holders till the price craters... just like dbi. Even the way both devs described their tokens is the same "meme coin with no other use." I think there's big money behind both of these projects and they both say that for some legal mumbo jumbo reason later on. None of the random jeet shitcoins that pump go out of their way to say they're useless, usually the opposite like Pepe 2.0's description saying it's going to repeat it's 1 billion mc run. Both coins also have a suspicious large wallet that never sells and keeps accumulating, the shibaswap wallet for toad and the unknown wallet that owns more than uniswap for dbi. These coins seem to share a lot of similarities like the teams behind them are following the same playbook for their projects.

>> No.55512137


^This 100%

Both projects sell without end on every new buy and both projects do jack shit, Dbi with its videos with random homeless trailer trash meth addicts and Toad with its random twatter and tg accounts
dropping fake hints


You will be proven to be right before any big surprise about Toad, nothing is going to happen before, on, or after 8/15, 8/15 is to buy more time to keep the scam alive

>> No.55512163

I saw secret chat pics whales about to pull out. Enjoy bagholding.

>> No.55512385

Just buy the dips if you guys are so concerned about whales. Eventually they’ll be tapped out. I’m a top 20 holder and I’m not selling shit until we flip the green faggot

>> No.55512478

>^This 100%
>Both projects sell without end on every new buy and both projects do jack shit, Dbi with its videos with random homeless trailer trash meth addicts and Toad with its random twatter and tg accounts
>dropping fake hints
>You will be proven to be right before any big surprise about Toad, nothing is going to happen before, on, or after 8/15, 8/15 is to buy more time to keep the scam alive
>Fades the Shibswap LP wallet
The absolute state of fudniggers.

>> No.55512498



>> No.55512530

Those names.
No way I am trusting street shitters not to rug.

>> No.55512541

pajeet with no argument trying to prop up his scam, notice they never have a reply to concerns or dumping.
dbi and toad are both the same type of scam but toad actually has worse whales than dbi if you can believe that. one whale thats been dumping has 26 trillion toad left he can dry up almost all the liquidity at any time, yall are suckers if you buy this

>> No.55512594
File: 797 KB, 632x640, joe-biden-joever.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Volume dropping
>Volume half of what it was
>Buys getting slower
>Still 50% from all-time-high
>Can't sustain even a x2 from the pump without a dickhead whale selling trillions
>Nothing official from any person connected to Shib
>Dev still missing
>Toad Killer Twitter still silent
>Schizos (probably jeet whales selling onto our heads) telling us to wait another month
>Today same schizos say probably nothing will happen after that month
>Toad becoming very low effort
Is it over or comically joever bros? We were supposed to have killed Pepe by now. Was I scammed again?

>> No.55512623

Sell! Now! Its over!

>> No.55512624
File: 2.21 MB, 480x270, KEKBAGGIES.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55512629

>yall are suckers if you buy this
Post hands

>> No.55512664

What are you talking about? DBI whales constantly dumped the price down. Toad whales mostly sell on pumps only. I'm surprised this hasn't dumped to $2 million with absolutely nothing happening.

>> No.55512673
File: 205 KB, 813x1374, youmadjeet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow a jeet blog where niggers lierally write articles for rupees, bearish af, you need to try harder sanjay
Can tell yours are brown picrel what's with you jeets? always with the same moonboi replies, tell me shib finally claimed your bastard shitcoin scam ajay...i'll be waiting

>> No.55512697
File: 40 KB, 500x500, 16898403098201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Toad whales only dump on me when I'm about to make money.
Top kek.

>> No.55512742
File: 592 KB, 149x150, IMG_2655.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shib finally claimed your bastard shitcoin scam
This guy is 100% proof positive actual streetshitter. Linguistically impossible to be anything else. You’re broke as fuck kumar

>> No.55512745

you can feel the cope from top buyers kek that's why they're fudding so hard meanwhile most toadbros bought at 0....5 so they're up at least 2x

>> No.55512761

>Tell me you have ESL tier reading comprehension without telling me

>> No.55512802

Nobody here who bought at the prices we did (between 2-5) is selling so you can get in cheaper. Even if I was a jeet, I’m still a whale and I’m not selling so fuck off kumar.

>> No.55512809

Very organic and original fud as always.
>muh dbi
>muh whales
>muh jeets
It's good to know biz cares so much about my investments that they spend all day in these toads threads trying to fud me out of my bags whilst a single one of them can't address the shibaswap wallet who's been stacking trillions of toad.

>> No.55512845

Can you link the wallet address of that 26T whale?

>> No.55512954
File: 1.30 MB, 828x1792, IMG_5925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.55512967
File: 19 KB, 1600x2120, 1687517330690770.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wrong one anon. this is the updated and current one we use now.

>> No.55513106

I can buy it on uniswap? The fact that it has a general scares me. Why not jut buy pepe?

>> No.55513111
File: 170 KB, 1280x875, 1688848761311406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being this stupid. TOAD will literally 1000x while PEPE may 2-3x at most from here.

>> No.55513235

Checked but we need pepe to pop off during the bull market in order to really make an epic toad kill. This is the very beginning of a massive meme war that’ll carry on for a long time. With an incoming election season coming too.

>> No.55513298

We'll pop off before pepe pop off.


>> No.55513563


>> No.55513569

giving your money away to ponzijeets from 3rd world countries is not investment retard, it's not even gambling, it's simply you being a faggot.

>sirrr i created this infograph for you sirr, please pay me $0.0001 siir
ranjets do you still shit on the streets?

alright let's prove it's a ponzi.

this wallet holds 42T toads. https://etherscan.io/address/0xbe1517856c26af6e4ea4dc25e3bfb777652eba12.. to compare, LP currently has 30T toads, so if this guy dumps it'll go to 0.


this address bought it as soon as it comes out, it's very unusual for someone this poor to buy 5 ETH worth of unknown shitcoin so it's clearly an insider. he's dumping every day since.

if your ponzi is so great why owner of it dumps on you everyday? why he doesn't wait like you suggest panjeets? LOL

somehow https://etherscan.io/address/0xcb84218ab0395ba1d96f7d1f80a26d06d0e05cd8 this address without any tokens, no prior trades, came online when your shitcoin comes out and bought like 15T. kinda suspicious don't you think.

it's full of insiders, admins who bought it when it comes out so they don't have to tell you "sirrrr, we get %80 of tokens to ourselves because we are tired of shitting in the streets sir we are gonna make ourselfs a toilet sirrr" in tokenemics page. some of them are dumping everyday, some of them are waiting to dump it all at once.

it's a scam coin waiting to get pump and then they'll dump and your money will be literally 0. at least in dbi, we knew who were the owners, so they couldn't rug entirely, but in this scam owner is anonymous so they'll definitely rug it once they are satisfied.

so in the end this is another rug scam spammed here by $0.0000001 jeets.

>> No.55513622


>> No.55513629

>lp is not locked
>admin owns at least %80 of supply
>meme coin which means bunch of jeets created it with chatgpt, they even stole the memes
>some jeets says that owner is actually shiba creator (to jeets shiba creator is some sort of god, like they pray to cows they pray to him, in reality he's some faggot who got lucky)
>/biz/ generals has 100+ replies like all failing scams (link, dbi, roko.....)
>constantly shilled by jeets who doesn't have proper grammar skills
>it's not rugged yet because it only made 2x, and insiders already dumped on retail for 2x gains (lol)

jeeets just roll your token on bsc with $100 lp, you are way over your head, you didn't even tornado cashed your rug so if you fuck an american with this scam get ready to arrested and extracted to US to get fucked by BBCs in prison. your brown asses are too candylike for our big BBC.

>> No.55513631

Retard idiot. The wallet that has 42T is the creator and provided the liquidity to uniswap.

>> No.55513687

>this wallet holds 42T toads. https://etherscan.io/address/0xbe1517856c26af6e4ea4dc25e3bfb777652eba12.. to compare, LP currently has 30T toads, so if this guy dumps it'll go to 0.
First, that's the contract creator. Second, that's not how Uniswap pricing works. Dumping 42.69 trillion at once right now would drop the price maybe 75% at most. You're right about insiders buying this shit and slowly dumping though. Luckily they don't seem to be interested in dumping all at once at this marketcap. They are probably waiting for something.

>> No.55513734

>contract creator
>guys i'm creating this shit token and getting %80 to myself, when i'm comfortable with the price i'll dump on you

good luck with their scam rug. hope they'll get arrested and taste BBC in prison.

>> No.55513841

If it's legit, wallets like that are usually used for exchange listings. If it's not legit, good luck. That's the problem with defi. 99.99% scams so you can't tell what's legit even with all the clues the schizos are talking about.

>> No.55513928
File: 47 KB, 550x550, hollow-brainlet-wojak-mens-t-shirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>some whale with 42T
>Wallet with no activities
>floor is held at 4MM by Shibaswap LP Wallet
>Higher high and higher low since May
>Thinking the whale is dumping

Never change biz

>> No.55514049
File: 8 KB, 211x193, 1675574210117219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this address bought it as soon as it comes out, it's very unusual for someone this poor to buy 5 ETH worth of unknown shitcoin so it's clearly an insider. he's dumping every day since.
he's literally sold 4 times in the past 6 weeks

>> No.55514214

>>lp is not locked
The one things you street shitters are right about, except LP has been BURNED, which is far more bullish as it means it can never be removed. There's no point addressing the rest of your FUD because it's just as retarded

>> No.55514324
File: 1.07 MB, 770x1062, Albert_Lynch_-_Jeanne_d'Arc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

listen everyone, this is important. I just bought 100b toadies. sick of being a poorfag.

how rich am I come christmas?

>> No.55514339

You will be in Monaco, driving lambo as a supermodel eager to suck your pee pee

>> No.55514409
File: 250 KB, 3440x1440, Parabolic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is how the parabolic move started. Do with this information what you will.

>> No.55514466

Imagine buying a 4mil mcap coin thats admits it has no util and is spam on 4chan

Ive browsed biz for years and every meme coin spam here like this dumps, literally everyone I have seen dumps

if ur ahead take out initial deposit and ride the rest to 0

>> No.55514510

Imagine writing in reddit spacing

>> No.55514559

just did a quick read thru of posts, ur a scammer and in on it or your actually a retard, either way you shold kys

>> No.55514624

>more angry ranjeet fud.
toadies are directly over the target

>> No.55514753

Pretty sure half if not more of the people “bagholding” arent at all and theyre just trolling. I mean cmon a coin that constantly doesnt deliver on the made up dates that retards pull out of their ass, and that doesnt have the links to other crpyto that the baggies imagine it does. How can people buy into this shit its all fake made up hype. Mfs looks just like the desperate lunc faggots a couple months ago.

>> No.55514760

The FUD is going to get stronger, HODL Toadbros! 165billion Toad here from May, WAGMI!

>> No.55514778

why would it go parabolic right now when nothing is happening? this shit will crab until its confirmed as real or fake

>> No.55514823

Toad could sneeze and go parabolic at this point. More and more people putting the pieces together and figuring it out everyday.

>> No.55514861

you are ride sire! just solded my toad its scam thank you!

>> No.55514909

How? It was created on the 10 of may and 5 days later it hit its ath through manipulation might I add. And then it dumped. How is it supposed to go parabolic when it was made not even 2 months ago. It hasnt even been listed on a major CEX and I doubt it will be regardless of your hopes and dreams. Shib didnt even blow up until a year of its creation, and that was due to its adoption of major CEXs the biggest one in my opinion was coinbase, toad doesnt have that going for it yet. The only chance you peasants have of this maybe making you rich is if you hold for a really ling time, and I doubt any of you can. As soon as the next shit coin that smells promising comes around youll be swapping your bread crumbs for it.

>> No.55515010

>The FUD is going to get stronger, HODL Toadbros! 165billion Toad here from May, WAGMI!

More like

>Jeets dump more on you baggies, just watch your whole money goes to $0 until we rug it all, i got 165 Bil free from my village friend Ranjar to dump on you, please don't sell your bags before i do ser.

>> No.55515043

Yes, I put all the pieces together, 10 days ago admin posted a cryptic tweet that they found a new shitting street. Who doesn't shit on the streets? Elon Musk. Yes you heard right. He'll personally come to India and buy our coin from his phone while shitting in the street TBROS found. It's a very clean good street to shit. I just sold my car house everything to buy more toad because when Elon Musk shit in a street we are going to do a 1,000,000,000X. I'm gonna buy MSFT, TESLA all of it with the money i made from this great coin sirs. Please come and shit with us.

>> No.55515082
File: 145 KB, 1280x960, 9F507D37-FC5B-4F86-9710-3846551DF324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No true devs in TG, Comic selling 5029 frog soups, appointed TG mods who don’t know what happened or what’s happening. Always say the Soup is cooking, website is plain and not updated, Twitter is abandoned. Middle finger is a logo. No new exchanges yet, Pepe still has a bigger dick than Toad. Pepe2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0 already had a higher Market cap than Toad. Toad is community driven but no real mod or dev to help out. The Soup is cooking, that’s it. The Pepe.shib.io email is still a mystery. No one has responded yet. Emailed them 1 month ago and no reply. Stealth launch but we know about it. 1600 holders and almost 1800 in TG. Bad is x2
Toad in terms of everything.

Shytoshi was active in Bad , shib devs active in Toad.

Shytoshi speaks in Bad.

Shytoshi not in Toad.

Who is Comic? He sells frog soup, he’s such a nice guy that he created 5029 soup for a project that devs and big mod abandoned. Why so much effort in making soup NFT? Who is he?

Why Twitter dead?

Toad has no direction right now, suspicious month ahead

Who the fuck is September?

Where is Carnival Lame?

Main Dev got banned by bots and has never returned? Wtf?

Shib devs in there saying When Flip Pepe. Go work for it. Sending Gifs.

We can be treat, who knows. Fuck you and fuck September.



Auspicious week.

Fuck you too Cryptoad.

Fuck you jeers




>> No.55515116

Most comprehensive summary of TOAD

>> No.55515144

I would've never imagined that a token like Toad would enrage /biz/ this much. WAGMI Toadbros.

>> No.55515282

make your point in 2 lines or less

>> No.55515336

TL;DR: Toad's LARP; Dev Ran