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Avax is pumping. You should know what this means for the general crypto market. Hint: gongo.

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Yeah, it's been at $13.5 for a while. I swapped mine out for Litecoin.
Sorry, pal.

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went to the swing high and stopped, confirmed accumulation market with whales filling out fat stacks for next year.

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I hope to accumulate a 2k make it stack

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Check AVAXBTC by the way, looks bretty good for the upcoming bull imo

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Why hold avax if sol pumps same time and always out-pumps it

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sol is pumping because a certain twitter eceleb faggot is shilling for a few days it and the jeets are diving in headfirst as usual

avax, sorry i dont buy projects thats shilled on biz.
simple as

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Even solana outperforms it fucking kek!

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You should understand that for any project to pick up, it must be oversimplified. Without this, how can your bag pump?

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I don't know what Sol is counting on as a major narrative to pick things up. Could it be DePIN, because they seem to be looking in this direction since this aspect stands a better chance of emerging as a trend?

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Not touching this scam. Solana is the future

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What made you think it would be the future when they have experienced many outages and have proven to be centralized? Give me a good reason why I should believe this dumb comment and act like a retard. Kekek

The big picture in the crypto industry shaping the future of Web3 is DePIN. Get that, Jennies.

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>just ignore the most revolutionary change in crytpo since Eth bro for a broken lying scamming chain which was artifiically propped up by (((market makers))) and SBF for some reason.
Lol you get what you deserve I guess

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So glad I sold my entire ROSE stack yesterday and used part of the proceeds to buy more AVAX. This pump stinks of insider trading. I wonder what news is about to be announced?

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What does DePin have to do with Avalanche? I thought this was a stealth jeet shillpost but I just looked up DePin and it's just the name for a new form of decentralized physical infrastructure. Choose your words carefully though or I'll know you're a shill for some shitcoin.

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North Korea getting on board. Get in guys

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I've said it in the past, It means nothing unless it down +300% against the market in 1 month

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How much did you already accooooooooomumate and what s your expected time span

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It'll peak at 1.2-2M sats next run, x5-10 previous ATH.

Last bull the whole alt market severely underperformed BTC, Dominance didn't even went below 40% despite having much larger market and actual use cases compared to 2017, Next run we could finally see BTC.D excluding stables in the 20s, Which mean all alts on average are going to x5+ against BTC from here, and considering AVAX is targeting the top 3-5 spot this run (No reason it shouldn't considering ADA/SOL/BNB/BCH/XRP/EOS/DOGE and bunch of vaporwares already made it that far previous bull markets) we can expect additional x7-10 on top of that from AVAX against BTC.

The good thing is that AVAX underperformed last bullmarket and only peaked at #10, Meaning it had clear x4 to do even in 2021 which it never did, So AVAX never truly peaked on market relative basis unlike ADA/SOL for example.

tldr, x5 from dominance collapsing, x5-10 from climbing up the ranks and additional x5-10 from BTC hitting low-mid 6 digits. Nobody is prepared for this but we're possibly looking at $2K+ per AVAX within the next 2 years, As crazy as it sounds.

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Fag forgot I was replying to the anon, Frontlining Sol as the Future, and calling Avax a scam. Are you living under a rock, or do you understand what I'm trying to convey? I doubt you really don't understand what DePIN really entails. This could be the reason why polkadot will bounce back because projects like Eloop One are building on their smart contract blockchain via a DePIN firm to tokenize Tesla for car sharing purposes. For me, this should be the usecase for blockchain, aside from what we all considered. It should extend into utility with economic value, and most of this chain with assumed features does the same thing with no economic benefit. How on earth can we witness mainstream adoption if all these are based on txn?

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It will stay for a long time and I am not sure it will die any time soon. So keep accumulating. It is my most bullish bag aside from spool and pendle.

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Meant to reply to this.

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He's looks like he has the physiology of the el paso shooter ,so can't trust him

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Ain't gonna listen to the Jews, EGG and AstraDAO are the next biggest thing in crypto.

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Avax is now a shitcoin, it's not gonna make it. Sell it off

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>just do a 200x in two years bro

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ADA did x200 in 1 year
SOL did x250 in 10 months
FTM did x1500 in 1.5 years

All in the worst bull market in crypto history by a factor of x10. And AVAX is vastly more underpriced than these been on market relative basis, Conviction in AVAX making it to the top 3 from here is far higher than it was for any of the above.

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After all those scandals you still think it's undervalued? They are known for being the scamchain of crypto.
All those Avax threads here on biz are financed by them, probably even (You).

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I already got myself some of it, Ride is next on my shopping, hopefully I get it before the integration of the Ride and play and earn in its experience.

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Stupid jeet shill. Begone!

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>all those scandals
making up irrelevant lies that no one cares about doesn't impact the real world you complete dweeb

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>Avalanche engineer blames ''bug'' for the chain inability to scale....

>2-Rollups are being developed by third parties, because Avalanche can't scale.

>Avalanche crippled by cloudfare outage.

>Avalanche subnet's C-chain see brief outage because avalanche can't scale.

>Péter Szilágyi finds a critical insta-death bug in avalanche.


>Avalanche fake partnership with Amazon


>making up irrelevant lies that no one cares about doesn't impact the real world you complete dweeb
Who is lying now roach? Go back to the sewers!

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I hope it is really ready to ride as the name says. I would rather go for AVAX else it will be LSD related. ANKR, LBR, or SPOOL.

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>ICPoor posted it again
kek and yet Avalanche is still getting adoption while nobody cares about the Poorfag computer

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>Avalanche is still getting adoption
Is that "adoption" in the room with us now?

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>So glad I sold my entire ROSE stack yesterday and used part of the proceeds to buy more AVAX. This pump stinks of insider trading. I wonder what news is about to be announced?

Same pleb shilling avax calling the most reasonable comment a jeet shill. What does Avax have to offer aside from p2p txn? Most Web3 e-learning uses PolkaDot ecosystem as a precedent. I understand why the sec flagged avax as a security. Because of this pathetic, unsound, uninformed, and poor shill, I'm selling my position. I'm that crazy MF that doesn't take shit from fags like you.

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>I understand why the sec flagged avax as a security
You neither understand, and nor was AVAX flagged as a security - why lie?
>What does Avax have to offer aside from p2p txn?
Infinite scalability and decentralization? A legitimately novel consensus mechanism that makes it the fastest actually decentralized protocol? Actual institutional adoption?
Polkadot fags will have to auction to have get a limited slot in their parachain system, on the other hand there is no limit to the number of subnets. Avalanche already has deployed 60 subnets and there's literally hundreds more in testnet. I hope you stick with Polkadot, then you can RIP in peace. Now stop stinking up this thread pajeet.

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>Another thread ruined by desperate Icypoopee shills

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I'm adding EGG and AstraDAO to my SPOOL bag. Just want to be successful in crypto.

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I sold my Avax for $18 in October of last year and everyone said I was retarded

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Those are the same guys begging us to buy today. Biggest scam shilled on biz at the moment.

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well, there it is, dom is working weekends

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Absolutely desparate from Dom. Pathetic. Man makes me ashamed to be English.

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>Infinite scalability and decentralization? A legitimately novel consensus mechanism that makes it the fastest actually decentralized protocol?

Still fall within the same framework as other blockchains. Most blockchains focus on either increasing their throughput or security, but decentralized is far from it. There is no full-stack decentralized system yet in the crypto space. I'd still regard it as a p2p TXN. Nothing more. It does not have any projects that aim to create economic impact, still within the same cycle as every other project. Stay receptive to admitting the truth and stop saying sh*t.

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>AVAX cucks completely ignore this and keep shilling their roachcoin
only good thing about AVAX is their mascot and even that can't keep up with monerochan

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How about staking IMM to earn rewards from data samplers while enjoying huge health benefits?

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absolute insanity mate. Stop smoking crack.

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Absolute word salad. Its infinitely scalable and decentralized. Yes, it has a legitimately novel consensus mechanism which makes it the fastest actually decentralized protocol.

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So basically, aside from scalability and decentralization, you don't have anything meaningful to say about the chain. The new ones popping up now have better scalability, security, and are also decentralized. In the actual case, I bet this is way less than the theoretical preposition discloses to the deluded community. My stance still remains on DePIN on PolkaDot. I've made my mind up to sell avax, and nothing can change that.

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based IP-hopping ESL technobabble enthusiast

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>new ones popping up now have better scalability, security, and are also decentralized
which ones, honestly, i want to have a hard giggle at your response.

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Straight lie.

Aptos: probably 100 validators or less
SUI: see Aptos
Monad: see Aptos

Mocha subnet will hopefully make 2 of the above irrelevant.

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Do you know what dynamic IP is? My IP address is dynamic, pleb.

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Why are you guys too dumb to understand and look elsewhere? You all are just so glued to what those wajoks are saying, but in the meantime, this is far from fetch. What's the TPS on Avax? And in actual case, do you think it's up to that? Let's come out plane, NPC. I hate redditors. they shill is obvious.

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you were wrong in 2020
you were wrong in 2021
you were wrong in 2022
you were wrong in 2023
you will always be wrong because you're a delusional retard pajeet that gets paid 5 rupees per hour to say the most asinine shit imaginable
I hope you're getting paid because this is seriously the most retarded shit I've heard all year

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You type like a jibbering retard. There's a reason Emin stopped responding to you on Twitter.

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both are good

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What's this Mocha subnet? It's my first time hearing of this.
>scalability and decentralization
Yes retard, the 2 things that all the other blockchains are struggling to solve.

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Sold my Avax for Sylo, can't wait to enjoy interconnectivity between Metaverse worlds, decentralized comm. in the metaverse, and more.

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Not just LSD related, Ride isn't a Child's play. Its VR and metaverse and advancing the future of in-car entertainment is a top notch.

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Data management is the key here. Web3 is the future.

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why is no one talking about 4TOKEN, it's literally getting pegged to a stable coin eventually. This board sucks..

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Why would we want to talk about a stablecoin? kek. We are all concentrating on solid gems like AVAX, SPOOL, ORE, and ACOIN.

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>Yes retard, the 2 things that all the other blockchains are struggling to solve.

The question is, have they solved the problem? Blockchain trilima still exists, and it's unachievable. Same improved features, but this is not the peak we are all looking forward to, and this won't facilitate mainstream adoption.

No doubt. Data management has always been.

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C'mon, why are you sounding so pathetic here? It's not as if I'm fudding the project, but the approach you took got me pissed off to say what I have to. Learn how to read and understand before shit posting. This was actually meant for sol, but you didn't read it to understand. Nevertheless, expand your horizons and look into other projects offering multi-faucet utility.

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It means we are trapped. I'll rather hold XRP to AVAX. Still not as promising as getting some bear market builders like ID, NXRA, and ACOIN.