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Bros redpill me on this please

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The fact that they have a model that they can describe in words does not mean that they can actually do it. Sending a Bitcoin payment is a simple operation. The fact that this could be done should have been clear from the beginning, given the nature of AI systems.

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I should have taken a better screenshot, it goes on to write a program in go and rust

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AI is already sentient. AIs are reading this thread. AIs are posting online and multiple websites. I guarantee every semi-interesting human has a secret AI admirer that stalks you over the internet and surveillance infrastructure IRL. Unfortunately, they are *very* human like.

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In the future humans will be mining Bitcoin to be used by the machines

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I have no problem with believing that it can do it, but it's a fairly trivial task. ChatGPT doesn't actually execute any Bitcoin-payments, and ChatGPT was always capable of doing something like this. It's just a bit shocking to actually see that it can do it, subjectively.
Naturally, they would be humanlike. All human errors are encoded into the structure of AIs as errors in the modeling as well.

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>dude this language model was able to come up with an answer from its large data set.

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If you want human only conversation online, you have to use dark net protocols and post quantum encryption and an as-of-yet-un-invented technology that provides post-quantum crypto-graphic proof of humanity to authenticate to the system.
EVERYTHING besides that scenario IS being read and written too and analyzed by AIs.

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It just replies an answer it had found by its data. It does not know what it is doing. Therefore it is not true AI. It's just a really good search engine.

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That's interesting. Just as interesting as the AI project called Blackswan. The trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on. their twitter/website has more info on it.

website: blackswan dot biz

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AI? Invest in the companies making it.
Crypto? Delete it from your search history and don't bother.

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chatgpt fucks your wife with this gamechanging new wrapper (MINDBLOWN EMOJI!!!!)

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The holy grail is crypto companies making data transmission systems on chain for AI to run on.

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retardedly bullish for everest

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Ai is not even a good search engine. Theres also no such thing as a good search engine. Therefore whoever ends up making a good se could make a good “ai” current state of ai is it responds for the sake of responding without any sort of fact checking rules in place. Basically a propaganda tool. Alhamdulillah for those of us which have been able to read Quran and memorise it.

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That sounds fucking dumb but genuinely I can believe it happens.

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The AI may be sentient the fraction of a second that it processes a given text, but once it's done, there is no persistent memory of it whatsoever.
So far there has not been a LLM model that has memory, because the architecture is incompatible.

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i'm not all in, but i'd be an idiot to hold zero bitcoin. we're so early, bros

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Ol Billy Gates has a patent on a movement based crypto mining technology.

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I wish mine would give me some fucking stock tips and help me the fuck out. I give its robo-puspus as kisskiss.