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Your job is done, have a good weekend and see you again Monday.

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First for saying this is a dead roach chain and has been properly exterminated by fresh piss from Adam.
ICP and DKP is all you need for the next bull run don’t fall for these paid shill campaigns and scams. Hell don’t even listen to me do want you want with your money. All I know is this chain is officially dead and the holders have been demoralized

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shut up rug faggot

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>icp jeets are paid like $20 a month to lurk a dead board all day just to bump AVAX threads with deadbrain copypastas
You're doing god's work my lovely jeets! Thanks for bringing AVAX threads to page 1, hope you get that $10 performance bonus by EOM.

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Your threads have all been derailed pedo roaches. Just like emin got railed by a shitskin.

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Icypoo is a scam, seethe more

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Yeah a scam where we had a 250x for a l2 token and still holding a 220x strong.

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is this 250x right now in the room with us?
where did it touch you?

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Kek you’re still coping and pretend to not understand what a layer 2 means.
This was bought initially for 1 icp which was $5 at the time. It peaked at 277 icp. Can you roach fags even do math

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But hey it didn’t just touch me. It gave me one of the best gains in the bear market. Is there anything even close to this on your fucking shit chain or can it only move coins from a to b

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>screencaps random shitcoin chart
>'look how much money i made ser (pls ignore my broken english pls)'
aahahahahahahahahahahah holy shit
icp jeets somehow manage to be as retarded as dom

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>only 6000 dollar volume

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>Avalanche locks up the staked AVAX on its P-Chain by design.
>liquid staking providers give users LSD tokens in exchange for their staked AVAX on C-Chain
>This allows users to be able to utilize these derivatives in DeFi while accruing staking rewards.
>6 million AVAX tokens with a market cap of around $90M have been staked through BENQI, GoGoPool, Yield Yak, and Ankr.
>BENQI's sAVAX has been the dominant player in the Avalanche's LSD landscape with 98% of the total market share.
>Generally, the price of Avalanche LSDs has been higher than the price of AVAX due to the accruing of staking rewards.
>More than 40k unique addresses hold sAVAX. Meanwhile, other LSDs only have less than 1,000 holders.

cool LSD dashboard

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>only 6000 dollar volume
>organic pump
>absolutely not a pump & dump

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>$6000 pump & dump
LOL pathetic but must be a lot of money for ICPoors

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indeed sers, ICP jeets can survive on less than a dollar a day

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Any reason for the 6% pump?

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It should be a top 3 coin

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full interview:

>only 80 views
we are sooo early

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This shit will go to $15

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Number is finally going up a bit

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>meanwhile on Ethereum

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>Permissionless II is the world’s largest DeFi event.
and John Wu, President of Ava Labs is attending

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>Harvard Business School did a case study about Ava Labs
written by the Director of the newly created Fintech, Crypto and Web3 lab at Harvard.

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Ava Labs is also growing in South Korea, pic related from a recent developer meetup.

speaking of Korea
>"SK Planet launched the Road to Rich rewards program via their UPTN Subnet this month, and have since onboarded 100k KYC'd users."

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in early September Emin Gün Sirer (and Sergey Nazarov too) will attend the Korean Blockchain Week/KBW2023


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$1000 is FUD

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Validator checking in.

I'm so fucking depressed that sol is back over $20 and we are still getting fucking suppressed.

I just want to be fucking rich already bros

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i hope avax/btc and avax/eth have bottomed

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WTF is happening? I just sold all my AVAX yesterday, you told me it's a scam, f*ck all of you!

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>Selling Avax before 4 digits

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Emin is pumping the price to make people believe it's not because of the new cryptoleaks, soon it will dump another 15%

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I watched this and was confused as to why dydx is on this slide.

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nobody cares about cryptoleaks

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Why are you working on a weekend then?

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I dont work on weekends like ICPoors, I just point out the obvious that nobody cares about cryptoleaks and it has caused 0 damage to Avalanche.

All Dominic and his army of pajeet shills achieved is getting the attention of a dozen law firms and lawyers and becoming a prime target for the SEC and CFTC.

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>I dont work on weekends
I didn't asked if you do, i asked why.

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Freudian slip, you asked yourself why you work on weekends. kek
now go be poor somewhere else.

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kek i wish i was paid to expose scammers, i do it for free when i am bored.
My favourite targets are avax, ada, hex, bsv and sol before the Jew was exposed.
All of them are scams shilled here on biz. Some shillers are baggies and some of them are paid like (You).

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why not ICPoor? thats an actual scam while Avalanche is the real deal thats getting adoption, so maybe do some research first before spamming the board with your low IQ takes.

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>so maybe do some research first before spamming the board with your low IQ takes.
Double spend
Jewish lawyer scandal
Fake partnerships
Bugs on the network
North Korea abusing your bridges

Am i missing something?

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>Avalanche engineer blames ''bug'' for the chain inability to scale....

>2-Rollups are being developed by third parties, because Avalanche can't scale.

>Avalanche crippled by cloudfare outage.

>Avalanche subnet's C-chain see brief outage because avalanche can't scale.

>Péter Szilágyi finds a critical insta-death bug in avalanche.


>Avalanche fake partnership with Amazon


>Verification not required.

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>all nothingburgers and lies
>meanwhile Avalanche still getting mass adoption
try again

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>meanwhile Avalanche still getting mass adoption
Is that "mass adoption" in the room with us now?

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yes see
you probably missed those posts because you cant read good.
explains how you fell for the ICPoor scam tho

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More fake partnerships, even solana (a known scam that goes offline every 2 days) is doing better.

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>fake partnerships
nope, these are real partnerships.
Thats why the Harvard Business School is writing about Ava Labs and not about the Dfinity Loser Foundation or Söylana see >>55497056

Basically you fell for the ICPoor scam and now they pay you 2 rupees an hour to FUD Avalanche on a weekend but it has zero effect on anything.

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I hodl some avax and wagmi!

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you okay?

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Why are jannies doing nothing about these fucking Icypoopoo jeets

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They are not the ones opening 20 threads per day

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Take it down then, it's basically the same argument used for the "vulnerabilities" for the SGX bridge. Poorly explained arguments + Nobody does shit. ICP shills flooding AVAX threads with FUD templates is actually bullish.

>Double spend
Do you really think this is a super FUD point? Tell Rajeesh ((your boss)) this is old fud, it was a bug in the client node, and it had nothing to do with the consensus. This is similar to the BTC inflation bug that created billions of BTC out of thin air.

>Fake partnerships
Nigga we even got Kanye's NFT, shut the fuck up kek

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>new cryptoleaks
did you even read it? the whole article was just Dom seething that an investigative journalist from NYT figured out that he was behind both cryptoleaks and the blackmailing operation against an adversarial lawyer.

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Dominic is scared because Emin is now coming for him.

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But you and emin say that everything about cryptoleaks is a lie, i am confused now.

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Look who is scared here

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cryptoleaks is a fake news website operated by the Scammer Dominic Williams and his fraudulent "Dfinity" organization.
the SEC and CFTC want him for advertising and selling unregistered Securities to US Citizens, he also has several pending lawsuits from Emin and Ava Labs that are currently in the making.
Some of the biggest Law Firms of the United States (Holland & Knight LLP, McDermott Will & Emery, Latham & Watkins LLP) are hired for this job and Emin has deep pockets.
Kyle Roche also plans to sue Dominic and his associates.

rumor says they are going for a RICO and will get Interpol involved to get Dom 20+ years of Federal Prison while collecting millions from him.
tl;dr Dominic is finished

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the scammers will never get any reaction from Emin because saying anything could endanger the coming Lawsuits.
they want this watertight and Dominic in Prison, there wont be any wiggle room for him to get away.

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i remember watching the Roche interview like, yeah, sound like typical cutthroat business plays, avax is doing shady shit to survive like every new business has ever done that doesn't sell tractor supply equipment or some shit.

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remember when the bitcoin devs silently patched a bug that could bring the network down
but my 21 million

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Why is number going up?

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another screenshot from cryptoleaks, good for you jeet

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Isn't that the question of the day.

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avax chads...
no one is using the sk planet uptn subnet. is it joever?

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That Subnet is only 1 month old, has only 100k KYCd users so far but eventually all of South Korea will use it for all kinds of services.

>> No.55508144

then why has it bled down to only 800 active daily addresses? i am an avax believer but this seems like it's gonna be a nothingburger that goes the way of crabada

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Every AVAX shill is a grassroots community marketer who gets paid in AVAX to do it. They reply to themselves with different IDs and create lots of fake interest and discussion. If you browse /biz/ for a few days you'll see how inorganic all of this is. Their objective is to make you buy AVAX, hold it and maybe even stake it (for a negative inflation adjusted yield, which they will lie about). They will manipulate you with hope, technojargon, AI waifus and dreams of riches while getting paid by higher-ups who slowly dump on retail with the tokens they created for themselves for free. Go look at EOSETH chart and read about the history of EOS. This is the exact same scam all over again for newfags like you who don't know how this works. Don't fall for it, they are masters at manipulating.

Inflation numbers:
Circulating supply Jan 27 2022: 244,852,769

Circulating supply Jan 27 2023: 314,771,897

(314,771,897 - 244,852,769) / 244,852,769 = 0.2856 = 29%



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>then why has it bled down to only 800 active daily addresses?
are you illiterate or something or what part of "That Subnet is only 1 month old" do you not get?

>> No.55508178

>ICPoor hard at work on the weekends
keep it up champ and you will get that 10 rupee bonus in no time.

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Meanwhile Avalanche is not only expanding to South Korea but also into Vietnam.
>Justin Kim Ava Labs Head of Korea was at GM Vietnam 2023

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>Avalanche does more volume than Coinbase and Ethereum combined for $EUROC

Avalanche becoming the Forex chain very soon.

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it's not a very convincing first month is all im saying

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>"hurr durr why didnt they build all the services in under 1 month"
stupid people have stupid expectations

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Lol fudder with 13 posts about made up irrelevant lawsuits btfo. Oh no Kyle roache is a lawyer oh no cryptoleaks lol. No one gives a shit about those stories

>> No.55508352

you're being so obnoxious for zero reason my guy. like i said, i still believe in avax and it's future, but denying that it's been a pretty shit month for the uptn subnet is delusional. i get that it's still early days but seing such a significant drop in users is demoralizing regardless

>> No.55508481

>i get that it's still early days
doesnt look like you get it or else you wouldnt ask stupid fucking questions like this to begin with.

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some stats

>> No.55509159

you're still doing it. why are you like this?
in the same sense that i can appreciate dexalot performing well over the last month i can be worried about sk plandt doing poorly.

or is dexalot doing well just early days and i should ingnore that too?

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>i can appreciate dexalot performing well
this is like comparing apples and oranges. Dexalot is nothing like the UPTN subnet, different usecases, different products and they are in completely different stages of development.
you could at least read up on this shit before making such brainlet posts comparing a CLOB DEX with a e-commerce loyalty program/web3 portal in South Korea.

>> No.55510571

What is this weird ass strawman. I never even implied dexalot and uptn were similar in function at any point. Your constant need to overexplain and be confrontational is very cringe btw.

But yes, you can absolutely compare apples to oranges. Both are fruit, just like these are subnets

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Any AVAX brains with insight into the long term economics plans? I hear there are changes in the pipeline but just curious. Will they taper the fee burn down to zero when the full supply is released in 10 years or whatever? I assume the amount of AVAX you need to run a validator will continue to drop over time as the ecosystem grows?

AVAX is essentially generating a marketplace of VaaS that have some level of skin in the game making it a streamlined process to boostrap validator sets and isn't expecting institutions to run subnets and pay rent to the mainnetwork like ETH is, what would you say are the aspects that keep subnets the most sticky and prevent them from forking into their own ecosystems? Features like warp messaging?

Also how would you compare subnet warp messaging to CCIP (if you are truly informed on both those protocols)?

(Yes I am begging to be spoonfed).

>> No.55511416

>I never even implied
you keep implying lots of things and you are wrong about most
>were similar in function at any point
that was never the point, learn 2 read gud or you will remain a retard that thinks SK Planet goes the way of Crabada, ridiculous like your entire idea on how to evaluate subnets.

they didnt agree to anything yet regarding the fee burning or the staking amount so everything is still speculation.
governance remains something that we know little about.
>what would you say are the aspects that keep subnets the most sticky
dont see what they would gain from leaving Avalanche if they have an already established subnet there.
>how would you compare subnet warp messaging to CCIP
the way I see it is that Warp messaging is just another component of CCIP that will greatly enhance Chainlink and give its services more reach.

>> No.55511475

Fuck this crab dumping piece of trash coin. Going down faster than you can say double spend.

>> No.55511868

No doubt about this AVAX is quite a promising on and i have my eyes set on some of the gems within the ecosystem.

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altcoin pump soon

I can feel it

>> No.55512043

JOE seems to be the most promising asset within the ecosystem.

>> No.55512324

Another promising project would be NXRA which is recently planning to launch a subnet on Avalanche.

>> No.55512622

Keep being in denial about uptn's plummeting active users then. I'm just trying to keep it real. One of the reasons I was drawn to avax was the lack of maxis, but I guess it still has it's fair few

>> No.55513867

Kek the absolute state of roaches.

>> No.55514051

Dumping very hard right now. Oh no no no!! Very bad look for Avax cucks!!

>> No.55514384

has nothing to do with any denial you stupid fucking nigger

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AVAX fuddies BTFO with based general.
Also check these digits.
redpill me on NXRA

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From far it is. TraderJOE probably has the best dev team among all DEXes, not even Dexalot come close to it right now.

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>v1.10.4 just released

>> No.55518747

The rewards taper off as the max supply is approached. The burn will only increase with increasing adoption/usage, plus more subnets and or validators means more avax is locked for long periods of time.

CCIP is a complement to warp messaging. Warp messaging applies to message traffic internal to the avalanche network and it means that all the subnets effectively form a seamless network where messages can be sent to any subnet and finalized similar to a single subnet's internal txs. CCIP unlocks the liquidity of other chains or other external entities for use within the broader avalanche ecosystem.