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This motherfucker is so pathetic. He thinks Eths fair price when 30k btc is 1000. He thinks at BTC 15k it's 500. He's convinced eth/BTC chart should have broken down - basically, he sold all his Eth thinking he'd buy back lower, and is now starting to seeth because it's not. Reminds me of some retards who literally effort fud a certain coin here, the psychology checks out

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He's a retard. Counter trade him.

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100% that’s what’s happening. He’s all in Bitcoin and rooting for total altcoin reckoning.

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>$60K-30K: Buy the dip.
>$15K-25K: Cash is king!

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He's disingenuous but Eth is an unregister secutity

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eth is gay, I have much more money than you and sell ETH whenever I get it

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This retard is the Jim Cramer of crypto and I'm surprised there are still anons stupid enough to click on his videos.

His """"analysis"""" gives me a headache (from laughing).

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He doesn't seem to get that his historical models are invalid now that ETH is effectively deflationary.

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>Just because cash is king doesn't mean the queen can't go out shopping

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Well, the data isn't wrong, but his omission of details that explain how the market is driven by human emotion and manipulated by big money shows an autistic delusion about the market.

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and if the queen goes shopping, doesn't mean her princess can't get piped down by BBC in the castle

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Idk a damn thing anon if I'm honest the only thing I want is to end this suffering called life, and to see POND doing fucking something ffs

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I'm tired of all these mofos, Gareth, Bitboy, Cowen. Never right more than they are wrong. So what use are they?

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Dying won't solve your problems anon, working on them will

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Queens do nothing without king's money lmao fuck off

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Even if you don't see an end, problems always have a way out bro, you just gotta grind through it

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Idgaf about layer 0 but giving up is gay as fuck

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>actually thinks Ben does anything he tells you to do
Bet you even guy his stupid subscription

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This Kek

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He looks like Phreak from Riot games from the thumbnail. I wouldn't trust that phenotype. That should've been your first clue. Anyways, take a look at an AI project called Blackswan. It has some real potential for an upshot in the next few months. Here's a video of it working on Windows 10. Phase 4 will have an even more user-friendly experience for the end user.

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>AI project called Blackswan
link to other sources?
i cant find anything on google

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nvm scam project

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eth/btc looks fucked
eth/usd looks shit
btc/usd looks shit
every alt looks turbo fucked

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>This motherfucker is so pathetic.
You're the one watching crypto youtubers. Imagine even knowing who these people are

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he's correct on that, retard. did eth made a new ath last bullrun?

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>Thinks someone or something is pathetic
>Knows everything about that person or thing
I don't get people on this board

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ETH has consistently gone up in USD.

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See >>55492397

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Interesting analytics, where can I sign up for monthly reports for $299?

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I know I'm late, and you already think it's a scam, but here's some more info. I know it's now a
But you can think it's whatever you want. For the rest that will give it a chance, here's the CA and twitter account.

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several of those did active marketing campaigns here thinking that would get them paying followers rather than get rekt
those are the ones that get shitted on constantly, so they deserve it both the attention and the shitting on

btc did a 22x while eth did a 50x but because eth is down in sats eth is a terrible investment
i never get the sheer retardation of this argument about sats that always always comes back

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He is pathetic

ETHs fair price is 0

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You are beyond retarded kike.
It's a computer network jeet, it's not a security.
kys for being a SEC shill and being so stupid you are applying a vague court ruling from 80 years ago to a technology the justices couldn't even imagine much less understand.
Btw the ruling was only their to give JP Morgan and other large players a free pass while screwing the average American out a sure fire path to generational wealth under the guise of protection.

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Blackswan is the next moon mission. Their AI bot is about to disrupt the game. It's not just about the coin, it's the tech that's the real gem. Stage 4 release is set to make heads spin. The GUI and telegram bot are the gateways to the promised land. It's a hidden treasure now, but not for long.

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Blackswan's the gold rush. Their AI trading bot's gonna rewrite the rules. It's not just a coin, it's a revolution. Stage 4 release is gonna raise the bar. GUI and telegram bot mean anyone can hit the jackpot

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There's reasons why if you'd like to sell securities to the public that you must register your company, like disclosure. Now imagine Ethereum have to disclose Joe Lubin's involvement with Ethereum? Hahaha
Ethereum is 100% an unregistered security. A company making profits larping as a "foundation". Ethereum issues the token and sell it just like a company sells shares. Don't worry, Congress will offer a path for Ethereum to register as a "digital security" but the disclosure will have investors running for the exits.

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he is always right, cope

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King of midwits. Rules supreme over the land of Midwittery.

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I thought I was the only one that doesn't keep up with them, cos most of them tell us what they're paid to say, I prefer using Al indicator that gives in-depth info on over 6k tokens, as well as nfts
No, no one can never be always right.

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>He's a retard. Counter trade him.
This. You faggots keep shitting on gongo but he knows way more about crypto than this absolute retard.

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>This motherfucker is so pathetic
That's kind of a rosy way of putting it.

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AI indicators and platforms are making crypto investments much easier, but using over 140 data points and testing millions of models daily to give you a pick is just phenomenal of AI