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How do cryptocurrency "investors" stop themselves from roping when this happens?

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Who cares, life is all useless retarded shit anyways. Oh no line go down! Money go heckin down! Good thing I don’t have a family or anything that is effected by it.

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Some don't.

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demoralization poorfag trying to spread his depression and internalized feelings of failure onto others. Buy the dip man you have a six figure wfh job like the rest of us right

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>bro just hold for 10 or 20 years
sounds like some heavy cope, the goal of crypto is to get you out of wageslavery not to make bond tier gains while you work

>bro just hold for 10 years

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alright bro see you again at the top when you fomo

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even if it makes a new ATH (it probably won't since most alts never recover) it won't make a new ATH in sats and gwei. What's the point?

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you will never get my stinkies you filthy kike

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Checked I feel like all the max seethers are zoomers who think 25 is old age.
The mighty zoomer attention span reels with horror at the concept of a decade.

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This is why the NASDAQ is the only way to take a reasonable risk higher than the SP500. You may baghold up to 20 years if you are unlucky, but at least eventually it should go to ATH unless 99% of shitcoins and stocks.

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what should we do? Sell now that it's low? We will sell the new bull run, that's it

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>it won't make a new ATH in sats and gwei. What's the point?
suppose it increases more than BTC for the next bull run. That's a gain in sats even if it doesn't breack previous ATH in sats. ''what's the point'' of that? Lmao you gain more than holding btc

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Yeah but you would have made more in the long run bagholding BTC than LINK.

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You can hold more than 1 bag it's called diversification. I got bitcoins and chainlanks

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>moar moar moar

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kek what a shitcoin, good thing I'm a Link maxi

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If it's a shitcoin with zero volume or interest, come on /biz/ and shill it as the next big forerunner underdog.
Is anyone wondering how we got Litecoin to $120 last week?

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Line will go back up eventually. And besides I'm investing in AI coins like Blackswan.

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how can I delete this comment

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>Yeah but you would have made more in the long run bagholding BTC
this is not true because the link-btc chart didn't make a 2017 all time low
The low liquidity new coins will always outperform link in the bull run. The only winning strategy is to sell the top. You are suggesting to sell the bottom

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This. Also Blackswan is in a nice recovery from yesterday's dip.

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it's the literal definition of the crying wojak with the smug mask on

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i buy more each paycheck with an appriciative smile on my face knowing i got my first full time job in June of 2022
I appriciate it cheap, same as silver, kda, xmr, ...

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You gotta get in on the altcoin like Dua before that Brillion wallet goes public. Beta testing is already underway, giving users like us the chance to dive into its innovative solution.

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Most people invest for retirement. As a link holder, I've already made half a million dollars in just a few years.

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just looked into your jeet wallet
fuck off this is a link baggie thread

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That who "don't invest money you aren't willing to lose" thing is legit, not a meme. Especially when it comes to crypto.

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They worship something called "alt season" a bit like the natives did rain season. While the natives danced, and whooped, and committed all sorts of sacrifices to appease the gods to convince them to make it rain and grow their crops alt holders will instead whisper things like "soup being on sale for 5% off seems bullish for altcoin season" or they'll hallucinate partnerships between major financial entities and their shitcoins, they think "well they've certainly partnered with defi, this will surely pump my bags" when theyre at the grocery store. The sad part is that unlike rain seasons, which are real, alt seasons are fake since alts can only pump once before they're done. They'll be talking about how alt season is two weeks away on their death beds, never knowing the touch of a woman or owning actual land or property.

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affected* you useless fucking irresponsible moron, of course what would a useless teen like you know about responsibility. Go kill yourself if life doesn't matter.

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OMG, my fellow Chainlink marines, gather 'round for a moment of pure, unadulterated cope! Chainlink is, like, seriously testing our faith, but don't you worry senpai, we're gonna stay strong! We're the delusion-powered warriors who believe in infinite gains and eternal moonshots. The haters can scoff all they want, but we've got our own reality where Chainlink reigns supreme! We'll keep holding onto our bags like they're made of solid gold, because who needs logic when you've got unfaltering cope? So let's keep pretending that every dip is just a minor setback and that the moon is just a stopover before we reach the stars!

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LINK fuddies are now conscious of every breath and are manually ensuring that each one is deep enough for proper blood oxygenation. Breathing is no longer involuntary from this point forward.