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Fix your nation’s housing affordability crisis with this one simple trick.

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>irfhan rawji
now give me the TL;DR

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I do not compute how.
Is this like those penish enlargement scams *ahem* nobody falls for?

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I'm sure they are trolling the public now just for sake of it.

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>dont have enough houses because too many people
>import more people
lol wut?

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My favorite thing about the anti-immigration crowd is how shit hole red states like Florida are imploding because of anti-immigration policy. Yeah, they took your jobs alright, the ones lazy white cunts didn't want to do. Get to work, wagies.

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ok i skimmed through it
point he tries to make is that they do construction work
if they're not there you don't get new housing
surely an approach that's designed for the long term

you need selected migration not random migration
take in guys from eastern europe

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>It's the same that colonist Canadians did hundreds of years ago, by importing Easter Europoors who knew how to farm mountanuous terrain
>B-but guys this was actually super bad
>But it's actually good we should import cheap workers to build more houses
That's literally the entire scoop

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This can't be a real article. What argument are they trying to make? I've never seen American leftists even try to make this argument, at most they'll just deflect and avoid acknowledging pic-related. And even that's getting harder for them since they had a meltdown when Republicans sent immigrants to Democrat cities. I think some leftists are even starting to realize that we're full and that more immigration is going to make housing worse

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Florida is imploding? Is that why it's the #1 state for Americans to move to? Lmao there's a difference between American levels of immigration and Canada where their population growth is Nigeria tier by immigration exclusively. The Canadian government literally wants their population to 3x by 2100 based entirely on immigration.

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>cries that immigrants are stealing your jobs
>cries that nobody wants to work anymore
>cries that nobody wants to do manual labor or service jobs
>cries that prices are increasing because there's not enough demand
>cries that working people need places to live
>ignores the fact that many immigrants live in shit holes while doing the jobs whites don't want to do
schrodinger's rightist

>Florida is American's #1 state
Thanks for the laugh. See ya tomrorow, Ivan.

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Ah yes, the Russian Census Bureau. You caught me.


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It takes a leftist to support slavetrade tier importation of empoverished sods to do shit payed menial jobs while bunking together in a tent camp, while also advocating that an American loser with two left hands and a womens studies degree deserves a 20/hour minimum wage + tips.

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>goes to the federal bureau of labor
>unemployment for whites is all time low
>only to be slightly surpassed by asians
>leftyfaggot keeps importing latiniggers who don't work

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awful vicious circle. more immigrants coming means we need even more immigrants to support the economic growth made by the previous immigrants.

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Fuck off Gershowitzstein

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the state of toronto

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>everything is fucked? Let's kick it up a notch!
This is what leafs get for not getting rid of trudeau back in 2019.

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>Leftoids being retarded shit-sucking faggots
Wake me up when there's news

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>killing worker’s bargain power by importing millions of slaves is le good
Absolute state of leftists

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Hello plebbit

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checked,>>55490133 (chucked) what is your response?

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>Yeah, they took your jobs alright, the ones lazy white cunts didn't want to do. Get to work, wagies.

they don't pay shit because the illegals are literally modern day slaves you retard

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they're not stealing our jobs you absolute mouth breathing retard. They're stealing wage competitiveness from low IQ and minorities like yourself. You're competing with tens of millions of third worlders who grew up in a land of child marriage and no drinking water

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They are coming to the west to escape war and get a better life you incel loser

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My favorite thing about the pro-immigration crowd is how shithole blue cities like DC, NYC, Philly, and Chicago implode if they get a few immigrants sent to their own cities.
>Immigrants are good!
>unless they come to my city then they're bad
schrodinger's leftist

>immigrants are stealing jobs
>nobody wants to work anymore because Democrats paid people not to work and keep giving student loans to career students to waste time in grad school
>prices are increasing because of Bidenflation and the COVID lockdowns
>ignores the fact that some immigrants live in shit holes while others live in regular apartments and still others live in nice houses
>doing the jobs whites don't want to do for $2/hour
Whites would do them if they paid a fair wage, which they would if leftists didn't destroy our job market with immigration

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Hmm, this really makes you think. It's almost like people didn't like being locked in their homes by Dem governments, but moved to new states to continue voting blue.

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>"they're not stealing our jobs"
>*proceeds to explain how they are stealing our jobs*

You need to go back to R3dd1t

>escape war

Most invaders don't even come from warzones.

Every Plebbitor, go back to your virtual hole and die there, please.

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they're not stealing my job because I'm a high iq highly educated white man working in Tech. They're stealing low iq inner city and trailer trash jobs

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That's right, goyim. You shouldn't have kids because it's bad for the environment and shit, but you SHOULD import a bunch of third worlders who have a lot of kids because it's just is the right thing to do, ok?

What, you think Israel should accept some migrants? Silly goyim. That would be terrible for crime and the economy in Israel.

Now shut up and take the migrants. Don't complain or else you sre literally Hitler, and he killed Jews and shit. No, goyim, I definitely don't have an economic interest in this.

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Did they shut down you favourite subreddit?

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migration doesn't reduce houses, or atleast shouldn't in a good economy
meaning, if the landlords use the extra money from migrants renting houses would use that money to build new houses, but we don't live in this reality
we live in the reality where china buys houses in canada for no reason artificially creating scarcity

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that would be cool except governments are trying so hard to increase fertility

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Why are there a bunch of reddit tier arguments in here? The IQ of this thread is sub 100

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If we had an actual free labor market the college bubble would implode and bullshit jobs would vaporizer
Kind of based desu

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ah yes, its working so well here in england!

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I'm pretty sure Florida is fuckin killing it right now.

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The sad part is this article isn't sarcasm.

They're gaslighting us so brazenly now and they don't care anymore.

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What war
They come here to get the government dole but dont want to assimilate

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It doesn't have to make sense, it's just a jewish ploy to reduce labor cost by flooding the market with low skilled workers. Just say whatever and the solution is immigration.
It's like when politicians will write bills and it just randomly has some stipulation that does something completely random and unrelated to the actual point of the bill.

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Toronto is the brown containment zone. Why the fuck are you still there, you dumb urbanite?

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For every job there is a price at which people will do it. Immigrants disrupt the balance and increase demand for these jobs and drive wages down to the point that natives do not want to do them. If the immigrants were not there in the first place the natives would want the job because it would be paying a fair wage.

Tl;dr the "job white people dont want to do" is a lib myth

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>Ah yes, lets solve the high price of housing by importing more people which will increase demand and therefore increase price!
Landlord hands typed this article

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i was listening to the radio at work the other day and there was some english strawberry farmer on complaining that they dont employ English workers because english strawberry pickers:
>arent fast enough and are always asking for breaks, fag breaks etc, they ask for too much pay and wont live on the farm like the eastern europeans do
which translated to me as :
>english people expect to be treated like a 1st world worker who is entitled to breaks, normal work hours, isnt worked like a dog and berated for not constantly rushing at 100% and is not willing to live in pseudo-slavery where they get rent deducted from their pay for being forced to live on a farm for below minimum wage pay

To my surprise the BBC radio host was just sat there agreeing with him saying english workers must just be lazy. Which surprised me because the BBC should be relatively pro-worker rights as they are somewhat left leaning. But obviously the pro immigrant narrative overrides and libs just throw away any principles of worker rights or fair wages as soon as it conflicts with globohomo agenda.

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>Fix housing crisis by importing more people, increasing demand for housing, creating an infinite housing crisis loop
Or did they mean the crisis in which prices could decrease?

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>BBC should be relatively pro-worker rights as they are somewhat left leaning

What decade do you think it is?

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In a county with no building codes I dont need Paco. The government again is the problem.

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2/10 bait. Try harder, my birds aren't even interested.

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yeah and you'd have the same salary working as a store clerk if the subhumans didnt flood the nation, you would rather be forced to do mental tasks all day?

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Thanks trudeau

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Leftists abandoned workers a long time ago, switched to Foucault and apply class struggle to this newly created concept of gender which a pedo named John Money invented.
>Where did all these trannies come from
Communists. Thats what SJWs are. Social justice is generally a communist term.

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That state every old person moves to is imploding, is it?

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I'm interested in your birds. Doves are ok.

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>pay poopoopeepee wages
>non 3rd worlders refuse to be exploited

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The cure for understanding? Boost immigration.

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>Houses too expensive for native Canadians because of immigration and outside investors
>Import more foreigners so there's nobody to understand the complaining
Brilliant. Just build Soviet style apartment blocks since you're already retarded communists.

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Building apartments would unironically solve the problem

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Earthquake now for the west coast of Canada so people stop coming here and prices go to zero.

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>to continue voting blue

They do not. Transplants kept Texas red from the anchor babies.

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>yeah and you'd have the same salary working as a store clerk if the subhumans didnt flood the nation

no, I'd get paid more and my tax dollars wouldn't have to support a system that hosts a literal invasion of uneducated people who don't even speak the same language as me

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I do wonder how giving the natives back their land would actually work in practice. Would they just be landlords over the entire North American continent that every non-tribal member has to pay patronage/rent to every month like a lease for land they use or live on? What about natives that aren't pure blood which is the good majority of them?

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You would see injun tribes scrambling to kick out any members they can come up with a justification for, so the rest can get more money. See what the Cherokees did to their members who were partially descended from the negro slaves they used to keep, in order to have more casino money.

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Based-ha-ha-ha based-ha-ha-ha

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all those spics are leveraging fiancial arbitrage in effect getting paid MORE for the same job by sending money back to their cartel shithole. when white people do this in asia they are predators but when spics do it they are virtuous heroes.

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boomers think anything above 5 floors is an eyesore

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more poo good because reasons
you no like you raycis

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>BBC should be relatively pro-worker rights as they are somewhat left leaning
BBC is far left leaning. They only support worker's rights with virtue signaling. Mass immigration is a core principle of liberalism and they will always take that position over anything else.

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mass immigration is a central principle to all the political parties here. they are all real estate flippers, they all want their investments to keep going up.

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Back to plebbit faggot. We deal in facts here not media lies.

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....... That's what's CAUSING the housing crisis


Fuck the WEF, Fuck Trudeau, Fuck Tranny's and fuck niggers

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the cure for native canadians not having jobs? make new native canadians and give them jobs instead

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Fuck off were fucking full.

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i see no reason that immigration should ever be strictly necessary for the host population. wages and labor reach equilibrium, as most things do. mass immigration is only used to sow political discord and undercut the existing population. scuzzy panderers like yourself ought to be sent to the asbestos mines, you coward.

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unfortunately, we're full of traitors like him (and you). really it's a tossup. frankly i'd rather send one traitor to the asbestos mines than all the barbarians at the gates.

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sorry folks, but it's true. you know it. i know it. i have no hatred toward immigrants per se, though i oppose unchecked immigration. however, i do hate traitors, panderers and other swine who betray their compatriots. in that case, it's quite personal. on the other hand, nobody can really blame someone who wants higher wages. that's no reason we need to accept every one of them, but at the very least, i don't feel personally betrayed by your average immigrant, while i do feel betrayed by so many falsifiers, panderers, and frauds who call themselves Americans. it's impossible not to feel slightly proprietary about one's nation, especially if that nation is the United States.

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Indians are already doing this shit in the USA; Northern Texas, Grayson County.

Indian couple is buying out thousands of acres of land. Why? So they can prop up a bunch of housing for foreigners, then force the locals to move away and drive up the cost of fucking everything. Its all so fucked up.

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jeets arent moving here anymore they have become aware of hellish the situation really is

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All Canadian "news" is pure state propaganda and other sophistry. They're all directly funded by the government, even the "private" ones. If the government stopped funding news they'd all shutdown. Readers are not the customer, the government is, the readers are the product.

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>ignores the fact that many immigrants live in shit holes while doing the jobs whites don't want to do
checked. it is not ignored. that is the entire reason we import the cunts in the first place.

>> No.55496854

>they're not stealing my job because I'm a high iq highly educated white man working in Tech
You will be fired and replaced with a low iq immigrant. The immigrant will fail to do anything productive, yet they will keep the job until they retire. The company will not collapse because it will take out loans from jewish companies like BlackRock which have direct access to the infinite money glitch (Federal Reserve). When nothing works and people are starving, you will be blamed at first, then hunted when they get desperate.

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>drop truth bombs
>leave for a day
>Ivan single single-handedly bumps thread replying to himself with 50 different IPs
500 DAYS

>> No.55499211

I thought most asians kick the ladder behind them once they get through themselves?

>> No.55500167

>Would they just be landlords over the entire North American continent that every non-tribal member has to pay patronage/rent to every month like a lease for land they use or live on?
No, everyone else has to leave.

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Either you hero a politician or you check out of society to accelerate the crumbling. Anything else you get what you fucking deserve.

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Canada only gives building permits to condos.
Even in Nova Scotia, condos are built next to huge tracts of empty land. There is no spatial pressure to build up, but permits create artificial scarcity.
In Montreal 30 storey or more condos are built next to tarmac car parks with equal square footage. Other buildings remain empty or derelict.
> Can I build on that empty plot?
Sorry you have to buy the 600k condo apartment and pay uncapped management fees forever.
This place is nuts.

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I don't think the problem is a labour shortage in construction workers. the problem is the bureaucracy around zoning and the fact that most jobs are in Toronto and everyone ends up on top of each other here.

>> No.55500884

91% of Canadian land is owned by the King of England, Crown land. 91%.

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I don't think the royals get a cut of crown land rent, like they do in the UK, but happy to be corrected if you have a link.
However those leeches could own stuff via proxy.

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>they're not stealing my job because I'm a high iq highly educated white man working in Tech
Kek, 5 incompetent indians with fake degrees will take your job (surprising they haven't already)

>> No.55501359

That's what they're going for in austfailure

>> No.55501657

I was at a beach in southern ontario and some natives were doing a kind of ritual sprinkling of ashes and singing something in one of the lanes of the road that goes along the beach. And a south-east asian family in a huge toyota SUV honked at them to get out of the way kek

>> No.55501695


> take in guys from eastern europe

Cities like Philadelphia did that and they became massive dumps where 90% of the business scene is owned by the ukrainian mobster diaspora. Try opening a jewelry shop in the same town as them and see what happens lol.

You will simply import organized crime instead of literal monkeys so its essentially back to square one.

Immigration should be based on skill and educational needs, and each continent should have a quota.

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Housing is too expensive and there not enough
Canadian Govt: bring in MORE poor people!

>> No.55501775

The "you can't question my logic because you're racist if you disagree" does all the heavy lifting here

>> No.55501779

Maybe if they had to fuck off / couldn't buy permanent property

>> No.55501796

That's not what rightists/capitalists want. They want illegals here so they can force them to work for less than minimum wage by threatening to deport them if they don't. It's mind boggling that people who are anti-immigration are literally voting for the very people who want it.

>> No.55502124

He baited 11 people by the time you replied, and then 6 more. I would say it is a good bait.

>> No.55502125

>not enough houses
should we tell him?

>> No.55502132

>"The cure for a migraine headache"
>"Smash yourself in the forehead with a block of wood"
this cant be real.

>> No.55502173

The government throws huge resources at linking any anti migration talk with "racism" from elementary school onward.
People are stupid. The government would happily watch anyone from any background die, so we know they don't really care about migrants.
So what do they really care about?
Lower wages due to more labor supply
Higher asset prices due to more demand
People cheering this on are cattle.

>> No.55502365

They're correct

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55497772 (You)
>>drop commie propaganda
>>run away shitting because people laughed at my commie gibberish
>>(schizo nonsense)
Who made this bot?

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>boogeyman capitalists in the water
>vatnick talking points
>more schizo nonsense
Yep this bot officially sucks

>> No.55502522

>They do not.
They did in Georgia. The amount the 2020 election flipped blue by is like the total amount of people in 5 of the 100 new apartment buildings that get built in the Atlanta area every month.