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I just lost 4 years worth of crypto savings to a Phishing scam
A fucking phishing scam
Why shouldn't I neck myself

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The future of finance!

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no seriously i did i feel so fucking retarded

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the German cross isn't evil.
Germans existed before WW II

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Well deserved.

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well think of it this way, unless you were only going to live 4 more years, killing yourself isn't worth what you lost

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Hitler was a blight to his own people and the shame and burden of Europe.

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I hate kikes so much its unreal

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I lost $3 to some jeet scammers once, realised what was happening before they took everything but got signed up to a million services.

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post nost

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Unironically to help other people avoid this, post what they did? Or what you fell for in broad strokes.

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Don't suicide anon money isn't the be all end all. Pick up the Holy Bible and read it. Follow and believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

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just take it back to the store and ask for a refund duhh

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I knew it before I checked.

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if you're not larping then tell us the details. The reason we're skeptical is because 2FA is available on every crypto platform nowadays. And it's mandatory on most of them. So even if a phishing scam causes you to give up your password, your account remains secure until you also help the scammers log in with 2FA. And even then, when you're logging in for the first time from a new machine & IP address, the exchange website will usually ask you to answer some security questions as well.

a phishing scam would have to be pretty sophisticated to get past all of that, so tell us exactly what happened or else we're forced to assume it's a larp.

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Oh this bring back memories, to make it quick, I wanted to sell something years ago but got scammed and managed to sell it "partially" for half the pricr it was worth initially.
The scam burned so much I invested it in something that did x14 compared to the price at the time

Moral of the story is, find a way to get on your feet again, there are ways and learn from mistakes

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Op was a retard and told them his 2 factor password when they asked him. Its the only way. If Indians ring me now I just hang up, they almost got in my PayPal once but I wouldn't tell them the recovery code that was texted to me.

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Kek, yes, the African Europe of 2023 is the true Europe, it is what our forefathers died for

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least retarded cryptodrone

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keeping your coins on an exchange is retarded in the first place, OP asked for it

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Hurry up and tell us how it happened and stop larping already. comes n and says he got tricked but continues to fail to type up what the fuck happened. I hate attention seekign you seeking queers

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contact your banks fraud department and they will refund you
never mind
>future of finance

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OP is a fag as usual.

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imagine photoshopping the head of a dead politician onto the body of a male model, you nazi fags really are fags.

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just hide the thread homo and stop crying like a bitch made

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Ok put the dollar amount now so we can laugh

pick yourself up and move on.

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>keeping 4years worth of accumulation on an exchange

Ooof. Most likely clicked on a confirm email/password through a fake email they sent. I’ve gotten some pretty convincing ones but when I go to the actual app NOT CLICKING THE EMAIL there is nowhere asking to reconfirm my info.

GG op at least today you learned the vital lesson of cold storage. And that my friend is priceless :^)

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Log me in, daddy.

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And a really pathetic one.
Women were not allowed to become high ranking SS members.

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Hunt for decentralized solutions anon just like Brillion. They're taking things to the next level by leveraging NexeraID to amp up privacy, security, control, and compliance. It's all about giving you that peace of mind.

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That's fucked anon, more reason why users take extra security measures to keep funds safe. Self custody wallets like Wasabi, Sylo, Metamask and Exodus are a few of my picks and I also double check every link.

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dedicate your life finding the guy who took from you

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most if not all exchanges require 2FA and also ask security questions when you're logging in from a new device, so either:
>OP somehow got on the phone with a jeet and told them his 2FA code and security question answers without realizing he was being scammed, or
>OP is a larping faggot
given that OP abandoned the thread after 15 minutes I'm gonna guess it's the latter

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It's the /pol/ hex faggot he does this everyday till about 3pm he made another thread somewhere here.

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You've lost everything, don't lost your shitcoins. Flip those shitcoins into golden rewards with Eggpot.

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wow don't you wish you could call the government and have them fix your oopsie for you

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Did you give them your seedphrase?

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You can get phished with a bank login as well, clown

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Nice try, glowie. Never selling

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Blessed and based

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I doubt if it's metamask cos it's relatively secured, I use it alongside sylo and haven't had any issue in a long time, except he stored his key phrase carelessly or he clicked a phishing link

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You're right chad, self custody is still being slept on on the space. I learnedmy lesson months back and now I store my Egld, Ride, Eth and Matic in my Ledger.

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Do you even know what metamask is? defi? lol

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Anon, You cant fuckin leave your assets just anywhere. Self-custodial wallets like Exodus and Sylo are where I store mine for grade 1 security.

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Also, the Russians wore Iron Crosses until the 1920s. Europeans wearing crosses wasn't some phenomenon that just sprung up on the 1930s.

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start scamming other people to make your money back (in Minecraft ofc)

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Hitler is an arab that caused the great schism, most jews are whiter than Hitler

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Yeah and you have means to recover your money unlike shitcoins.

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Anon, self-custodial wallets with military-grade encrypting and anonymous transactions make the whole deference

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>Why shouldn't I neck myself
You should, for being so retarted.

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Heh. I spent 500 bucks on Catbread. And I bought an NFT. The slow rug is the worst.

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Must be referring to Railway

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Bruh, it's legit painful AF. Anon better grab a Ledger and that railway wallet, stat! Gotta safeguard that privacy, man

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It's really surprising how Eggpot keeps converting shitcoins to bluechips.

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It's really surprising how Eggpot keeps converting shitcoins to bluechips. Are shitcoins now becoming valuable assets?

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even worst than being scammed, is being scammed by a filthy kike, who donates for american politicians and globohomo cabal

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was the scam at least convincing?

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And another massacre in usa. Teenage kid with an AR 15 mows down 120 kikes

Says daddy told him to

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Tell us how it happened then or this thread is pointless.

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Hi rabbi

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There are tons of causes, bruh, and you only mentioned one. That's why I've shifted most of my tokens to my sylo smart wallet, you know, for safety. Plus, they probably snagged his PC's clipboard, man. That's the latest hack wave, bruv.

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I lost 28k from bad decisions.
I fight the urge to kms daily, and my mind has never recovered.

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No you dont you stupid fuck.

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This is why decentralized ID projects are important.

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Invest in PLTR. AI company with government contracts, more cash on hand than liabilties.

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>Why shouldn't I neck myself
literally no one said you shouldn't

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Bruh, you just defined the sylo wallet, messages sent on its network cannot be intercepted or censored by anyone, including the team.