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what was his response?

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At least he's not tweeting CZ has 4 Red Notices.

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imagine unironically posting tweets from a shameless sbf minion

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top execs flee

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Chong ching, Binance chink was always a scammer.

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wait do I need to take my money out of binance. wtf is happening.

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4 nothing wrong with me

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Chineseman didnt display enough servitude for kikes

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can that guy kill himself already

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Yo so everyone who is normal and not a jew, just play along like you believe everything they say about binance.
I want this to go on for 20 years LOLOL

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Kek, it's actually over.

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ignore fud!!

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You still have shit on there? Are you insane?
I fully root for CZ, but even I moved all my crypto off of Binance after the US unleashed that fud attack against him
This is absolutely no time to trust any centralized exchange with your funds. If you need to trade outside of daytrading then deposit, trade & withdraw fast

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Everyone in the US government owns and pumps crypto.
Everyone in the US government is trying to ban crypto.
Yeah, this is a typical Tuesday issue for Congress. Remember when they arrested Epstein?
Jail for thee but not for me!

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business chinks are always scammers

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Rats are leaving for sure, have fun holding up the 220$ price cz!

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Ah, yes yes, My CZ-Indicators are off-the-charts on this one.

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Don't care, I have $500k BUSD on the OG Binance. Keep seething kikes, especially you Sam.

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this, unironically.

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The only way CZ/crypto is finished is if Biden win the next election...
He's a senile faggot but he's not that stupid to ban crypto and taking markets down with it..

He needs to play ball with "crypto bros" until he seizes the next election... then it's fucking joever.
No need to be a genius to know this.

If anyone is making money, don't be greedy and cash out while you can

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But are funds SAFU?

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>trusting the chinese in any aspect

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What is going on?

All the non jews are getting persecuted they just took down Kraken CEO.

The kikes are really going all in with their Blackrock ETF.

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Binance will survive for longer than the USA

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theres no danger of that happening

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Oh god, I'm so glad to be a Sora holder, using Sora Wallet for my crypto
Binance is so fucking dying nowadays, it's literally useless...

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Crypto isn't finished(it'll still hurt), CZ is tho now that the DoJ is on his ass.

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Jews are so fucking desperate LMFAO

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Nigger. Jews have been hunting his ass since he anally raped Sam. You're new for falling for every story jews publish. I can actually smell the poverty all over you.

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Tb'h biden winning again would be fucking bearish to all hell.. but THAT SAID, he would probably have the long mosed curly haired kikes brew a white swan with their jewish kike powers to change sentiment. That said too though.. elections are rigged so he might win regardless

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>Jews are so fucking desperate
i can hear the angry kvetching from here


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please. if Larry Fink says crypto is on, then it's on. biden will serve his masters like a good shabbos goy

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>ban crypto
>and taking markets down with it
lol cryptobros thinking theyre that important theyre untouchable lmao

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What a coward

Is he jumping to edx, jewtx2.0 or something else

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Rats leaving the ship I guess. CZ will prevail however

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should i try to save up money for when binance exit scams? that should be about an 80-90% drop in the market. golden bull run would probably happen 6-12 months after binance goes too. i think its a good strat imho2bhfamilia

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Maybe they're leaving because CZ has non-public plans to shut down or significantly change the US domiciled Binance. That could explain them all leaving at once on amicable terms. For the life of me, I still don't understand why he ever made a US version in the first place. The first thing I'll do when I make it is to get myself and my capital out of the greedy kike clutches of the US, EU, UK, etc. I sure as hell won't be increasing exposure.

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That's what he's saying fag.
if crypto was "important' there won't be any efforts to try to ban it.

and he's right, if Biden fucks with the economy somehow, it will give ammo to his political opponent.
people don't care about tranny shit and fags rights, Americans just want to make money

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Binance is the exchange with the best liquidity and volume.. CZ going down would be bad for markets.. like it or not, he's the "face" of crypto atm
>INB4 SBF also was

No, he was a shaddy jew in bed with the US gov and everybody smart (non NPC cattle) knew with juice you lose

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frens are safu

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when binance goes, tether goes, and then everything goes

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It's an ancient american tactic to own something they naturally can't
A tactic developed by the robber barons

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CZ was a more harmful actor in crypto than SBF. Both need to go down in flames.

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decades to life

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>the exchange is getting banned everywhere
>people still say it's fud and there's nothing to worry about

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at least cz mostly knows what he's doing
a good parasite leaves it's host alive for as long time as possible

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Kek, good thing I store my assets on self custodial wallets anon. A CEX can lock users out of funds at any time.

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Shit's fucked. Get out now. Also get into Blackswan. It's around 700usd for lifetime use of the bot. the trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on. their twitter/website has more info on it

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Binance going the way of FTX is absolutely BULLISH for BTC.

Good riddance Chinks, good riddance Kikes. BTC is the White man's asset.

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I just noticed that in this video CZ is shodan

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>he was a shaddy jew in bed with the US gov and everybody smart (non NPC cattle) knew with juice you lose
fr fr scam bankmanfraud be sussin sussin from the get go

Anyone with natural preservation instincts stayed the fuck away. Only the goyist of goyim trusted his dumbass. I didn't really think about this till now, but it was a shibboleths that gave it away.

While he was using his shibboleth's to sucker in the suckers, I was recognizing the pattern without realizing it, and refusing to trust him. He sprung on the scene out of nowhere, talked a bunch of bullshit, and got support from all the major parasites that we were trying to get away from.

To anyone with open eyes, it was pretty fucking obvious he was a thief and a liar

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Blackswan is the alpha play. AI trading bot that's gonna run circles around the market. It's not the coin, it's the tech - pure rocket fuel. Stage 4 release will make the market look like child's play. With GUI and telegram bot, it's a no-brainer for anyone to jump in. It's a bargain now, but that's gonna change. Devs and marketing wallets got some weight - they ain't playing games. Don't be a latecomer to the Blackswan party. Time to see who's a paper hand and who's got diamond balls