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An ICPoor goes to a music concert.
Initially, he wanted to go see Taylor Swift (all ICPoors are massive faggots) but turns out he didn't have enough funds to actually make it (all ICPoors are severely broke).
In the end, he chose to attend a local music gig: Troon (a Tool tribute sponsored by Fantom).

The End.

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Do you know why you are called roaches?
Because your network is full of bugs.

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These threads are always based, completely new content each time but people rarely post.
You are appreciated

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Cool copypasta fellow ICPoor, what else do you have on your clipboard? Gay hentai?
Ty anon, much appreciated, I hope you keep enjoying them.
I do some of these when I'm high for extra creativity.

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The Avaxchud talking about shitcoins when their own token is the shittiest there is. Come here when you got something on shibART bro, we won't judge you

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Kyle Rittenhouse>any other Kyle.
Someone got butthurt.

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>Kyle Roach

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Reminder that this faggot lost and biz won

avACKs is still a useless ghost chain btw

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>Based Kyle
You mean the guy that got 6 gorillion from lawsuits and then didn't fund any pro white / small town organization?

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also AVAX Chan better (see picrel)
Ohno ohno the ICPoor squad has finally arrived! Let's see the damage control on this thread, we'll definitely see unprecedented and very organic copypastas from our fellow ICPoors, right?

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Forgot to attach AVAX Chan my b shibartbros

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die nigger!

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Fuck this desperate ghost chain going down faster then you can say double spend

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>Imagine feeding any white supremacist narrative agaisnt you by funding any "pro white" organization
No one really knows how much Kyle has made so far from lawsuits. What we really know is that he cant be doing any reckless move with it.

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digits wasted by a third-worlder paid to post copypastas all day like a literal slave

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Sir, this is a Wendy’s drive thru

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>wendy is red
>avax is the red koin

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This jeet has been posting AVAX fud for months now lmfao, get a life bud

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yet another copy paste shit that is paid

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You cant get a life without some rupees on your pocket i guess

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kill yourself

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this gay little AVAX and ICP rivalry is retarded. i'm off to short both

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I literally exchanged 15k $XOR for two tickets for Taylor's concert
Taking my wife with me, thanks in advance Makoto kek

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bumpo + check these digits

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>Avalanche engineer blames ''bug'' for the chain inability to scale....

>2-Rollups are being developed by third parties, because Avalanche can't scale.

>Avalanche crippled by cloudfare outage.

>Avalanche subnet's C-chain see brief outage because avalanche can't scale.

>Péter Szilágyi finds a critical insta-death bug in avalanche.


>Avalanche fake partnership with Amazon


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>ICPoors working hard on the weekend to get that 10 rupee bonus

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Literal retards

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>Reddit spacing

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NYT is reporting that Dom is behind cryptoleaks. this was obvious from the beginning, but now even the retard normies know.

Dom is quickly becoming the next Craig Wright, isolating himself from the rest of crypto. Nobody wants to be associated with his conspiratorial beliefs and borderline criminal behavior.

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Imagine if any other crypto founder was caught moonlighting as a 'journalist' writing exclusively fud against their rivals, in this case SOL and AVAX. Lucky for Dom that ICP holders are a cult and no amount of evidence can pierce their fucked up brains.

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AVAX bro's I've got about 4 GB of memes I want to immortalise on Avalanche how much will this cost me ?

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Avax bros are getting pretty based dabbing on the FTM troons and I see pee. I propose a Hashchad Avax bro alliance

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The latest article fucked your weekend. Don't worry you will get your rest next week kek.

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$198,000 per GB x 4 GB = $3,952,000
There you go the "future of finance" in a nutshell, good lucky with that.

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agreed, HBAR tech is actually interesting and, like Emin, Leemon is an actual academic who invented his own novel consensus method. contrast this to Dominic and Cronje, two bandwagon chasing narcissistic faggots who are only relevant because they shamelessly self-promote. Dom is a business major and his whole career has been project-hopping and siphoning money from gullible VCs. Just another Silicon Valley locust. We need to gas the locusts, crypto needs a cleansing operation.