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But if you die poor its your fault

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Jokes on you I'll be dead.

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it aint ur fault if u black

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not really, there is no roadmap to follow to become rich, you need opportunity and luck. If you're born is a poor shithole where there is no opportunity then your chances to make it are slim to none even if you do all the rights things like get an education, don't commit crime and avoid having kids at an early age.

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Keep telling yourself that, jamal. Why do brownpipo hate personal accountability so much?

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Pepe anon spitting the harsh true facts.
Also use technology like AI to help make it. There is a project called Blackswan that is something like that. The trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on. their twitter/website has more info on it

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what if I'm born poor and die a few hours after I was born?

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>If you are born poor its not your fault
But it is, you will be reborn and what/how you do in the sum of all and previous lifes is taken into account. All niggers are horrible people overall

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Obama was the first nigger president. If you a nigger and can't be successful you are simply a dumb fucking nigger. No excuses

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Blackswan looks very interesting. I've seen this on biz and been looking at it. Nice to see a video of it in action. I think I will check out the twitter account.