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Talk about AI coins and AI projects. What to invest in? I am already invested in Darkduck. What else should I be looking at?

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Please kindly consider RancidAnusInu

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Who on earth would allow their vegan garloid to smoke?

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Jews can shapeshift into flies, so they fear the flytrap farmer

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I would rather buy this dip in Blackswan's price.

Mine got addicted to smoke after all the wild fires they've been exposed to. They seem to do better in poor air quality. That's why you see garloids in general in poor air quality nations.

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Is there any AI token with a real use case yet?

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Blackswan takes 25k of them to use the bot. I think that is a pretty good use case for an AI coin.

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Been buying darkduck since almost day1. wen phase 4 ser

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>wen phase 4 ser
Soon I think.

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Not until Mid July probably.

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Blackswan is probably the best AI coin with actual utility at the moment, they are releasing stage 4 soon so everyone is just accumulating before the annoucement. Check it out

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Yea, I have been DCA'ing all month. Smart money is getting in. IMO

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Black Swan for sure been investing for months and it’s been an amazing project to hold and anticipate..

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Based swanbros

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Can confirm Blackswan's use case, I've used the bot for about 2 months now.

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I get some ETH this weekend so hoping to slurp

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I've been making a lot on C3 AI. Ugh I know the stock market I know I know....

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AGRS from Tau.net
It's going to be hot but right now it's still the placeholder token.

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Decent and respectable.

Hot garbage

This is the only one that makes sense.

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Same here but buying Blackswan

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kek at that picture, name and Doh ID

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Same, been following ever since May after seeing it on /biz/

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everything ai will pump hard the next bull run. i got a bag of rndr today. i see this is down like 20% today so maybe i'll scoop some up since 25k is about $700 right now. if i have time i'll see if the bot is all its cracked up to be

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I don't know if $VINU uses AI at all, but most of their art and NFTs are pretty dope, check some of them on their twitter, it's really mind blowing

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Blackswan news sniper FTMFW

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AI coins are good but don't let privacy tokens slip past your brown fingers.

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Good advice Raneesh, but I think I'll stick to the AI coins like Blackswan

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Blackswan 100M EOY

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You won't be disappointed.

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Crypto payment projects like CYMI, COTI, ZPAY are the next hot cake.

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JP Morgan is developing something similar to Blackswan rn. The narrative is there for Blackswan in the bullrun if their devs actually deliver

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Yea, Blackswan was around first too.

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AI has come a long way anon. I also like how they have been integrated to research platforms like Tokenmetrics to aid with investments, I bagged based gems like Agix and Tomo from the data.

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Dubs confirm AI has come a long way.

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JP morgan ain't got shit on Blackswan. frfr no cap

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>vegan garloid

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Blackswan is the real deal. With their AI-powered trading bot, you can get ahead of the market and make some serious gains. It's not just about the coin, it's about the technology behind it. And let me tell you, stage 4 release is gonna blow your mind. The GUI and telegram bot will make it so easy for anyone to get in on the action. Don't sleep on this one, it's undervalued right now, but not for long. The developer and marketing wallets having a good amount in them is a positive sign, it shows they're committed to the project's success. So, do yourself a favor and look into Blackswan before you miss out on some major profits. It's time to separate the roaches from the winners

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>Don't sleep on this one, it's undervalued right now, but not for long.
This is true, it was at around 250k yesterday and it's back at 300k already. Once phase 4 is released its going to hit 10M easily.