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you have no power in Business, negotiation and dating

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Niggerbrained arab or poo detected.

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fuck this is a sign Im getting my rolex

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>walking around with $20k on your wrist
what could go wrong?

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Used to always want a Rolex, now everyone has a fucking rolex, I opted out.

-Based 45m Seamaster Planet Ocean wearer. Small wristed boys can't wear this beast. Lower resale value, but most certainly a more superior quality dive watch.

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I prefer Omega.

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My older brother got me into the business of stealing peoples rollex and reselling them

You're not a businesman, you're a walking bag of money who can afford losing a teeth or two

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rolex is for niggers, based chads wear IWC.

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i exclusively wear grand seikos

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A man of taste

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Worst watch for impressing people since everyone will think it's a fake. Better is something more classy and less commonly faked like a Lange or JLC or something like that.

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>he didn't gt the memo
Rich people can't dive.

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now you will impress no one normies do not know what Lange or JLC is lol

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They certainly don't dive wearing their rolex's or Omega's

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I would be impressed if I saw a Lange.

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living in an area where you don't have to worry about this kind of thing is way more important than having a rolex

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I wear an old school Timex Indiglo watch.
It glows green.
Does yours?

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based and langepilled
rolexes are fugly

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>He doesn't own the traders choice

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If you ever wear a rolex in elite circles people will talk behind your back about how much of an idiot you are. Rolex's are literally only good for appealing to people who work dead end jobs.

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not anymore, ever since Covid and the free money printing, Rolex is a Nigger brand. Patek Phillip if your going to get a real watch....or if you cant afford that, and fresh new apple watch with a nice band is fine.

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Casio 5610 is the epitome of the watchmakers' craft.

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>not shearwater teric

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"See this watch? This watch cost more than your car!" *smuggo*

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Finally received mine 3 days ago very happy with my purchase :)

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Growing up I had the sneaking suspicion that buying "cool" clothes and expensive brands was a social signal that you weren't actually rich, because whatever you, a middle class person, though signified wealth was laughable to the rich who either purchased brands that most people had never heard of or who simply didn't bother to show off their money that way. I have since discovered that my suspicion was correct.

That watch will convince other poor people that you're rich, certainly.

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It looks like trash
Either rich or brownies wannabees want a rolex cause they saw it on tv

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45mm lmao ok Flava Flav

Why not just strap a wall clock to your wrist fatty?

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holy kek I need one of those

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I'd be the guy to wear this as a joke an get shot by a nigger...

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peak midwit

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Bunch of girly-men in here arguing about jewelry

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Top kek

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It's true. Midwits buy brands.
The rich go to tailors.

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Rich people wear Rolex too. It’s an easy choice for a great watch. The super exclusive brands like Patek, AP, Vacheron Constantin seem to be more of a watch enthusiasts type of thing.

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any city is going to have thieves

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Ok, that's actually fuckin cool.

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Fuckin ultraKEK

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Is that Christopher Ward?

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Why would I need a watch when I have a phone always?

Anyways, hey anons take a look at a AI coin called Blackswan. It enables instant transactions based on the news. So you can trade ahead of the rest of the people reading the news. More info on their website at: blackswan dot biz

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>spending 15k+ when reps are 500 dollars and within 95% in terms of quality and accuracy

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But theyre fake, thats the point retard. I bet you buy fake sneakers and clothes as well lmao, might as well get plastic surgery while youre at it dumb monkey.

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Real chads where something like pic related

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I wear a greyscale Garmin watch.

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For me, it's Tag.

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Is playing earnings the safest way to do options. I need 5k, by next week, like really really need it. Ive only held stocks in my trading career.

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>Have a rolex
>Invest in shibart (or any ai art project)
that's the only mark of a real investor desu

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The best alpha on /biz/

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these watches are insanely ugly

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Reddit in watch form

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based colonometer enjoyer. Where did you get it?

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You ngmi

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based gypsies

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You'd try that shit on me and I'd end your fucking day faggot.

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Seethe vs. the more superior and muscular man. Looks quite dainty on my champ.