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Is there a way to make money while sleeping?

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Rich here. Sleep 8 hours every night.
I'm in bed by 9 always, usually 8, reading.

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"Rich" people sleep how many hours they want to sleep.

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Anything that doesn’t take labor.

>owning dividend stocks
>royalties (book, youtube, music, oil)
>real estate investment
>staking crypto

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Which is 8. People that don't sleep lose all their money.

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One simple trick, OP.

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OK, /lit/,what are you reading.

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boring bastard

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Be a woman and stream on twitch.

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All of these self help guru's tell you to sleep 5-6 hours a day but that shit isn't sustainable. I worked night shift for 2 years and slept 5 hours every night and that shit had my body so fucking stressed out that when i had time to myself i couldn't think, learn or even enjoy my time alone. After hearing neuroscientist talk about sleep they say you have to get 7 hours minimum and 8 for best if you want good cognition, motivation and results.

These successful fuck heads are speaking out of their ass and gasing themselves up and trying to make their rise to the top look more glorified then what they actually did (get lucky and be at the right place at the right time).

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Seething no sleeper. Typical. First symptom of deprivation
Based and sleepypilled

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>Rich people do nothing but work twenty hours a day and sleep the remaining four. You'd better get grinding if you want to be like me someday, wagebitch.

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i slept less than 3 hours a night for 4 years, you're just a bitch.

...but in all seriousness, you're right, shit is really hard on your body after a while,. i haven['t totally recovered. i'd stay awake 48 hours routinely, sometimes 72.

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They sleep 10 hours

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rich people are subhuman pathological liars who will tell you they work 120 hrs/week just to make you grind that hamster wheel harder
Stop believing these niggers.

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Rich people don't worry about their retirement funds 16+ hours per day.

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There are some "play 2 earn" "games" where you can earn sleeping.

But what I would really recommend is buying enough Blackswan to have access to the bot for a lifetime with 25k in a wallet. That way you can leave it running while you are sleeping and it will make automatic trades based on what you already told it to look for. It works by betting the crowd of people reacting to the news by shorting or longing the relevant coin. Take a look at the phases and whitepaper at blackswan dot biz

*here's a video of the bot at work on a windows 10 machine