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This shitcoin will be the next sure thing after BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. EDX will list it.

Literally unstoppable. You might hate it and deny it, but it's not going away.

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DigiByte has higher gain potential

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>This shitcoin will be the next sure thing after BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. EDX will list it.
some information?

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>no premine
>no CEOs
>no ICO
>pure meme
>no promises
It's safe from SEC.

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But will it ever hit $1? That's all we care about.

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DOGE usually gets at least one good pump every bull run, but I'm worried that its price is tied too heavily to Elon Musk and his ongoing failures to where we might not even get a pump in the upcoming bullrun since he keeps fucking up.

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Is now a good time to invest in DOGE then? Or is it too late?

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He wants to fight Zuck now. If that fight comes to fruition then DOGE should pump.

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It's not too late when the price is flat

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>But will it ever hit $1?
1$ is fud.. sooner or later it will go further.. you just have to look at doge's past, look at what it cost in 2014 and how it has been escalating
now that META has launched his copy of twitter, elon will have to do things so that they do not dethrone him.. and doge worked very well before elon .. he just jumped on the train and made it go up more, but I repeat the above, look at the graph from 2014

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>Next sure thing.
Just a shitty meme coin losing popularity with each day that pass by

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>This shitcoin will be the next sure thing after BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. EDX will list it.

>Literally unstoppable. You might hate it and deny it, but it's not going away.

>Mentions Doge but not ShibART when Doge is slowly bleeding to death

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can you go somewhere else with your coin?

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Could be, but I do know the next big AI coin. It's called Blackswan. The trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on.
website: blackswan dot biz

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If dogs hits 0.05555 I’ll buy $700 of it

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I have been accooomlating this for months.
My bag is not full, never will be, but moon now would be good

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What's a good bag to have of this before the next bull run?

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1m make it
100k suicide

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>Robinhood and Elon own most of it
coins are safu

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Why does spam of this currency appear in each thread? what happen to you? make a general thread and stop spaming in the others

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I like DOGE because he’s funny haha! And he’s silly

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What if I told you Digibyte is the next Doge?
You wouldn't believe me.
Ask yourself how did Doge make it this far how did it survive?
DigiShield, it was implemented in to Dogecoin in 2014. It saved Doge coin from being reduced to ashes.

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Such a good utility, stage four release is coming soon, they will have a GUI and telegram bot to set up your conditions to trade. I tihnk they are having it using DEX soon as well

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I hold $500 in Doge at all times on the off chance Oprah has a dog show or Musk accidentally makes a typo and someone makes me $50.
Usually once or twice a year.

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And come to think of it, shitcoins are being converted to bluechips, Eggpot is the hero of meme.

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Be smarter than poorfags and participate in the ongoing zealy campaign to earn QANX as rewards.

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Hey idk what to tell you, i've been saying we gotta go all in on shibART but peeps are so obsessed over Link they can't tell a good token from a bad one anymore

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Pow is shit

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When it comes to blockchain, my picks would definitely be Polkadot and some badass parachain projects like Glmr, Peaq, and Phala. When it comes to memecoins, I'm all about that Pepe and Shib anon.

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Just a meme... Nothing more from Doge

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Dump that shit, buy RAIL.

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Anon, with the massive traction on NFTs on Opensea, one can only say they are making a comeback in the space. The likes of the Party Bears are worth over 29 ETH, and Flufs also gaining same traction can only point to the fact that more is to come from the NFTs. Interestingly, the most trending ones are from the Futureverse.

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Jesus Christ...so many pajeet bots
fuck off, this is doge thread

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Meme is going parabolic, ain't you seeing how retards are reclaiming 60-80% cashback on Eggpot?

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Holding QANX, EGG, ENS and Privacy tokens are my best bet.

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Same here anon, I wouldn't bank on it. That's why I have diversified my investment into other gems like Tomo, Krest, Rndr and Agix which have shown potential for long term gains.

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Son't do shitcoin anymore. Dumped that for projects with real-life use cases, Ride and Quant

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Is everyone a fucking bot in this thread?

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It seems that... they only talk about their coins without contributing anything about doge, not even the typical fud of

>muhhhh 10k of doges per minute... infinite supply... controlled by elon's white nigga

if you want to see some calculations on what was most profitable, you can look at: https://marketcapof.com/roi-calculator/

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"Blackswan is the Holy Grail. Their AI bot is going to revolutionize trading. It's not just a coin, it's the future. Stage 4 release is going to make your jaw drop. The GUI and telegram bot makes it so even a noob can crush it. It's under the radar now, but the countdown has started. Big wallets from developers and marketing shows commitment to the project. Get in on Blackswan before the rocket leaves. Time to weed out the weak hands from the whales

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missed last couple bulls on this coin. like hell i would miss another. buy Scallop (ticker: SCLP) ifykyk

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No dude. It wont hit $1 maybe 50 years from now, but I can tell you it wont be the equivalent if it hit $1 right now.

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I'm all in this shitcoin. I'm hoping for a small bullrun rally later this year to get the price pumping to .15 so I can triple my portfolio. Seeing all these retard pumps with bch and xvg makes me hopeful.

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Only other coins that I would consider holding are LTC and SOL.

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Anon, it's best to diversify on assets with good fundamentals, especially in upcoming trends in the market like the metaverse. Been DCAing on Ride and Gods since the dip.

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A combination of Azero, Raca, AstraDao, and Metis are good bags to HODL ahead of the bull run. Just slurp them up and stake them away for passive income.

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Based anon, I'm big on Sol as well. I also went in on low caps with real utility like Qwt, Ride and Itheum.

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Stay woke on memes and privacy-focused chads. Don't miss out on this, newfag

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Isn't doge produced as a byproduct of mining litecoin? I can never keep this shit straight.

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So we're on track for a Jan 24 breakout?

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PoW is the only thing keeping projects decentralized

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Retards convert their shitcoins to bluechips when they get tired of holding it. Don't die in that shit anon.

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I don't know... but I want to believe that we have already hit bottom, first on June 18, 2022 at $0.049 and now at $0.053 on June 10, 2023... so from now on it would have to go up little by little and within a few months something new like the one that occurred from October 26 to 29, 2022 in which the price soared around $0.20-0.30 and a drop similar to $0.10 to continue repeating the fishing of crabs and demotivate people, but in the long term if it reaches more than $1... those who say it won't are surely the same as in 2020-21 who said it would never reach $0.05 and we all know as far as i get...

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In a few months, something new like what happened from October 26 to 29, 2022, in which the price will shoot up around $0.20-0.30 and a similar drop to $0.10 to continue repeating crab fishing*

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Imagine oldfags gaining control and earning ETH from shitcoins on eggpot. Memefi utilities are rewarding.

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>Literally the only memecoin and dogcoin worth buying
>Literally has the only NFT collection that's still selling
>Ghostbro is literally their CEO

Bruh what else you want? VINU is the right choice

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bruh I know VINU's good and all of that gibberish but Ghostbro has like 9534898934 coins on his name kek

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copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a!

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So is SHIB even a thing anymore or does VINU just replace it nowadays?

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and XLM

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Retards convert their shitcoins to bluechips on Eggpot when they get tired of holding it. Don't die in that shit anon

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I really can't find anything better than DOGE to invest when it comes to crypto. BTC and ETH are good, but you need a lot of capital at this stage to make it, while DOGE is still relatively cheap.

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Only if you are a liberal shithead that cares about muh environment rather than getting fucking rich.

Eth went pow->POS and now they are a centralized pos that the sec says may be a security.

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Yes,doge has been merge mined on the ltc network since 2014.

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Watch out for what you invest in and. mind you the US is not the only country investing in crypto. UAE is there and they are nailing it hard. They endorsed CYMi recenlty and BInance talked about moving there.

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Eleond is is my fav Blockchain token, but for meme, I'd go for pepe cos it's one of the few memes that has good investors ratings on tokenmetrics.

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EGLD is fucking bullish and I ain't fading it for anything. I have been holding for a very long time now and I still hold. I also hold LSD and SPOOL which are also bullish and promising gems.

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>>55490678 #
Elrond is my fav Blockchain token, but for meme, I'd go for pepe cos it's one of the few memes that has good investors ratings on tokenmetrics.

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Apparently, DOGE-1 might launch this year after all.

DOGE would go to the literal moon then.

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How about staking IMM to earn a passive income, poorfags are now getting richer.

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In volatility, trust an Asian meme. EGG is the next sexy PEPE.

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Sold my SHIB for AstraDAO. It's staking power is a top notch.

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I do not think SHIB has a lot of fight in itself again you made a good choice. I took out early profits and I have diversified it into LDO, ETH, SPOOL, and CTSI. I hope your astro is worth it.

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If it's looking promising, I might consider adding it to my long-term hodls like Sylo and GNS. But hey, I ain't gonna lie, I might also snatch it up for a quick flip, you know, like an anon ninja move.

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Oh yeah anon, I'm making use of the user-staking model to get bags filled.

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Does the road to VSTOCK go where I want it to go?

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Forgotten shithole coins gets turned into bounty of rewards. What a time to live in.

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>Sold my SHIB
I also got out of it early enough with a good profit, diverted some into stock, and invested some into a few low caps on eleond Blockchain, ride and itheum to be precise, and earning good returns in it's metastaking pool
>thou i still have some Ethereum and Dot on Trustwallet and Ada on yoroi.

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I hope you're right, i boughted 1.4 mil and plan to make it 2 in the next couple of weeks.

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you anons realize once the real life doge dog dies soon this coin will literally go to zero, right?

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>There is the final assembly build of DOGE-1 to begin at Exobotics beyond the Flatsat configuration in alignment with the launch timing to the Moon as per fulfillment of the GEC SpaceX LSA which is manifested on IM-1.
>Stay tuned for which of the space display claims to be shown on MOXY-1 and DOGE-1 that are booked now on XiProtocol.io will be live on the ground at the Digital Art Exhibition in Seoul on screens in South Korea throughout September 4–10, 2023!

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the only reason to buy doge now is wait for the next bull market pump in 8-20 months time.
when BTC pumps beyond 60k again, the normie money will arrive and guess what they pump first? yes, meme doge coins.
0.06 cents each now but when normie dumb money arrives in the start of the bull, easy 0.30-0.60 cents, maybe even higher.
5-10x but you need to be patient and slowly accumulate now.
don't have 0 bags when the pump starts. you'll rope.

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Nope doesn't have the same normie attributes

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ORE is the next sure thing.

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this year? they've been putting the date back for so long that i don't know what to think anymore... and it's probably another pump&dump but it's ok..
>by the way.. does anyone remember making payments via radio with doge and starlink satellites? something new?

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Bagging DiD tokens and EGG feels good. Memefi utilities is making trannies party all night.

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>the next bull market pump in 8-20 months time.
I like talk with bobos and maybe it will take us a while to get to the ATH... but the time interval seems a bit exaggerated... it seems like those who call $10k so that other anons stay out

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It's not certain, but it's very likely.

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If in the end it is true and they launch it this year and in September there is some noise, it would agree with my theory of pumping $0.20-0.30 as I said in >>55497888