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I eat ramen noodles everyday so I can buy more ICP

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I started a woodworking shop in my garage and I make furniture so I can buy more icp.

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I broke up with my girlfriend so i can invest more into icp and dkp

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I honestly put a couple hundred from every paycheck into ICP

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You buy ICP so you still have to eat ramen noodles everyday in 20 years

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That shit has been in free fall for 4 years now and you still believe in it. I really admire your optimism anon.

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You are basically Dom's paypig. You spend every cent you get just so Dom can fuel his schizophrenic outbursts.

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33 with 0 bills, and make 50$ an hr and buy ICP every peak. i need to start buying the dip tho so I can buy more Ice frozen Piss

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cool. you will die poor.

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Drinking anything that is heavy on calories is a bad habit, because the brain does not recognize it as calorie intake (where in the wild nature would you find a fluid with nutrients? Blood is mixed with the meat, fruit juice is mixed with the fruit itself).
Butter, on the other hand, is a healthy food. It gives the sense of satiety immediately. In fact, you can use if for fasting because it quenches hunger better than carbs or even proteins.

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i started suck dick so i could buy more icp

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kek baggies

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today you eat Ramen so tomorrow you may eat bullet!