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Is this a jeet scam made by grifters taking advantage of rumours yes or no?

>INB4 yes it's a scam
No, just tell why/post proofs

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It's literally the next 1000x you idiot. They are not rumours.

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>another episode of jeet spamming his scam coin acting like he isn’t a baggie trying to scam others
buy an ad

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If you’re not holding at least a 50 billy stack you’re a moron.

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>Le " buy an ad "anon
Take your meds schizo.

I don't mind a little doompa once in a while, i just hate getting rugpulled, so i still don't know if throwing $1k at this

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This is why most if you will never make itm Classic midwit syndrome Been in crypto for close to 6 years and it literally doesn't get any easier than Toad. If you miss out on this, you might as well just quit and be a wage slave forever.

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Ok, i'm out of the loop.. when is shibarium or whatever they have planned launching?

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Its a rug all that shiba connections are fake.

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>fudding with bad english
all you need to keep in mind op

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jeet nobody will buy it give up

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Even if the shib connections are real how and why would that affect price? It makes no sense

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When jeets fud your coin, you know you're gonna make it.

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>how would a coin being in SHIB's future ecosystem affect the price
really bro? it's pumping now btw

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Yes it's a jeet scam made by kumar, pajeet, and ranjesh

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You're posting selfies.

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Why toadtard never counter razed red flags? Always end up just calling everyone a jeet

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They said the same thing about dbi

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just look 10 trillion whale just dumped 1/3 enjoy being pay pigs suckers

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>Shibs ecosystem
This is a valueless token that does nothing. That’s like saying a shit erc20 scam will pump because it’s in eths ecosystem

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>This is a valueless token that does nothing
so like any meme token that 100x
or just 99% of tokens in general

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look for renounced contracts, devs are disappearing. like long dong doge 0x9d29dea8397a6c0af34ad9aedd9015a2662664f1

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Yes, so why would you waste your money on this?

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Toad is a shibaswap founder held token. I can't help you if you are dumb enough to confuse it with a garden variety hype scam like DBI.

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>Everything is a conspiracy

It blows my mind that this board is even more schizo than /tv/ and /pol/.

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It's an scam ran by the m**s of this board, why do they give this toad a free shill pass it's obviously a scam

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Maybe I don't like money but I would not touch any frog tokens merely because I hate the meme. I'd rather throw money at a dead coin like d0b0 instead. Anything you've seen here for more than a week is just begging for exit liquidity. But if you've seen it for 2 years now I bet it will still be there in the next bull run if there will be any. And at that time nobody will even remember that your frog coin ever existed.

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Brainlet here and haven't checked
what has that to do with toad?
Are devs slow rugging?

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this coin is perfect for you, it exist to kill all frog tokens

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Men can be women

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>off topic
>post is extremely low quality

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>post is extremely high quality

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Retard has always put their money in shitcoins when they are split assets like BTC, Matic Ride and Gods. Assets with use cases will definitely do well in the next bull run.

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Bought at 2m mc, already up x2, expecting at least x50 to x100
Don't miss out, it will NEVER go back to the lows, there is so much evidence out there that this is not another pump and dump shitcoin

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Aaaaaaand we’re back

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Bros... I asked god for a sign to increase my stack to 100B... And then I went to send it...


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There's 10 buys per sell now, and 2/3 of the sellers just took advantage of the Bilaxy arbitrage and rebought lmao.
This isn't going down.

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wen exchange listings? ? or is this another dbi??

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did you buy a stack yet?

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holy shi based

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>wen exchange listings?
With all the SEC nonsense going on, what the chances Binance lists this? They seem to be intent on getting rid of coins/tokens off their exchange vs adding.

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if it is not a part of Shib? Zero chance. If it is a part of Shib, good chance, Binance cares about volume and holders and Shib can create the hype. That being said, they need to actually create the hype.

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It is

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This shill 3 with 1 legit seems to be the new jeet formula they’re sticking to

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The only reason this shit pumped is by tomorrow's hype. If nothing happens, expect a gigadump.
Glad for those who already took their initial out, but it will be pain for new buyers..

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this nigger >>55478188 is moving the goal posts in this other thread acting shady af

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Okay Jeet faggot I hope your village starves you no teeth having shit eating faggot

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It's over
Bearish AF

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Wtf, it just rugged.

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Just wait till tomorrow alteast fudjeet.

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Looks like the answer is yes it is a scam

1)Constant two more weeks
3)No delivering on schizo theories

Same cycle as every other sorry piece of crap on this jeet infested board. There's nothing good left here

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tomorrow is today you meth head schizo

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From what i've read. Just two more weeks is in 1 month when shibarium is completed. So as expected, nothing was going to happen today.
1 month to accumulate

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Two more weeks turned into one more month. Kek baggies

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so close to ath wtf bros

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Small retraction before the next rocket stage fires. To the moon and beyond toadbros.

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Yea sure buddy dream on, the ones that aren’t delusional wage slaves already sold

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It's a shitcoin. What more do you need to know this is a scam?

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ou look it rugged like everyone said so yesterday

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>scammer devs with enormous wallets hype up a nothing date
>people fall for it and pump the chart
>nothing happens and the whales relentlessly dump
>this has happened MULTIPLE times already
>whales arent even close to out of tokens
>bagholders still begging people to buy
can we get this off the catalog yet?

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im gonna laugh at all you retards when toad smashes thru its ATH. none of you jeet fags deserve to make it

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If it does it's going to go 95% down first and wash most of /biz/ out

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>it’s going to go 95% down first and wash most of /biz/ out
Not likely. Biz is holding the floor higher than that

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Literally who jeet scam.
Every pump is sold by whales holding trillions of tokens

SELL you idiots

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>SELL you idiots
You will not have my Toadies, Ranjeet.

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Back over 10

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just sold

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2 weeks ago

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Biz whales confirmed to be holding the floor until 2 bil

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We're back my nigs.

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>until 2 bil
Kek you really think this shit is going to go that further? Pepe mc was 1.6bil
A kind of miracle in a bear market is needed..a big one

Pepe pumped in less than 20 days btw

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guess we'll be riding high at the end of the month, then

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>asking biz, a gay forum, for a straight answer

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Fuck the shills we are still up bigly this week. Give it time and ignore the jeets.

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7/7/7 BECAUSE OF TOMORROW IS 7/7/2+0+2+3=7 SO 7/7/7. This is valid because whales buy in trip 777s for some reason and shob deployer bought in triple 7s. GOOD DAY!

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You think they might’ve faked us out again with the auspicious day?

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Jannies just deleted it but I capped it. Something might actually be happening tomorrow

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Why did you cap it?

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My question is why are they buying a relatively small amount? I mean that’s less than what I bought.

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You have more than them?

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5 eth? So some big shibu org bought 5 eth worth?

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It’s not about the ETH amount silly man

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There are grandmas tat own 5 eth… and I’m supposed to be bullish cuz shibu incorpatwd bought 5 eth? Why not 500 eth?

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Ok then explain it to me. I’m a brainlet.

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For everyone look into a coin called Blackswan. It's an AI powered news trade bot that instantly trades on your behalf when news events are triggered.

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It’s symbolic. Confucius say, 7 is often a number related to wealth and good fortune

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And the 777, 777, 777, 7777 wallet is a fresh wallet. How do we know it’s connected to shibu or whoever

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Because we just do ok. Wtf is wrong with you