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Is 3400 ICP
1.2 SNS1
Motokos, motokos mech & plenty of other nuts
Enough to make it ?

Im only 24 can't accumulate much more

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ICP is a midwit trap, only midwits fall for the tech scam. I can't even imagine investing in a pump and dumb scheme AFTER the dump.

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ICP is the new internet sir, if you didn't understand that you are NGMI

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I love how some baggies think not buying into their shit mean that somebody won't make it.. that being said, I hold icp too

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It's pretty obvious that the internet computer protocol is going to change the world

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>i cant even imagine investing in a pump and dump* scheme AFTER the dump.

Dumbass ICP was launched at the last peak bull run with FTX short selling. ICP is also only 2.5 years old. Holy shit this board is full of retards.

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you fell for a scam, these tokens will never be worth anything and you just pissed your money away.

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I will make a folder with all the fud once I made it

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you wont make it with ICPoor tokens and this folder will serve as a permanent reminder that you fucked up.
so go ahead and screencap as much as you want.

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Screencapped. see you when its time bitch ass nigga.

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It sure could but so will many other coins

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If that were case there would be altcoin millionaires everywhere and every week on this demented board.

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My avg is now at 4.6 usd...
I accumulated the new internet at every single crash without any hesitation.
Never in my life I felt something like this for an investment.

Icp is this decade best investment

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1,000 ICP is part of my portfolio, no more no less. Holding it on a used YubiKey i bought for $1 at the thrift store and stored in a shielded key fob.

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Me on the left also checked

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pee pee scam buy avax

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Lol more pls

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screencap this you retard.

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Digits absolutely confirm. Icp is the best tech in crypto and will be a top 3 coin in 3 years or less.

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SNS1 is all you need to make it. ICP will 50x from here to the peak but sneeds will do a 1000x. when half asia is playing dragginz remind yourself why you only accumulated 1.2 sneeds

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>mfw i accumulated 100

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I hold 11.5k icp
Im punching myself because I didnt allocate 1-2k icp into SNS in the 40s, I would have 4xd that amnount easily


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holy based whale i'm half your size. not selling a single one until 2025 at peak game mania

>he fell for the "its just a test token" fud

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10k ICP is make it stack.

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No one had any fucking idea the founder of neopets was stealth building and planning a 52% attack

I'm kicking myself too. Meh but it's like buying BTC at 100 instead of 10 so whatever

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bruh it was PLAINLY FUCKING OBVIOUS that SOMETHING was going to happen and that the tokenomics of SNS-1 are VASTLY SUPERIOR to ICP. this thing is criminally undervalued still and mostly /biz/bros so there is still time to buy at least one

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I don't own 100 but I'm still in the top 50 holders, and actively accumulating more. Whatever I'm still going to make it. What's the fucking difference between 50 and 150m these days anyway

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you will make it for you, your children, your childrens children, generational wealth. blessings

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You need 88 Tendy

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ygmi for sure but swap some icp for sns1 and ygmi even more
also bros does anyone have the screenshot of that jeet tweet - 'fuck the icp ceo's mother in publicly'?

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This, the fact it was sns-1 the very first was enough for me to ape in. Over 20 accumulated average buy price was 40

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How to check ranking

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icp and sns are a scam

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Top 20 here. Feels good to know /biz holds the majority of the supply apart from Adam ofcourse

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I have 185 of these

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bought 10 sns at 38. Locked for a year. Looks like it wasn't a mistake.

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Thank you sir, was looking for some time how to check how many I accidentally sent to a Ledger account

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2 SNS1
200 ICP
And 1 finterest card.

Opions bros?

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Good spread but try stacking more ice, maybe a betbase alien as well.

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2700 stacklet bros. I'm so tired

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>700 ICP
>5400 CHAT
>2 SNS1
>500 TENDY
>33k OGY
>2k ICL
>A bunch of NFTs
Will I make it pissbros ?

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Get rid of tendy, chat, ogy, and icl and put it all in SNS whenever there’s another dip.
Chat still has a shitton of unlocks, ogy is shit, icl is shit, and tendy is a guaranteed rug pool from the icpchad jeets
SNS has the best tokenomics and if you actually won’t to make it you need at least 10

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just hold ICP and SNS-1

the rest are future rugpulls and not sneeded

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hindset is 20/20

yeah, at the same time all of these shitcoins on the IC are a hit or miss

anyone who bought btc early, eth early, solana early, cardano early, etc. made a shit ton of money. at this point i would rather hold as much of the casino as possible rather than taking my chances within the ecosystem. maybe after ICP does a 10x i can diversify within the ecosystem

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The problem is you have to deal with vc unlocks til next April. We won’t get any real uptrend til then. SNS/DKP youre basically set cuz of the golden tokenomics. You have more to gain from DKP going to $1 billion-$10 billion mcap than icp going from $1billion to $50-$75 billion in the next run.

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VC unlocks doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be an uptrend. If I was a VC from the early days, there's no shot I'm selling it all at these prices. They would likely sell a little, then re-stake the rest.

Unlocks != Immediate sell

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I highly doubt we'll see the same cycles as before where we have an altseason start after the halving. Gut tells me we peak beforehand.

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It’s doesn’t mean immediate sell but it does mean you have the risk of new immediate sells every month. I think we’re at a 75% of the vc immediately selling each month.

If we peak at or prior to the halving then don’t even expect icp to have a decent uptrend due to the unlocks. That’s more of a justification to invest in DKP due to the games alpha is going to be released Q4 2023 or Q1 2024.

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Also to add to this at the current btc dominance if btc goes back to sun $25k, icp will be around $2.50. DKP will increase in icp when icp dumps but if icp really pumps it will have its uptrend but icp could be more dominant. But the low supply and golden tokenomics everything is pointing to dkps favor

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>ICP is the new internet
Very good, now meme this chart

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Even my XOR bags are greener than this and we're not in a good position right now lol
At least we have several updates, a card, stability and a marked floor

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