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Why is Gen Z so entitled?

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They are the smart ones.

T. 42 year old millennial

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In certain states not listing the salary is illegal

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They are gay
t. 50 year old millennial

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Society is not entitled to my labour.

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Why the fuck wouldn't you want to know the salary? The alternative is going through the interview process, equally wasting time for the company, and finding out you'll be making jack shit only to leave. Of course I want to know what I'm making.

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>salary: competitive (btw if you give a salary range they will automatically choose not to hire you)

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It’s like the old joke. A man keeps praying to God to win the lottery. Finally, God answers his prayers. God speaks to him “meet me half way, buy a ticket.”
>list the salary, numbnuts

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>salary: market rate
they pay dogshit

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Many years ago I applied for a job which openly told me they were paying 35k and they still didn't hire me, like their poorfag job was some golden ticket. Now I know better kek. Fuck all these places that act like they're paying you in experience, they can pay pajeet in experience (and I guess they do?).

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>Job description lists: "Must be self motivated"
Translation: This position sucks so bad you'll need the will power of a thousand Greek gods just to not quit by your 3rd month

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$300 OP doesn't post again.

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Emailed you my wallet

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doesn't matter because ~90% of job postings are fake. i'm not even a seething zoomer, i have 5 YOE in a non-tech line of work.

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also companies are low balling the shit out of everyone now that we're in a recession.

>apply to job listed as $70-120k base
>currently at $90k base
>have enough exp to command $110-120k base
>roastie recruiter messages me back
>oh btw it's only budgeted at $70-80k base

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oooo checked, this bait posting GPT instance is actually monitoring the thread.

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I won't either
>professional diesel mechanic

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Not a bot. Luckily I'm not entitled like Gen Z and don't care about the $300

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Based zoomers

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42 is the cutoff boomer light.

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Today I read an article about how 'Adversity Quotient' is more important than IQ or EQ to corporations. What is AQ? It means your willingness to suck it up when the company fucks you over and continue to do whatever they ask.

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It’s 57 officially. Just because you are 41 doesn’t change that.
They are right. Jobs should state pay ranges.

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This. Fuck boomers and their jobs

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not knowing salary would be not knowing if i could afford rent

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Zoomers aren't entitled for asking for the bare minimum.

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>my toilet broke and I need a plumber, let’s look around
>I have $X at most to spend
>one plumber says he’ll do it for less than $X
>another says he’ll do it for more
>the rest say “market rate” or “bid competitive”
>boomers call me entitled for making the obvious choice

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Wanting to be more informed and educated about a potentially life-altering situation is entitlement? How odd.

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Based. I've adopted their mindset and turn down recruiters if they don't immediately tell me the pay scale. I've gotten a new job every six months for the last two years with a minimum of a 15% increase each time.

t. 29 yo millinial

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It's 1981-1995 for Gen Y. Get your filthy Gen X ass back to the retirement home old man.

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>no salary in job listings
>salary websites are made up
How am I supposed to know what to ask for?

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Are these /biz/ slide threads? Fuck off retard

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They watch too much Tate

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This. And you're not entitled to social care. Enjoy the new world in 5 years when welfare systems collapse, sucking off hobos under the bridge for shelter. They will be entitled to your virgin asshole

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>Job posting
>Salary: Competitive
>So anon, what salary were you thinking of?

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The only generation with a spine

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>They will be entitled to your virgin asshole
No one is entitled to anything, retard except to spit in your mouth

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Why the fuck would I waste my time on an application for an undisclosed salary? My time is valuable. If an employer chooses not to list the salary they are probably uncompetitive and not worth the time of quality candidates.

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wow zoomers will already start hitting their 30s in a year and a half. what a waste of a generation, keeping the tradition alive, failing harder than the previous.

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Millennials are '85 to 94' retards.

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Each generation is worse then the last.

But anyways, look up a project called Blackswan.

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Businesses have fucked themselves over in the last two decades. Boomers staying longer in the work force but not setting up contingency plans for replacements, lying to their employees about Steve retiring (he will never retire LMAO), and stringing their employees along for five to ten years. Meanwhile, when Steve does retire they aren't choosing you because "You're not prepared for the position." Meanwhile, they post the job for the world to apply to... But they aren't actually going to hire anybody. Instead, they're going to have you do that your current job plus the other job you were promised but denied, and you'll not get a raise or bonus this year because things are really tight around here.

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Zoomies grew up with instant gratification the moment they became cognitive. Every parent exhausted with their wagie job just jams a ipad right in front of their kid. They are finally being seen in the workforce and their upbringing is showing. Zoom school really messed up their social and professional behavior and they are all gay. LGBT is a part of their personality but they don't know why. This is thanks to social media, they are literally creating weak men that don't know how to fight back. Millennials are beaten down to nothing so they won't be able to save culture. We are creating hard times while boomers are enjoying their golden parachute retirement no cap frfr

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>not listing the salary because its so low
Its like those boomers on facebook marketplace and craigslist that wont post the price for their 1999 ford f150.
If you have to ask, its not going to be the number you want.

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That's actually a good move by Gen Zers if true.

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Zoomers have the capability to survive on pennies because they haven't moved out of their homes yet.

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>Instead, they're going to have you do that your current job plus the other job you were promised but denied, and you'll not get a raise or bonus this year because things are really tight around here.
I hate the people who fell for this. Fucking Type A extroverts with too much ambition ruined it for all of us.

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>t. 56 mellennial

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>'Adversity Quotient'
yeah, the ability to "triumph over adversity", "see the job though", and "get it done" even when faced with unforeseen difficulties, etc, is certainly a valid, valuable and desirable quality for workers to have.

but sadly today, the extreme levels of bullshit most work places put you through is not that. but that want to think its that. but its not.
they just want people to be willing to eat shit all day every day and be content about it

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nice Identify Politics you got there shit-for-brains. keep thinking the cancer in your brain is your own ideas and not the propaganda cancer vomit form the spin doctors. dumbfuck

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They are though considering they still inevitably pay taxes and their mere participation in society upholds institutions that provide you with your sissy hypno, mcnuggets and sometimes medicine and other conveniences necessary to your survival. The only time they aren't entitled to anything is if they live in the middle of nowhere in a dirt patch. So yea pay my neet bucks wagie.

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not wasting months on fizzbuzz interview stages only to get some low ball offer. sorry not sorry frfr no cap ong. real talk tho senpai, most of the "le gen zeeee" articles are nonsense - expect most of these youngins to change their mind about this stuff real quick when daddy's subsidies subside and the giga-recession hits.

>t. zoomer making 6 figs

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sounds like another good move agai.

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pay up or fuck off

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>apply to job
>"how much are you hoping to be paid?

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Where are all of these people incensed at the notion of calling out Boomers for their fuck-ups coming from? You're not in this site's target demo, go back to Facebook.

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Intergenerational division is detrimental to the only conflict that is real, class.
I don't care either way though. While you faggots point fingers i'll climb the ladder.

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OP have a look at the AI coin project called Blackswan. The trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on. Their twitter/website has more info on it

website: blackswan dot biz

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excellent simple example

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Based Zoomzoom.

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Because we want basic human rights asshole, now look at my vinu chart and buy my fucking coin or i will make sure to practice some defenestration on you

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I'm confused bc I've been a millennial my whole life or at least since they started calling us that in the early 2000s and born in 1984 and I'm choosing not to look it up to correct you. Have I been Gen x this whole time??

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they're based

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Salary shouldn't matter to you if you are truly passionate about the work, and we only want passionate people.

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The worst one is when they ask you for your expected salary as part of the application and it's a mandatory field required to submit.
Some even go one step further and make it so the field only accepts numerical values so you can't even write shit like "negotiable" kek.
I saw one last week that specifically said in the instructions "if you write 'negotiable' your application will be automatically discarded."
It's a crazy game.

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as if wanting to be paid money is a generational thing. i'm 100% on salary ranges being posted on job descriptions. even as a white male in 2023 i was the victim of information assymetry when i got my first job. they paid me 50k and other people entry level were making 60k+. if i had known why would i ever had accepted that? i make 250k now after switching around. last job i applied to had a lot of salary information out there. i applied at 180k. after the interview i pressed them and got 195k (+bonus, variable). more salary information helps EVERY worker

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They used to write articles bitching about us too
t. millennial

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The craziest part is that you have to guess the salary correctly. If it’s a job you ACTUALLY want and are motivated to prove yourself by telling them you’ll work for $40k the first year the subhuman HR retard will deny you and hire the bitch that wants $60k instead. If you told them you’d want $80k they also would reject you and refuse to even give you an offer of the $60k. None of the modern hiring process makes any sense.

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It's because all these HR and administrative positions are run by females so they use their female brain.
If you ask for too little it must mean you are a low value mate and desperate so not a good fit.
If you ask for too much you are high value and at danger of leaving the job as soon as you find something better.
Also they won't post the salary publicly because then it becomes a competition with other companies and the salaries will be driven up over time.

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It's called having self respect boomer, you should look it up once you're on break at your minimum wage job that promised a competitive salary

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I make 2600 post tax and my rent is 38% of my total net income. I don't currently have a vehicle but my electric moped saves me roughly anywhere between 200 to 500 per month until I can afford to fix my 2003 honda accord. As gay as it is, an electric bike does work as transportation if you try to be responsible.

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don't forget hr departments are ran by chief diversity officers now. they WILL discriminate on offers and it won't be for the straight white dude anymore

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Why are boomers so bad at listing things online? I see cars for sale and the price isnt even shown. Who calls back about that, the seller knows he wants too much.

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You still gotta eat even if you love the game, dude.

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checked, holes deserve death.

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Is this the new 30 y/o boomer type meme

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>competitive pay

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in hindsight demanding a degree and 5 years experience for entry level white collar work that used to be done by boomers coming straight out of school with no debt was a crappy idea.
oh well fuck em im with the zoomies on this.