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Should I sell my link stack for ICP?

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You should just buy AVAX instead, ICP is pretty obviously a scam. The tech behind AVAX is real.

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There are few coins that have performed worse than LINK over the last couple years. ICP is one of them.

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which one has the best tech in crypto?

there is your answer.

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Avax has the best tech in crypto. There's no other coin that come close. The sub second finality of subsets make me cum in my pants.
We also have real world partnershits that are legit. Deloitte is using our chain right now as we speak.
Then this chain is ran by the greatest person in the crypto space Emin and has refuted everything about the crypto leaks incident and didn't just rage quit in the middle of a live interview on stream. He really is the one leading innovation in this space.

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Absolute not. Just stack both that way you win no matter which coin performs best

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>partnershits that are legit.

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Yeah we partnered with Amazon. Bezos and Emin are bros and are going to do amazing things. I heard Emin was invited to his yacht recently. I bet they're going to come up with some ground breaking innovation. Were so early Avax bros. Dont be an icpoor

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>Should I sell my unneeded token for an actual scam
Obviously you sell for ETH

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Buy as many sns1 as you possibly can.
This is financial advice.

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it certainly will be green, no doubt about it.

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Definitely, go ALL IN on ICP - 2000k EOY.
The haters will drown in their own tears.