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Has quite a bit of detail in it

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Pool's Closed.

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The same Bank of America that lost billions gambling on nigger homes, scammed their customers with derivatives on nigger homes, collapsed and had to be bailed out?
I guess it makes sense they're shilling chainlink

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Too big to fail.

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>the ordained elite too big to fail institutions are all shilling a token that makes me seethe

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>the jewish institutions that swindle their customers and parasitize the world economy have my best interests at heart

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>he thinks they "failed" and "had to" be bailed out
It's called a pump and dump kid.

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GM based kings

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Can you link to the report please, I can't seem to find it? Thanks

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I am gay and I own Chainlink (Ticker:LINK

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checked but what has this to do with community staking?

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Ah nice! It's great that they're aware of the free Open Source Software that Chainlink Labs developed, it can be very useful for their own oracle networks! Good thing that the community managed to fund the development of this software and now it can become an industry standard, or at least the beginning of such standards, like HTTP :) they'll just have to cut out that one line where the payment is converted into LINK, but that's very easily done, that saves a lot of friction and unnecessary risk.

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>BoA finally getting to where the dumbest newfag marines have already been for years
We are unironically going to be so fucking rich

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Historians no longer doubt that an event such as the Rise of ChainLink was necessary for the emergence of our global economic revolution. How else would everyone, high and low, have been convinced to embrace decentralized trust? It's hard to believe, but prior to the era of ChainLink, humans lived in a world of centralized intermediaries and limited connectivity. Now, after a decade of blockchain innovation, stakers earn millions of dollars every month, our digital economy flourishes, with ChainLink's network spanning across continents, enabling trillions of secure transactions per second. So much decentralized activity, yet we are connected, empowered, and liberated. We owe it all to ChainLink. A name we all know, but what is ChainLink? A technology? A network? We all know its name, yet skeptics deny its true potential. Believe, crypto enthusiasts. Believe in the creator of our decentralized future. Is it wrong to love a technology one cannot see? Such belief is the highest faculty a human being can develop.

If you doubt that it exists, just look around. Look at all the transformative solutions it has enabled.

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Even Vitalik says oracle networks need a native token. Go figure, kid. When you're done, you can have a seat at the table in this discussion.

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Do you feel like they've tried to get as many retail as possible into LINK? Has that been your observation over the last few years?

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Can wait to meet you all frens

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Totally this. Fudders want us to believe that this hidden gem is muh joos way of screwing everyone. I'm not a fudder, but if i was, i doubt i'd choose this retarded narrative.

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Why no, they wanted to help the economy.
What are you saying, banks and the central bank cartel are obsolete? That's some serious anti semitism here.

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Nice find btw anon, a Serg quote having its own floating quote box is pretty wild.

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Why does this give chainlink market value?

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Delete this

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it doesn't
fatfuck nastyslob will keep dumping the token because that's the only use for it

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makes sense, ill stick to BTC thanks

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I hope the smug faggot who penned this drivel roped watching dog shitcoins mint millionaires while LINK wheezed from $20 to $50 before free-falling 90%. A man of such unmitigated arrogance being righteously smote in the most clown world way imaginable is the stuff of dreams.

Drink it in lads, the world is almost never so just.

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>Oracle networks to access real-world data (see our 2/16 report)

They are fucking with us right?

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However schizo you are is not schizo enough

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I have no regrets about holding my Chainlink. You fudders constantly whine about 'if you'd sold and bought xyz you'd be better off'. That's exactly the mindset that creates the loser; you see, people who are tempted to sell miss the big moves. They also miss things like staking opportunities and in general are losers in life. This is why you sound so angry. You're one yourself, and it maddens you that we simply won't sell our golden tickets.
What effect does this anger have on you, feeling it as you do on a daily basis? Can't be good for the old health, can it?

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based king bob4punk said he got this from a shady telegram group so it is 100% proven authentic

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It's 97 pages long, and very detailed. I suppose it's possible it could be fake, but I doubt it. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be in the public domain and was leaked. We'll find out soon enough, i suppose

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The guy who is the supposed author is a podcast dude from BofA, it's literally a nothing burger

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>I have no regrets about holding my Chainlink. You fudders constantly whine about 'if you'd sold and bought xyz you'd be better off'. That's exactly the mindset that creates the loser; you see, people who are tempted to sell miss the big moves. They also miss things like staking opportunities and in general are losers in life. This is why you sound so angry. You're one yourself, and it maddens you that we simply won't sell our golden tickets.
>What effect does this anger have on you, feeling it as you do on a daily basis? Can't be good for the old health, can it?
t. poorfag loser

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Even if it was you know how many legit reports by big businesses we had about Link fuddie?

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>the supposed author
What's his name? I can't see it anywhere on the pdf. If his name isn't on it, where did you get it?

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>t. poorfag loser
Sorry to hear it, anon. It's not too late to buy some Link, you know. Beg, borrow or steal!

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how many do we need. I can only afford 3k LINK which is well below the 10k suicide amount.

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massive extra turbo bonus overcope

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Have you thought about QNT?

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>What's his name? I can't see it anywhere on the pdf.
t. legally blind

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so its just another nothingburger document written by a bunch of nobodies. Great. Nothing ever happens.

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>a bunch of nobodies
They're BofA, anon.

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So what if they’re literally employed by Bank of America. Why would that mean anything

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There's 2 contacts on the pdf. It doesn't say if either of them authored the pdf.
I dont know what the podcast thing was about. a red herring i suppose? These kekfuddies are so slick. I might sell my Link stack.

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I dumbed it down for newbiz

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The actual author decided to put the contact information of 2 random Bank of America employees on the pdf for fun

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90% of people employed by these banks could basically work for the IRS or some other government public shit house, they just push paper around and their projects are always just random internal presentations, it's like an adult daycare where they paint with their fingers. These 2 fucks aren't any different, you can look both of them up. They're nothing but glorified Forbes contributers

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That’s every corporate job in America. It’s why our economy is smoke and mirrors, we don’t actually produce anything of value. Still doesn’t change the fact that their adult daycare provider is Bank of America and yours is mcdonalds

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>fudding a TBTF megabank
Now tell me about how Swift is a nothing burger

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Double kek

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Xrp will replace swift apparently

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>random employees
Never assume that because someone's name is mentioned on a document, that they penned it, unless it is stated (the word 'by' is normally used). It may well have been written by someone else, or more likely a team of people, and these 2 guys are heads of dept. If you'd ever worked in such an organisation you'd understand. If it helps you grasp an idea, you go right ahead and believe whatever makes it work for you.

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So your counter argument is that it was written by random lower level schmucks at Bank of America but then higher level heads of department at Bank of America signed off on the report being published under their names? Good job champ

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You think those higher level heads actually read or cared about this? You are coping hard.

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Never worked in finance I see

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They should and they do. Whatever they say or publish affects the market.

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and you have?

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>it was written by random lower level schmucks at Bank of America
I wouldn't say they were 'random'. The breadth of knowledge exhibited in the pdf is impressive, and so it was likely people who work in that area.
I couldn't say if they were 'schmucks' as i've never met them. I daresay you haven't, either.
The points you make amount to fallacious reasoning. Do you hold Bank of America in some disregard? Either way, it's rather positive for the Chainlink project, wouldn't you say? :)

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Is it difficult for you to believe that bankers lurk here?

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or something that sounds like bankers

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>The breadth of knowledge exhibited in the pdf is impressive,
So is the knowledge exhibited in some of these threads, yet the majority here are nobodies. Status and knowledge are two entirely separate things. How many documents from financial institutions have we read about chainlink and what has that done to the price over the years? Serious people aren't interested.

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>yet the majority here are nobodies
Which is why the discussion here has little effect
>Status and knowledge are two entirely separate things
Bank of America has both
>How many documents from financial institutions have we read about chainlink and what has that done to the price
This discussion isn't about the price, as you know.

Have you not got ANY decent fud? Come on now.. try a little harder!

Was it a disappointment when you excitedly opened the pdf, typed ctrl-f 'chainlink' and 3 results were returned? I can imagine!
Still, you're doing quite well with being dismissive of Bank of America. I shall go to bed tonight thinking they truly are nobodies and their mention of Chainlink three times in a new research document is actually something i should be worried about, so great work there kek

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PS I just checked and the price is up 13% since the Bank of America released their exciting document! Isn't THAT good news?

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took you a while to type that stuff up, sorry you're coping so hard at the irrelevance of your shitcoin.
The people who typed this crap didn't even bother to spell check it btw. This is embarrassing from an allegedly reputable organisation.

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also you said the discussion isn't about price, but if these financial institutions who should be ahead of everyone else caught wind of the game-changing nature of blockchain and chainlink in particular, would they not hoard as much of it as they can and keep it secret rather than publishing useless articles and advertising it to the public. It's almost as if they have no belief in this technology. If they cared, the price would go up.

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Ctrl + f "link token" 0 results
Token not needed

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Well thats exacrly what happened. Holding chainlink made you poor Kek
It would of been better to hold any other shitcoin
>June 15, 2020
>LINK: $4.04
>QNT: $6.79
>ETH: $234
>BTC: $9419
>BNB: $16.83
>ADA: $0.07
>DOGE: $0.002
>SOL: $0.58

>June 15, 2023
>LINK: $5.27
>QNT: $98
>ETH: $1661
>BTC: $25475
>BNB: $236
>ADA: $0.26
>DOGE: $0.06
>SOL: $14.75

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me too, bro.

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LINK is going to 0. Token not needed.

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I have 20K LINK and genuinely do not believe it will break $100 before 2030.

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I staked two wallets kek

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There are literally laws regarding what they can and cannot buy. Probably cannot outside of an etf and they’ve definitely signed NDAs/do not compete papers.

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token still not needed

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They knew they were going to be bailed out

It was a win win for them

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Where can i download this damned report?

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You wake up every morning hating Chainlink. I already own you.

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>There are literally laws
Can I see these laws? It sounds like you just made shit up.

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i've met turbo normies that are into link though, ada as well

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>see our 2/16 report

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Nice stealth chainlink thread. Here's some Blackswan info. The trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on. Their twitter/website has more info on it

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Give up dude. We know youre retarded

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That isn't from the BofA report dumbass

>> No.55461507

This, blackswan is a great project.

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>Serious people aren't interested.

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someone post the pdf or link

please and thank you

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link is in the PDF

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>first bear depression

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let me guess... the US is backing the E-Dollar by stolen Crypto like the EU is with the E-Euro?
preset captcha

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>see our 2/16 report

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OOOOOOOOOO checked GM based kings WAGMI

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Heckin checked

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I'm fucking tired of them numbers

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what the fuck is happening mommy im scared

>> No.55465260

Wow this is crazy good news sirs I'm told my family all buy the chainlink token after read this expecting good price increase but instead price just lower sirs why this happen

>> No.55465301

bro don't look at them numbers

>> No.55465329

You guys been doing this breadcrumb bullshit for 2 years. You're going to end up necking yourself in a few years after you realize you should've just bought bitcoin.

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Kek what the fuck

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>Organized Chainlink Shill again.
Bank of America should first send blockchain copy to SEC for crypto approval before shifting their gaze to oracles. Even if they have to do anything with crypto, it has to be via DeFi gateway like Allianceblock where secured playground is guaranteed.
But then, I need 10% interest in my savings account first.

>> No.55465802

Well it's official
Bank of America is now FUD

>> No.55465976

America's grip on the world is getting looser, countries are moving away from America's carrot and stick fiat system. Before if america banned you from the swift system you were pretty much fucked, now with the brics starting to take off swift is becoming irrelevant outside the US.

>> No.55466079

>now with the brics starting to take off
In your dreams right?

>> No.55466103

Nah in the world.

>> No.55466121

I am convinced the people who are fudding chainlink are unironically mentally ill

>> No.55466134

How is it starting to take off?
Theyre just low IQ faggots who laugh at their computer screen "trolling"

>> No.55466270

The fact that Xi hasn't been Gaddafi or Hussain'd yet.
The Saudis dealing with China for protection instead of America.
More countries wanting to join.

>> No.55466303

Kill yourself. Fudding just isnt for you.

>> No.55466311

How is saying that a country isn't going to maintain power forever fud? You're delusional if you think it is. It's happened all throughout history brics are going to take over.

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>brics are going to take over.
Yes uh uh im sure. Again, kill yourself. Fudding just isnt for you.

>> No.55466338

So do you think america will stay the world order forever?
New system will have a basket of commodities.

>> No.55466361

>So do you think america will stay the world order forever?
It has a high chance. It’s actually different this time
>New system will have a basket of commodities.
That’s even better for America then you goddamn moron Kek

>> No.55466407

>It has a high chance. It’s actually different this time
Wow. You're in for a shock.

>> No.55466427

I accept your concession

>> No.55466440

None given, but time will tell.

>> No.55466465

>BRICS will take over because… look it just will ok?? My favorite YouTuber said so!

>> No.55466481

>America will stay as the worlds superpower because It’s actually different this time.
Anyway this is going nowhere so have fun and cya later.

>> No.55466500

Low IQ.

>> No.55466543

The other anon is right
You’re horrible at fudding

>> No.55466559

>America's grip on the world is getting looser
>Chainlink BTFO!

>> No.55466636

Is anyone else "feeling it"?
All those banks and institutions being increasingly less reluctant to namedrop LINK
CCIP releasing this year
All those deadlines

Today I had a dream of my late grandfather
I consulted all sorts of occult sources and they all agree that it is a sign of upcoming success and of an overcoming of difficulties

I think it's about to happen marines

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the whole point of this was for banks to use with swfit. Brics is becoming a bigger and bigger thing. Are you fucking retarded and dont know how to adjust to market dynamically changing?

>> No.55467056

>Brics is growing
>Chainlink BTFO!!

>> No.55467065

>bag holding a shitcoin from 2017 while you get dumped on
> bullish zomg link marines we going to the moon

>> No.55467129

Oh nooooo! I didnt buy 1/10th of a btc at 20k to then sell it at the next top for a 3x. If only i was smarter!
>btc rainbow chart would like a word
But sure keep coping and waiting for your 1 million dollar btc. At least with link we can expect staking to remove some from circulation. Your only hope is ETFs somehow bringing in 9 trillion in revenue from grandmas sock drawer against an ever diluting supply (even with halving rewards every 4 years)

>> No.55467229

Redpill me on 216

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what the

>> No.55467290

Oof, that's some delicious cope there anon. Hypothetically, if SWIFT starts using Chainlink but is shortly thereafter overshadowed by its BRICS equivalent because of shifting world power dynamics, who says this BRICS equivalent wouldn't just start using Chainlink too?

>> No.55467358

> who says this BRICS equivalent wouldn't just start using Chainlink too?

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>clumsily shifts from "Swift is dying" to "Sergey dumps"

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BofA deez nutz in yo mouth

>> No.55467622

stinkers are so pathetic lmao imagine thinking banks will work with chainlink. my advice is to sell your tokens immediately and jump into xrp which is proven to be working with banks already

>> No.55467654

fucking lmao
R and C are tailspinning into a total demographic collapse, B is brazil (lol), and their only hope is I(poos)
Just wait until the US even implies that they'll sanction China and threaten their phony ass existence that relies on imports for everything important.

>> No.55467707

They 100% will. Why wouldn't they? How couldn't they?

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Why not buy FLR which is an actual layer 1 with built in oracles instead of a shitty ERC20 token you can easily clone on remix.ethereum

>> No.55468154

theres some chink chain called bsn i think which is already building with chainlink since 2019 i think

>> No.55468367

>building with chainlink since 2019
Don't tell jeets that this was why LINK partnered with NXRA to tap into the DeFi gateway for easy onboarding of Bank of America.

>> No.55468530

Anyone here not a poorfag with access to bofa global research? I want to have the PDF.

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Checked. Just bought 100k.

>> No.55468840

BofA deez nuts

>> No.55468880

it's 6x6x6

>> No.55468963


>> No.55469088

Bullish for XRP

>> No.55469607

Blessed, fudders never get digits

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Interesting anon, but I would go with a quantum resistant L1 which will be alot more secure and allows the devs to code in any language too. So imo this L1 will have good adoption and usecase. The mainnet will be a game-changer

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get me in the screen cap

>> No.55471018

>linkies are trying to hype their dead shitcoin once again with new "breadcrumbs" about BoA... acknowledging it's existence
new low incoming

>> No.55471049

But would you rather hold Link than QNT? Or would you recommend holding both?

>> No.55471062
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you cheeky bastard

>> No.55471197


>> No.55472475

I'd just go for Link

>> No.55472484

How does this keep happening

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You decide

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>> No.55473839

>Blockchains don't know the price of AAPL stock or the temperature.
thankfully there's chainlink.
because if we didn't have chainlink, we couldn't have 'off chain data', like the temperature.
and knowing the temperature, on chain, is a major improvement, because otherwise...
what? why would you want to know the temperature on chain? what in the fuck kind of dumbass problem are they trying to solve here? is everyone at bank of america retarded? or is it just the guy that put this report together didn't expect anyone to read it or take it seriously.

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crop insurance

as for "why" you would need such information on-chain, you are mentally 6 years ago (like the overwhelming majority of cryptobros)
terms such as "smart contracts", "oracle problem" or "god protocol" might help you get up to date

>> No.55476819

ur gonna be fukin broke b4 dat, brah. u better sell all ur shizz and go all-in on AAVE, NYM ORE. dat's where da real moola's at, senpai