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its clear that institutions have arrived. what is the best strat for the next bullrun?
its not entirely impossible that most of western retail will be cucked out of investing by SEC and ECB, and it could mean out that big boy boomer coins like BTC, ETH and 2017 shitcoins perform better vs alts compared to previous runs. thoughts?

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No it's literally just the coins that the SEC labeled as not securities, those are the ones that will get ETFs after Bitcoin, anything else will have to overcome an insane amount of red tape.

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Don't follow what CT is saying when they talk about bullshit like "Dude everything is a Ponzi! Buy my memecoin!"

You will get 100% cucked. Buy stuff that has actual revenues and usage/use cases. Even retail will be looking to find the next crypto project that blackrock will buy into.

Black rock has talked about RWA, so this bodes well for projects planning on getting into the RWA space such as Maker/AAVE/CFG and some others. LINK could play a role in this.

Another thing that could do well is perp exchanges that have traction. Synthetix/GMX seem to be doing the most volume as of the late. (SNX uses a front end that is separate called Kwenta to do their trades)

Since these have real revenues and are quite attractive they could do well.

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yeah... sure. Whatever. Avax too.

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I'm not worried. The only real concerns here are projects that are scams, and coins/tokens that are unregistered securities, could stop being traded on CEX's. You -might- be able to still buy them all though on DEX's regardless. I like
a lot.
might be a security but we will have to see what happens. I like the idea of chainlink though.