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Hey /biz/ what do you know about Blackswan Bot? I'm looking into the project and I want some info from /biz/ about it.

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CA and Twitter if anyone else wants to learn the basics. What I'm looking for is the real info.

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I don't know what exactly you want from us OP. We don't have like some secret info that no one else has. The only thing I can think of is how there is a rumor of a Windows 10 version with phase 4 release.

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Not even subtle.

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Nobody is giving you money.
You need more elaborate scams.

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I know it was developed in india and the devs are also indian.

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lol the salt mines are back in business lmao even

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Dirty dalit

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What's up with you and Indians? Are they like the /biz/ equivalent to trannies on /pol/? Do they also live in your head rent free?

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Everyone seems to be waiting for the user friendly update, but has anyone run the bot as is and profited? I’ve seen the twitter vids but those are showcases from the devs. Does the bot really work?

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Yea, I've made my ROI and creeping up to the 4 digits profit

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Well that’s enough to convince me to get a bag

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Based, you won't regret it. And congrats on the stellar entry.

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Phase 5 is going to be amazing as well.

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I'm new and how do I get started with blackswan?

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You go on Twitter on look at this account and learn about the completed Phases and coming ones on the website blackswan dot biz. After that you use the contract address you find in the image also or by then you join the telegram after visiting the website and type /ca in the chat to copy paste the address thereby reducing the risk of incorrect copying.

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I forgot to link this image, I mean it's pretty obvious but it was a mistake on my part. My bad.

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so, did the Indians create it?
was there a minimum to have access to the bot? where do you buy it? only with weth?

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Salty Jeets mad at their perceived superiors who also think everyone else is a Jeet. Sad. Many such cases.

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>so, did the Indians create it?
Nah, I think the dev showed his hand in the Telegram. He is of anglo saxon decent it appears. Go ask him in chat for another if you don't believe me.
was there a minimum to have access to the bot? It was 50k then it was lowered to 25k. There are plans to use lower amount for a fixed price for a time.
>where do you buy it? only with weth?
1inch Uniswap Kyberswap etc. And you use ETH the mainnet currency on ETH network. You can use just about whatever though on ERC-20. Will have to swap before exchanging if not on ETH network. Just put in the CA copied from Telegram chat and then swap ETH or WETH for BLACKSWAN.

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Do research on Twitter and their website.

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Yes, the historical data update will be the most interesting in my opinion.

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Ive been holding this for over a month I tihnk the phase 4 release is in a few weeks, maybe earlier but overall one of the more exciting projects ive seen this year for sure

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Same here, it's been a comfy hold. This is the tweet that got me into it. I'm really excited for it being a first mover.

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check out their website at

blackswan dot biz