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How to cash in on the AI hype, or use AI to milk the bigger fools?

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The phrase "cash in on the AI hype" or "milk the bigger fools" implies a somewhat opportunistic approach to taking advantage of the public interest and investment in AI. While this might seem appealing to some, it's essential to note that any sustainable success in business, including AI, comes from creating genuine value and solving real problems.

However, if you're looking to participate in and benefit from the growing field of AI, there are numerous ethical and responsible ways to do so:

Education and Skills Building: AI is a rapidly developing field that requires a deep understanding of complex technologies. If you invest in learning these skills, you can potentially create value by offering services in areas such as data science, machine learning
Start an AI-Based Business: If you've identified a problem that could be solved using AI and have the necessary skills (or can partner with those who do), you might consider starting an AI-based business. This could be anything from an AI-driven health tech startup to a business offering AI-powered data analysis services.

Invest in AI Companies: If you have the resources, you could invest in AI companies, either directly or indirectly (such as through stocks or mutual funds).
AI Consultancy: If you've gained a deep understanding of AI and its applications, you could provide consultancy services to companies looking to integrate AI into their operations. This could involve advising on the best AI technologies to use, overseeing the implementation process, and providing ongoing support.

AI Education: Given the high demand for AI skills, there's a growing market for education and training services in this area. If you're proficient in AI, you could consider creating online courses, writing books, or offering coaching or mentoring services.

In all these ventures, it's crucial to maintain ethical standards, prioritise long-term value over short-term gains.

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Make a bunch of statements on how you are using AI to create videogames from scratch and then have a pay2post forum where all the outraged trannies will pay to post how you are runing the world or something

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That chatgpt logo looks like a lot of 6s put together (as the 666 n Google chrome logo) . They don't even try to conceal it anymore

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kinda looks like david star with edges made curved but also some displacements so it's not that obvious

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back to >>>/pol/ you go

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Why bigger fools? Wouldn’t smaller fools be easier to control?

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You invest in projects like Blackswan Bot. The trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on. Website blackswan dot biz

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Came here to say this.