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We had a lot more confirmed speakers for SmartCon in the past. I wonder if they're keeping this year's list close to the vest. It being in Barcelona is definitely an interesting dynamic, will this one be smaller scale than last year's? I predict SWIFT and DTCC speak again, but who else?

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Francisco Gonzalez

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Sergey is going to speak behind 3 inches of bullet proof glass to protect himself from that schizo

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>Bagholder beatdown Q&A

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The alt-right's very own latinx Elliot Rodgers and a certified supreme linkmarine gentleman.

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>will this one be smaller scale than last year's?
you mean smaller than a handful of people in a shitty venue watching a band of hobos bang on buckets?

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Is francisco uncleoldfag?

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Air Juels will give a special presentation on FSS

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Based. Hes gonna show sergey whats up. I heard chainlinkgod is helping him sneak in because hes secretly extremely disappointed in the price action but has to keep up public appearences since he signed a contract.

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chainlinkgod will say nigger live at smartcon

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They literally picked Barcelona because it's in the middle of fucking no where just to keep normies from attending.
What a bunch of cocksuckers.

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Sergey is unironically terrified of all the people who he made bankrupt. The average normie baggie cant afford to spend 3k+ on a trip. He would unironically get confronted hard if he hosted it in the usa.
Very few linkers actually live in spain.

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Francisco is extremely based and it will be kino if he kills sirgay and all of sirgay's incel muhweens rope right after their obese cult leader takes his last breath. Would be bullish on humanity.

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Who cares? Every headliner ends up getting arrested lmao. Worse than the madden cover curse. The bottom line is they've delivered fuck all since last year, again.

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I hope that faggot shows up so I can bodyslam him

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1) Almost zero chance the dude in the pic is actually the person making unhinged death threats all the time. Nobody is that dumb. My money is it on being some neet that hates that guy and is trying to get him swatted
2) If it actually is that dude he'll be on 100 lists and will get pulled aside by glowies before he even gets on a place.

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More likely sir gay beheads fransisco live on stage at smartcon shouting IM A PREGNANT MUSLIM MAN ALLAH AKBAR
then throws the bloody head into the audience as an official smartcon23 basedvenir.
i bet rory and chris are already working on an official nft mint of the entire event 77 official smartcon beheading nfts called this is what the fat man does to bulgarian fuddie scum which of course will be randomly given to attendees using VRF to verifiably randomize the distribution thus ensuring provable fairness of this memementos occasion
I think high speed cameras capturing the beheading event would allow them to mint more nfts so like 777 or even 7,777 and be more inclusive so not only smartcon attendees get selected but the entire community and the crypto hesitant alike
My only question is what sort of knife is honorable enough for the event? I mean this is smartcon not some lame btc or eth event...

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No doubt about it, the NYC location meant anyone from the street could walk in, run past security and minecraft some of these guys if they wanted. Or, buy a ticket and do whatever. Barcelona is 100% location defense because of the turd price action

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>obese nastyslob
>anything physical
pick one
not reading your incel manifesto kek

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I was thinking that when I made this thread. Mashinsky was at most of the previous conferences, I remember SBF at the last one. CZ this time?

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Also Barcelona is a god tier city and being Europe, is close to everywhere else in Europe. Fat rural burgers saying it's the middle of nowhere lmao

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>he doesn't know about sir gays schizo energies
You will read my incel manifesto Francisco

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I agree it's a beautiful city, but seeing as Chainlink had their first in person in NYC, the next natural location was where their HQ is, SF. Or even Austin. They went from virtual to NYC to making people take a $2k flight when the token is $6.

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It's in Chainlink's interests to represent themselves as a completely global company, putting it somewhere else in the US would not help in this regard.

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Does anyone view them as a global company? I get that they're fully remote and have workers all over the globe, but I feel like all their main players are American.

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Chain link IS crypto and ALL assets will be tokenized IT’S global

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If you're pushing the "we are a global computing standard" line it makes sense from an optics standpoint to move your main event around the world.
I wouldn't be surprised if we see one in London, Dubai, even Hong Kong in the next 5 years.