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How will this affect the economy?

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a generation of permanent renters, consumers, and wage slavers
overall a very good batch of goyim except for the relatively lower population and implicit infertility

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>late-stage capitalism
>Molly Barth
>Barth: germanic hebrew origin

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boomers had the housing market to be early to
gen x had the internet
millenials had the stock and crypto boom

gen x still hasn't got any major growth or upside on the horizon

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>Some Gen Zers are reacting to the seeming financial downfall of society by simply doing nothing. Distraction by way of living in the moment and enjoying life has become a popular coping mechanism for those looking to avoid the ills of late-stage capitalism.

>Growing lifestyle practices like radical rest promote the importance of disconnection with traditional ideals of success and reconnecting with your own well-being by way of self-care and repose. The practice of doing nothing as resistance has taken hold among young people in China as well, through the simple act of tanping—or “lying flat.” Examples of this “radical” ideology include not getting married, not having children, not buying a house or a car, and refusing to work extra hours or to hold a job at all.

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>not getting married, not having children, not buying a house or a car, and refusing to work extra hours or to hold a job at all
Literally me. I'm a Gen Zer though.

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Late millennial here
Wtf do these retards expect us to do?

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Neet is the way
Fuck society and fuck cucktalism

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This and skilled trades wages will go up

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highly based.

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work 60-80hrs to rent $1500 1bd1ba apartment with the guarantee that you will never own anything and have no money left over if you want to eat

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AI zoomie

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>gen x still hasn't got any major growth or upside on the horizon
gen z*
they can get sloppy 2nds or 3rds on crypto still.
Crypto at full fruition will be a parallel exchange of value, fit for a new society.

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its called wu wei - action through inaction. in other words, i do nothing, and society crumbles in response. to be a neet is to be a revolutionary

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My zoomette harem will be legendary. I literally have not met one yet that doesnt want to be kept in a cage like a pet and treated like a child. Women are done with working.

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It's impossible to get a head anymore so fuck it. It takes a decades to save up 20% down payment on a $500k basic shitbox house (which will be $750k by the time you have the down payment) when you're spending $7 on eggs and paying Mr.Goldstein $1500/mo for a studio apartment.

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>late stage capitalism
its actually just late stage boomer pseudomarxism
get in position now with whatever you think will be profitable over the next decade and these people will be your servants

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Fuck boomer bullshit im with the Gen Zers on this one

Hell ya ima get me some Wu Wei too

>t. 31yo millennial

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Richfags have a life outside work because they can afford adult daycare and micky mouse jobs.
Smart people get some job that lets you have a life while working it and in immediate hours before and after.

Dumbfags work those shitty jobs that literally kill any life you can have and force you to lose not only work hours to the job but also your free hours. Think some assembly line worker that is on camera 10 hours a day 6 days a week, and loses hours to commute and cannot even do anything before a shower and change of clothes after work.
And unlucky poorfags that have no choice and also have to make do with wageslaving and what little hours free goes to just secure bare existence.

And then theres the work from home fags and the neet.
always at home, always comfortable in the comfort zone, until its too old and age shits on them. To lazy to take a shower, dress up and go socialize or check up on old friends or to chase some skirt.

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Need to be around more zoomettes

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>late stage capitalism
>impossible targets
>squeeze everything out of you during hours, additional unpaid time
>in return provide just enough to come back and do the same again the next day
what is the problem?

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That's pretty much the end, the resistance unironically not possible anymore.
As this anon said >>55436284 they are raising a generation of subscribers and renters. This is why (((they))) are buying all the real estate and making most of the jobs obsolete with AI, so you can't own anything in the future. It will start with US and spread really fast on the east. The north Europe fill fall last. The civilization is over.

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>until its too old and age shits on them
WFH has been immensely beneficial for my health and wellbeing. I can exercise during work hours. I have no commute. I make more money than I used to. I can cook or do house chores during work hours and still get my job done adequately. I sleep more. I eat better. I save more money. I find it difficult to name a downside.

Queue up the whining and coping.

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they adore the whole bee ecosystem. that is the model for how they want humanity to be in the future

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>late stage capitalism

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tick, tock

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Reminder that "late stage capitalism" is a coded phrase for what is actually late stage democracy.

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>millenials had the stock and crypto boom
Millennials did not actually have any of that shit, a pump from 2020-2022 is not a 'generation making event'. All 'millennial gains' are factored into the fact that originally millennials were people born from 1985-2005, but now they've redone it so it's 1980-1994. If you add in older people and remove younger people, millennials are 'rich' (but still poor compared to their parents).

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A big factor to consider is that this society we have (at least in the United States) isn’t worth ‘working for’ anymore. As the years we deal with the growing issues of…
>shrinking communities
>loss of culture that bonds neighbors
>lack of places/opportunities to meet people and make friends
>no religion, war, or big social events to bring people together
>unaffordable housing
>lack of viable partners to start a family with
>lack of time/money to raise a family
>the amount of entertainment available is unprecedented, leaving people satisfied with being hedonistic hermits
>alternate lifestyles to a normal 40 hour work week are showcased all across the internet, giving people an inside look to how life can be enjoyed in various ways that don’t require wageslaving

So of course Gen Z doesn’t want to waste their time working a job to be yelled at and micromanaged by some egomaniac that only cares about their beloved profits for their stupid company. 40 hours of week + commute + taking work home with you leaves many people in this country time-poor. There’s hardly any job out there that pays enough to give up your time these days. You’re better off staying home and playing vidya.


The society we live in does not warrant any effort to continue working towards its ‘growth’. This country is filled with people who are isolated and lack a reason to be optimistic for the future. Why waste your time suffering for little return?

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This image is a good example of what I mean when I brought up how people see alternate lifestyles online and gravitate towards them. Why go into debt from college and get a mediocre office job when you can get some rich guy to pay for your existence because you have a pussy?

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> as the population gets more darker and uglier, they get poorer.

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You don't need 20% to buy a house retard.
> T put 3.5% down and turned 20k into 130k. Going to sell shitty Cali condo and move to Texas, pay off debt, and buy a house. Really excited.

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>as he posts on 4chan

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This is true. Where’d you learn this?

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this. lel at normiggers. too busy having sex? meanwhile, I was studying all this boring finance shit on /biz/. gee, I wonder why my life isn't so miserable anymore. dab on the failed loan forgiveness too

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>relatively lower population and implicit infertility
Between Millenials and Zoomers, America will be under 100m people by 2055. Of the 124M in both generations, only around 18m will have children.

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>cartoon frogs told me if you critcize the current system you're a communist, ooo scary evil communism, we must defend dystopian neo-capitalism my fellow kekstanians

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Why so many people are obssessed with owning a house when renting is cheaper?

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it only goes up

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What the fuck do they expect them to do? lol...Imagine the opposite where they're all forming armed insurgencies and shooting wealthy people in guerilla operations. Having them just shrugging and saying "fuck it" is about as benign of an outcome as anyone could ask for.

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I slept for 14 hours a day exploring the ancient past, alternate realities, and alien planets by lucid dreaming for about 5 years.

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every. single. fucking. time.

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how do i become an astral projectoor?

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Hey me too. This was my hobby during my extended neet phase. Now I'm married and work too much to really make lucidity happen so have resorted to abusing psychedelics instead. I miss it though desu.

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Study the occult, meditate, practice yoga, take psychedelic's, keep extensive journals about your consciousness and dreams.
If I had to go back knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have taken as many drugs, but mushrooms, dmt, lsd, were somewhat useful in realizing the divinity inherent within reality and its connection to consciousness

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>refusing to work extra hours
Is this that that quiet quitting I hear so much about?
Also as a zoomie I have to pull up my bootstrap real tight to get more seething headlines just like chadennials.

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Here's a whitepill for free.