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The price just keepes going up

All indicators are bullish

We're witnessing first hand the ship sail away from us again

Yep, fuck it, im going all in. Not being left behind this time.

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All in on what?

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Bitcoin and Pepe, 80/20

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Timed the market beautifully there OP.

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Are you fucking kidding me

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Okay OP just got burned. That was the catalyst. EVERYONE GO ALL IN NOW!!!!

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Just bought. Thanks for the sacrifice OP.

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He bought?

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OP are you okay?

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Lmao, too late

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>Eh bort?

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Holy fucking shit op you cursed bastard

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You ok OP?

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Anon, I....

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Anon you should do more posts like this so I can do the opposite and become a millionaire fast...top kek.

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Does any whale here browsing want to hire me as top signal indicator or some shit? I need the money

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The price just keeps going down

All indicators are bearish

We're witnessing first hand the ship sail away from us again

Yep, fuck it, im taking all out. Not being left behind this time.

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Kek desu

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It’s already bouncing back

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Dead cat

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>All indicators are bullish
Really though?

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dummy don't fomo. We have one more big dump before the big bull run starts. Dump happens around this fall.

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Fuck this shit. I just sold what I bought at a loss. Fuck it. Its only gona dump from here after that rejection.

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Get fucked

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time to buy

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this anon knows

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This thread is biz in microcosm

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I bought at 31 and it went down to 29 almost immediately, why?

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You fucking idiot just DCA and HODL.

I put %15 of my paycheck into BTC every week.

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Ha ha ha I SOLD ALL my Bitcoin TOO FUCK its GOING TO 0 ZERO red_wojack

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he sold?

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I looked at the chart this morning and finally accepted 15k was the bottom and anything under 20k was a lifetime opportunity. You should just accept it. Feels better once you do.

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Toasting in an epic bread. Ch

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Nope I still think we will get one more big dump before the bull run starts.

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>He sold?

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OP please let us know before you FOMO back in, thanks.

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Im not going back in yet, theres 0% chance it goes back to $31k+ again in the next hour or 2. There's also 0% fucking chance I get this 3rd call wrong.

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Put me in the Reddit screencap

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thanks bro appreciate it, going 100x long now

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This is honestly the best biz-thread Ive seen this year

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Dude we are gonna crash hard this fall. This pump is not a real pump. Don't FOMO.

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Any one tempted to FOMO now is going to get rekt. The best play at the moment is to stake your assets for passive income and also learn new things like learning how to create winning indices on AstraDao and earn from it.

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You're right chad, DCA is a decent strategy for long term gains chad. I do mine every 2 weeks on Btc, and Dune, alongside low caps like Sylo and Ocean which deliver data protection in web3.

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If the market takes another dump, I'm set to get more Dua on Trader Joe during the accumulation phase. It's as simple as that anon. Never settle for less.

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the bullrun is gaining it’s first stages of momentum infront of ur eyes and u retards are still in denial. this is why i’m entering bsc projects like t/rockgains, you idiots will be buying my easy 10x in 3 months

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BTC ORE and QTUM 50/30/20

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He's in?
I'm out.

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I kind of agree with you, but regardless, I'm neither shorting nor longing a sh*t, except I have plans for long-term hold or a new project I'm participating in, just like Peaq Network Canary Chain token sale on Allianceblock with limited tickets.

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Boils down to what you're investing in anon. This week I went in on Inj and Bdx using the indices from an AI aided crypto analysis tool.

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I'm still impressed with VINU, they didn't dumped hard in a fucking year, only pumped and pumped and desu this is bullish as fuck, even if it's pumping slowly now

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Sell signal.

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I've been adding 1k usdt per day until I can't anymore to my portfolio

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I'm anticipating the similar price spike on KREST, anon. Bought it on allianceblock fundr with the intention to receive another token airdrop

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DCA is for degens, newfag. I could possibly invest in tokenized Teslas and receive a portion of the revenues they generate.

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Staking is gold, anon. The next big thing is DePIN and Peaq introduces a dedicated chain within Cosmos to support it.

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Shib and TOAD

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impeccable execution OP

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Should have bought TOAD ngmi

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You're not too late. This is just a sucker's rally. I'm 92% btc, ofcourse I'd love to have a bull run but this isn't it.

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Calm down, anon, all is well. Oldfags are now benefiting from the APY offered by DUA through their ongoing liquidity campaign. Don't be retarded, Fag.

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Yes. I'm literally doing this because your reactions are funny.

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buy high sell low

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I lost 30 dollars man, 30 fucking dollars

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No doubts anon. I even bagged some DOT to support the parachain on the concluded auction for based rewards.

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Only noobs will mistake this rally for a bull run.
>I'm 92% btc
This is the best planting season to get some alts like QANX, INJ, AZERO, and ARB at a huge discount. Stop playing it safe with BTC.

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Yoloing everything might be a risky move since we gotta keep some extra funds for DCA in case shit hits the fan, kek. That's been my strategy with RIDE, GNS, and damn XRP.

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Sell sell sell.

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>they didnt dumped hard in a fucking year
mate.. your own image has has the full chart at the bottom, we can see it's lost 99% of its value.

Fuckin pajeets, sage in all fields.