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>Sold my link and Bought FTT at 1.44 2 days ago
>It started violently dumping
>Panic sold
>It's now 1.52
>I lost a lot of link
Now what?

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Has anyone ever panic sold something and it ended up being the right thing?

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I don't know but ftt was different I thought cz was dumping his supply or some shit it dumped from 1.4 to 1.2 in 5 seconds

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I mean ftx is returning so ftt is still the right play.

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Who even has the supply tho? I know cz has some. And they recovered 7 billion liquidity which included ftt. I thought they were market selling it.

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I really wanna buy back in but I am scared I will do some dumb shit again and panic sell or I am afraid I will miss the link pump

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>Has anyone ever panic sold something and it ended up being the right thing?
sold $400k of crypto on the may 2021 crash.
absolutely right choice, although it did fit my system vs being pure panic.
definitely a lot of adrenaline that day. My portfolio had gone from 1.2m to 800k and i took out enough to live my life

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this launching in few hrs, join tg and see whats gonna happen

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>studied hard
>Had a shit office job but make good money
>Have a son with wife
>He is sever autist
>He is 9yo
>Can't talk only makes weird noises
>Only play with baby toys
>He have to wear diapers because somedays he refuses to go to the bath
>Some days he becomes agresive amd destroys the house
>He only sleeps 3-4h
>No sex with wife (sex drive goes to 0 when you don't sleep a full night for years)
>Only fun thing of my life is playing some vidya in the bus to work
>Regret not being a comfy happy neet.

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Sorry man...

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Ada recently

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You didnt want that shitcoin anyway. Fuck Link

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it is literally a worthless shitcoin of the highest order, how is there even a market?

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Why the fuck is FTT pumping? Are people really expecting FTX 2.0 to come back?

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You're fine as long as you didn't buy back into Link

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Swingers get the rope

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>Bought FTT
mental illness

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>panic selling

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Buy back into ftt it will hit $10 minimum in the coming days

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Never panic sell LTC.
Fucking Nintendo of crypto. I always lose when I bet against them. I'm goddamn sick of it.

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yes. ppl that panic sold the luna dump

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Won't listen to the Jews anymore, rn I'm focused on getting rewards from memefi utilities. EGGMAN's pot is giving huge gains.

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>1.8 now

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I sold link at 32
and never looked back

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shouldn't have let him get all those infant vaccines, fed him garbage seed oil goyslop, and let him watch those autism factory youtube kid videos on le ipad

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>vaccinating ur children

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It's still pumping

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Forget about FTT. Replace that with Peaq and Krest. These bad boys are teaming up with Eloop to bring some web3 car-sharing action to the Polkadot ecosystem. Imagine this, Tesla owners can tokenize their rides and rake in some profits from the revenue.