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>summer 2023
>no smart contracts
>no DEFI
>no TVL
>no NFTs
the contracts Charles, where are they???

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you're telling the CEO of IOHK, founder of Ethereum, to give a deadline? honestly go fuck yourself

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Oh look, the retards have got into the Internet again.

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Lol, post the screenshot

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top kek this guy is a retard

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thanks for providing vacation/hooker expenses. Nothing personal, kid.

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Smart contracts are in, actually. So are DEFIs, NFTs and all the likes.
All pointless though. As >>55412879 said, Plutus Core is a disgraceful language to work with, there's no point in using it over Solidity. That's why Cardano has seen no projects except scammers who want to sell the "most complex contract language!!!" as if it were actually a good thing. Hoskinson, being a scammer himself, praises these projects and makes sure to get part of the premines.
>t. used to work with cardano
Here's King Terry's TLDR, btw:

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Just collected another 3.88 ADA in staking rewards. Thanks Charles!

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Now imagine how valuable ada will become once all of those things happen.

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Do you know how side chains work? How they stack up versus rollups? Can't find anything substantial on them really.

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all indications are that a group of retards were swindled by a jow again

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It was all a scam

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a simple view of sidechains vs rollups is like this
you bridge a coin into it, the funds end up in:

>your funds are in a wallet, controlled by a multi-sig, controlled by the sidechain devs

>your funds are inside the smart contract for the rollup
>if something happens inside the rollup, you can still force flush your assets back to your L1 wallet

the difference is custody

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That's certainly the case for side chains on eth, but do cardanos work any differently? Supposedly they inherit cardano main net's security, but I don't know how.

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The contracts should be available after being peer reviewed next Sunday

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slow and steady wins the race

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he's looking for aliens though

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I sold as soon as I heard about him fucking dogs.

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What's that posture called, cardabros?

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Shoveling Eth

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>Bases his investments in the words and works of a profusely stupid jew
Dumb move anon. Smart contracts, defi and NFT projects are all coming, you're just searching in the wrong places. Don't be surprised when biz is talking about ijiki or computer, or the upcoming launch of shibart ($art). Big tech is coming

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Most people on /biz/ are retards so they'll understand less than half of what you're saying.

But yeah Plutus kinda sucks. I started learning Haskell to write smart contacts, and whilst Haskell is a cool language, they'll have to pay me a fuck ton of money to learn an entirely new programming paradigm to make contracts.

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The other anon's post is overly simplistic.

Sidechains work horizontally to "main chains"

sidechain -- Ethereum -- sidechain

You can open accounts on these sidechains and make transactions within them. I believe some sidechain infrastructures allow for either:

* A state to be shared with all horizontal chains (side and main chain[s])
* The state to be changed atomically (bridging tokens without lock and minting)

I don't really care much about sidechains so I may be missing some crucial stuff.

Rollups are meant to ease the cost of running a transaction on a base chain. It does so by performing TXs off chain and storing their outcomes onchain in a batch transaction (of all L2 TXs for a given period):

L1 { -----Ethereum
L2 { -------Arbitrum/Optimism

(Hopefully formatting isn't too bad)

Txs happen on L2s as per usual (this is the case for Arb on OP but may be different from other rollups like some ZK solutions, Arb and OP are optimistic rollups). A batch of the important parts of the TXs are sent to a "computer" called a sequencer (humor me about it being a "computer"). The computer sends a TX to a smart contract on Ethereum that kinda just acts as a record book. This all makes TXs cheaper on L2s and uses L1s as a (secure) record book.

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couldn't find anything about this one, don't they have socials?

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Why can't the average retail buyer understand the concept of peer review? Look it up. I'd rather have a secure project that releases stuff slowly than the other way around.

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Here's the whitepaper, that's about all the info i have about it and the github gets updated constantly

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>I'd rather have a secure project that releases stuff slowly than the other way around.
this mentality is why the cult of cardano will never die. doesn't matter how many problems emerge or how many deadlines you miss or how many years you waste as long as they continue to believe that one day it'll all magically work out.

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I have no stake and very little interest in Cardano but the space is quite early, in general. BTC came out in '08, 14 years ago. ETH came out in '13, 10 years ago.

There's certainly a market for chains that settle and find consensus on TXs differently to ETH and BTC. So Cardano is kinda squaring up against Solana and Cosmos (mostly). What the person you're replying to is saying isn't unreasonable.

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ADA holders are delusional. The chain is not working and its development is slow AF

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wait. it doesn't have smart contracts?

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>they inherit cardano main net's security
if they do, they're rollups, the funds stay within the smart contract, rather than inside a multi-sig wallet address
>but I don't know how
if they can't explain it in laymen terms, that means they're probably using multi-sig and you are using a sidechain, meaning you are trusting someone, meaning your funds are at high risk

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IIRC on zkrollups the batch commit is simply a proof, rather than really posting the entire state (all transactions)
I assume they do this to create a lower footprint for the rollup, the state commit is significantly smaller

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don't know about eth, but here's the paper explaining how side chains work on cardano

I don't know why all this speculation when the papers are available online for everyone to read

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>Any shitcoin

This is the year of shitcoin Holocaust. After 10 years of shitcoins, we've got nothing to show for it except for tens of thousands of deadcoins worth nothing and soon-to-be deadcoins with bagholder subreddits coping and consoling each other like a herd of livestock.

Shitcoins had their chance, but have done nothing but launch scams and ponzis. This includes ETH and every other shitcoin below it.

There was and is only ever ONE true crypto.

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that's a paper for state channels
state channels are akin to the Lightning network, which isn't a sidechain
you don't execute anything inside a state channel, they're meant to transform multiple transactions between parties into 1 channel opening tx and 1 closing channel tx

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ah yes bitcoin
king of the shitcoins
thousands have been made on bitcoin just this year alone
millions of jpgs uploaded to its network, polluting its precious mempool.
truely the one true crypto to rule them all

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>polluting its precious mempool
you can pollute the mempool all you want
everything included inside blocks has been paid for

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ah got it got it
thank you for clarification
i'm not a fan of this idea, that because its paid for it doesn't make it spam
tho you are right, technically if the protocol allows it it's fair game.

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I mentioned ZKs because some rollups aren't directly compatible with the EVM and requires some form on transpiling I believe (think this is the case for StarkNet).

They post proofs instead of a compressed state (the optimistic approach, where you assume what's posted on chain is valid, else someone can call foul and roll back the system) because you don't have to assume it's a valid TX, because it's guaranteed to be valid due to mechanics of creating ZK proofs.

You can probably make a optimistic rollup with less "footprint" than ZK rollups (e.g. I think OP Bedrock is cool like that). Hell, maybe Arb is less heavy than some ZK rollups idk.

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You are all looking in the wrong direction.

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it's the "can you make a picture of me doing work? yeah i don't know what i'm doing, i usually pay someone to do it, just make it look as natural as you can" pose

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Only retards with no proper Al analysers end up in the wrong direction

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Based Avax chads Buy Buy Buy the Dip and good mooooorning!