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Every time BTC drops a few percent, faggots start shouting that crypto is a scam, but now at 30K, the same retards are shouting bullish. Is there really a good use for this piece of shit, or is it just another glorified ponzi scheme leading to doom

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The all make it more difficult for other fags to enjoy the percentage that there would enjoy during the bullish season.

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Go get useful dickhead crypto is fucking dead can't imagine who want to get scam using it for payment.

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Pajeets are always the problem

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Shopify is accepting crypto payments and you are still asking after the usecase of crypto. You must be a retard

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It is another Ponzi scheme

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You gotta ask Nikola Brussels why it is using crypto as a payment option. kek

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Bitcoin is another bubble waiting to burst, y'all are gonna cry very soon

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It's seems you enjoy been broke, when smartfags are earning about 1.5% cashback making payments with crypto

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NGMI with this mindset jewfag. Continue to wallow in your ignorance while I earn cashbacks while spending Witt crypto

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Stop been so dump it been pumping hard since it was released and still getting some green candle already

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Says a dumbfag that doesn't know that you can earn passively from the onchain staking of xMoney

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Your sound horrible anon, go get useful lazy fag and stop posting some shitty quotes here I still enjoy some juicy offer using one of the crypto payment platform, like i earn about 20%APR staking it on the xExchangeApp.go get some sense faggot.

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how do you know its the same retards?

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That's what you will say and latter come and crying your rekt ass that crypto is a scam and you lost all your assets in it.

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So it sound to some newfags, when it making bicthes so horny especially with making payments, we're I make easy transactions with low fees and i get cashback too.

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The focus is on long term anon. I don't listen to poor fags. Now is the time to find a good niche to invest in. AI and blockchain being integrated in the medical sector sounds good to me,

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Nice one anon, only retard know one.

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Must be new. Desu niggas like you will say same about ImmunifyLife. Don't care. Ready to slurp the IDO while paying attention to their blockchain adoption.

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BTC is a pyramid scheme. The only people who benefit from it are the whales who got in a decade or more ago. No one who starts stacking sats now is going to get rich. It will never come close to the 2021 ATH ever again. You can't use it to buy anything in the real world (unless you live in, like, Venezuela or Iran maybe), and the darknet markets have all moved to XMR which is an *actual* cryptocurrency. BTC maxis are just a weird cult led by the cringiest dudebros on Earth. Just accept that it's over.

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Yea anon, instead of getting useful with one of the payment option and earning passively with on-chain staking.

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BTC leads and other follow. Attention is moving to fundamentals though. Immunify is one of the few starting from the grassroots and expanding. Not rocket science what will happen next.

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Sound good but the market at this stage is unpredictable, it might end up getting better even more than that of the 2021 ATH, even as I enjoy using it and xmoney for payment too.

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Safe yourself the stress of motivating dumpfags only the smart once get useful

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Don't be too anon BTC is one of many crypto platforms, and realfags and business owners use xMoney for payment we're the can earn earn while making payments

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Just stay focus anon and hold on to other good coin while you watch it pump.its sure looking good if not already set to hit it ATH

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Sorry anon that sound dumb, I've been using one of the crypto payment platform for a while now, and I must say it's one of the most secure payment solutions out there, Can't go wrong fag.

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No wrong calls here, no time to listen to the Jews other than Eggman. Soon mystery boxes will be up for buy with guaranteed rewards, and excess fun.

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Wagies always seem to have a counter point. It might interest you to know that I also invested in real estate through Your Place a Dubai based merchant and I paid with crypto too

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Wagmi summerfag,while waiting for that, to start bringing some profit, I learnt that the new UTK tokenomics got some nice juicy features, can't wait to start earning about 20%APR staking it.

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Which you can't still pay in fiat, so what so special about crypto.go look your ass in some trash.

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I've been here for years and I haven't regretted my actions a bit. Investing Payment processors right now gonna get me more money to spend on your broke slut

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Yea anon, earning some passive income from staking using that platform it proved to be a brilliant piece decision in the thick of the bear season.25% APY is some decent ROI if you ask me.

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I'm getting cashback from using it to make payments faggot

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BTC is a failed technology. It's not "the future of currency" or whatever cryptohippies say it is.

Good for speculation as long as there's a greater fool to buy it from you. If you really want to be rich however you should focus on increasing your income first.
Crypto should always be a side thing. People that put all their hopes on it will never get anywhere.

Like, if you make 10k a month then you could put money into it. Better returns than the stock market. Otherwise, focus on your business.

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Go and tell this to Alternative Airlines as they are still accepting crypto payments

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>mystery boxes
That's a whole lot of rewards for normies, thanks to Bitzing. Guaranteed 100% wins, withdraw or sell. Better life head

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>This fucking entire thread.
Are the Russian spam bots turning back on?

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Sell me your Crypto and go home. I promise to sell it back to you higher.

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I'm getting all the Eggman goodie bags now before the bull starts, turning shitcoins into gold will soon be the business of the day. Keep an eye on this anon.

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That is a losing strategy anon. Staking and passive income would Help during this trying times. 15% or nothing

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Shitcoins will only get you rekt if you don't flip those gains into good altcoins. Most noobs keep chasing shiny objects in this space and end up getting rekt.

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>15% or nothing
What happens when you can earn up to 25% on EGLD and some tokens in its ecosystem?

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Ah, typical bear market sentiment.

> "but but this time TRULY is different!!!!!!!!"

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Crypto is succeeding where fiat failed but getting cashback whenever I make an online purchase with crypto always makes me wet.

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>I've been here for years and I haven't regretted my actions a bit.
If you lev trades, you must have had a rethink about crypto. Some old fags here can't even recover from their liquidation.

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Investing in a start-up is risky because most of them are usually not serious but if this project has the zeal and the determination to make a difference like most based projects do, then this will be an easy ride.

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Which platforms or services have you used to accept crypto payments? How was your experience? Most of them out there have a shitty interface.

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BlackRock and Fidelity are now into crypto. That's a huge buy signal retards should not ignore.

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Not just a shitty interfere, some of them has poor security for users, only those who add decentralize identity are worth giving it an option

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I had a bad experience with a crypto payment gateway once. The conversion rates they used were awful, and I ended up overpaying for a product. Be careful and compare rates before making a purchase.

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I've been seeing more local shops accepting crypto in my area. It's great to have the option to pay with something other than traditional currency.

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So you retard haven't heard about Web3payment

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Even Alternativeairline accepts crypto payment too, I wonder why this faggots cant see past the pump and dump

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Just enjoy the ride while it last

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He is the only merchant accepting crypto payment for Tesla

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Fuck you

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Anon are you talking about xMoney

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BTC will replace fiat

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Cashback is the major reason why I make payment in crypto

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UTK seems to be the best altcoins to buy right now

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emotional Damage

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Try to pay through xMoney or Binance Pay, its the best

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paper hands will fail

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I believe this is better than PayPal

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Heard a lot of shits about PEPE and now it's melting faces. Betting on Eggman will be sweet as turning shitcoins into gold will get asian virgins honey.

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Once paid for my coke using BTC via the sylo app, it was smooth and seamless
Crypto payments, especially payment over lightening network will be a game changer, ofc I don't expect bobos and jeets to see this yet

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Wtf is eggman? Another piece of thrash

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He accepts any crypto for Tesla?
Is he retarded?

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Making payments on BTC without lightning is extreme sports, you could end up paying 2x original cost as gas kek

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Will Tesla ever go back to doing that again?

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And they'll never make it

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Does the app still work for that?
I remember they were partnered with coca-cola amatil back then

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Fun fact: I've never tried lightning network

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Probably if even Elon gets high enough on his supply and maybe BTC goes above 70k

Main focus has been on decentralized messaging and web3 part of the app

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>Probably if even Elon gets high enough on his supply and maybe BTC goes above 70k

The dude is smart. I bet this time he won't make it known that he's buying.


Web3payment solution is most likely going to emerge as the acceptance rate for Bitcoin scale. Another solid aspect I feel will trend is DePIN. This is most likely going to change the landscape and shape the future of Web3 as an infrastructure with economic value.

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15% is based anon. I know cause I get it on gems like Mni, Near and Kas for passive income.

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Dw im still shouting that its a scam

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Rndr and fil are two good ones.

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this thread has to be all bots…
crypto is not a fucking SCAM
you need to be in grassroots projects like rockgains to make it.

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Everyone with half a brain already knows it’s an NSA ponzi. There’s no way it would’ve made it this far without a little help from its friends

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Yeah, including Peaq Network is also a good one that has their Canary Chain public sale on.

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"Utility" dumbfucks lost the plot, true value proposition of crypto is MONEY, rock hard, immutable, incorruptible cash money. Which makes PoW the only real crypto, which makes old chains more valuable, which means BTC = Money.

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BTC is the first successful organic money since gold

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For me Bitcoin was just kind of a gateway drug to things like XRP. Call me a schizo but I'm only into utility coins now.

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lol. Call me a monster, but... I kind of agree with you

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Microsoft is partnering wit ICP

Screenshot this 27-06-23 13:00

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Finger crossed, anon. After BTC, DePIN is the best thing for an oldfag like me, and Peaq's unique concept is paving the way for the ideal hub for building DePINs.

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Having some Egg without ORE and HBAR? Ngmi

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While you're arguing on the biz, Normies are taking part in the KREST sale on AllianceBlock Fundr for the chance to receive huge rewards, Faggot.

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Bagging UTK with DiD and AI narratives, getting richer soon.

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The first 100 Teslas are on the peaq network, Fag. When I drive, everyone earns.

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I guess this is for smartfags alone, they've gotten the chance to reclaim 60% of shitcoin's value, throw the rest into a fun lucky draw and say goodbye to cluttered wallets.

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Holding a self custody based crypto is Juicy, bags are getting filled.

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Altcoinistdao pick ROUTE been fucking green all week, don't need a bull market to make gains

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Just buy yourself big bag of BTC and ETH, then small bag of TRIAS, SPOOL and GNS. Making it is non negotiable!

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Major liquidity is coming to the market bizfag. I'm bagging more Btc, Near, Kas and Krest in preparation for the sweet greens.