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why are there so many cuties working at restaurants?

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they hit the wall pretty soon

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Because it's a temp part time job while they finish school.

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It's the go-to job for Stacys because you can be dumb as rocks and still do it, and they get big tips from greasy fucks like you.

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you can do whatever you want to them it's service industry

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>OP is a wagie there too
how retarded are you?

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Because girls are dumb and hot girls are even dumber

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I was literally hit on by 3 girl employees when I was working at mcdonalds.

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>laid off at 36
>go back to old restaurant job
>18 year old qt working there
>ask her out and eventually fuck her
>instantly fall in love with her
>before I can say anything she ends up leaving
>later find out she was a massive whore
>literally fucked everyone in the restaurant, including the 50 year restaurant owner

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Did they say just getting the DL card was sufficient?

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fucking such a massive loser wasn't a red flag?

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Larp or loser

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College girls getting tips from betas/boomers and "tips" from chads/daddies.

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Why is he a loser just because he was laid off from his 6 figure programmer job? At least he's not a fucking simpy neet like you.

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Restaurants are basically legal brothels and I'm tired of pretending they arent

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What’s “tips”

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Penis inside boipucci

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some nice projection here

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Did you, uh, check yourself for any STDs

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Well first off they are the face of the service staff

If you run a restaurant, do you hire a full team of uggos? Hell no, you hire just a few uggos/olds, that way customers lose the lottery sometimes, but they see the hot girls around them and think maybe I'll come back and get Stacy next time. People come back to see Stacy. The food is okay but Stacy is our favorite!

You can literally get people into a restaurant even if the food is mediocre, as long as you have a wait staff of Stacy's and maybe a Chad or two, you will fill up that dining room every Friday/Saturday.

Either way in almost all scenarios I've worked in, server Chad(s) are taken, and makes a perfect dynamic too. So now the Stacy's flirt with the rough around the edges line cooks and use them as their "bad boy" one night stand fuel. They have zero plans bringing you to family dinner but they'll suck your dick in the parking lot after a late close at 1am as long as you don't tell anyone (and man if you actually don't tell anyone it never stops) I shouldn't give you faggots these secrets, but, not like you can use them anyway, actually wait that's another point, even if most of you faggots came to work in a restaurant you'd get eaten alive by the kitchen in a heartbeat and would be the "frank" of the line, frank doesn't get laid, frank gets scoffed at by Stacy. Frank doesn't go out and smoke in Becky's car or get invited to do so even as a group. Doesn't matter lol Frank thinks he's a "smart" guy because he doesn't smoke/vape whatever more alone time for me and Becky haha

>TL;DR If you want to work in a kitchen you better have a strong, strong, spine. Standing up for yourself must be second nature. If you become the frank you don't get to utilize the kitchen whores. Simple as.

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Frank grimes did nothing wrong

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This seems like a meme but is actually legit

t. Server Chad

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Would be great if it was a seafood restaurant and she was serving crabs

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I want to corroborate t. Server Chad's response >>55400716
I witnessed this firsthand, kitchen was dope and yes OP would be eaten alive by the kitchen in a heartbeat

t. prev experience 2.5yr CEO of warewash operations / underwater ceramic technician

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Literally go get a part time job at a fast food/restaurants (and have a baseline of attractiveness/social skills). You will get laid. I almost got laid multiple times and I'm a massive autist/perma-virigin.
It's hard to overestimate how much easier it is to get laid in a situation like that as opposed to like, tinder/club scenes.

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I used to be the cutie working at a restaurant.
Girls would eye me up, and order sex on the beach suggestively.
Maybe bartenders just get automatic pussy cred, but I was such a complete unimaginable sperg that I would just say "th-thanks" and usually fuck up mixing the cocktail. So I never flirted or even smiled at those girls.

Only got the job because my dad wanted me out of the house and new the owner.
The most cringy summer of my life for sure.

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i work at one next to my apartment for fun and there are so many, and I'm the only male server and they all love me

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>say what?

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y'all can keep stacy, i'll be railing auntie in the back.
>i could always use a good...
>serious deep dicking

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because they found out the hardway onlyfans doesn't work