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The Option Wheel Strategy is a real life money cheat. Sell puts and calls and collect premium! Let the idiots from /r/wallstreetbets buy your writen options and gamble their fathers money away!

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>weezer released "pork and beans" in april 2008
>that first bull trap before the big crash into 2009
>if you stayed in cash and then bought literally any FAGMAN in 2009 you would've made bank by 2021
>pork, "pork spending" from government, obama administration spent stupid money on everything in 8 years, obama became president in 2009
>beans, dave ramsey budget food meme, bear market meme

All you had to do was read between the lines on weezer songs in 2008

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Okay but what is Weezer saying now?

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No, I don't care

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>Radiohead released OK Computer in 1997
>If you invested all your money in computer stocks in 1997 you'd be rich today
Damn... maybe 90s alt rock bands are the real financial wizards

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I woke up this morning with handfulls of dried blood and scratches all over my eyebrows

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You were attacked by the ghost of bobo's past in your sleep. Be thankful you're still alive.

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explanation? cat?

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no explanation, must have been a Succubus (Broker)

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Is it just me, or does BLOK look bullish af

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Welp year 2023 is almost halfway done. Thank god. I've spent way to much so far this year. Most of it was shat I needed to. Not like I just went "oh hey lets blow this money for the fuck of it". Just 2 more things on the list and I'm fucking done with it. New tires for the car (Nov) and another 22LR revolver cause I liked the first one I bought so much I'm gonna buy another for a collectable (sept/oct)

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my portfolio is
317,000 usd
earning 5.2% in a 1 year cd
1374 month for doing nothing
and i save about 6000 a month
keep gambling on pancake coin, retards

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>blockchain meme tech
personally for me thats a no.

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>chris cornell suicided in may 2017
>2018 SP500 bottom was around same level month of chris's suicide
>2020 crash was around same level month of chris's suicide

uh... sell when pearl jam lead singer dies?

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>post futures

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next week will be a huge sell off. consider yourself warned.

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I am getting more and more incensed at this braindead collection of tickers the more I am forced to look at it. And I know your divvys arent that great because you wont give even a rough estimate of what you are making. Disney, Warner brothers, verizon, comcast... you motley-fool-articles-from-10-years-ago-reading SHITTER.

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Your basis for thinking that?

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Trying this with beyond meat but instead of letting myself get assigned I push for a week for a massive credit. Even like $30 for a put that’s 60% out of the money and that feels like a real life cheat.
Calls until Dec 2025, buy for $370 sell for $30 a week until then.
Has been trading between $10-18 since last October

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I hope so, but please give me more hopium

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anon you might want to invest that into longer bonds so when rates fall you'll not lose all the gains

even BND is an average of 8 years at 4.3%

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If i learn to sail can i rub elbows with rich niggas and get a jewish gf? this is a finance question, seems more likely to make it this way than with my stock picks.

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what are we thinking about the earthquake schizo threads popping up lately?

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Not him but, red weeks often come in threes and the overall market rally has been driven by a select number of names that have most recently experienced or are very close to a MACD bearish crossover, this last recent leg up has been driven almost entirely by FOMO too.

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Sailing is a boomer hobby with very few girls. Kayaking is a little better but they're not rich, usually. I have a better recommend: rock climbing. Start at an indoor gym. The benefits of climbing:
1. excellent male/female ratio
2. climbing is a pretty people sport and there are a LOT of pretty girls who are fit and care about staying that way
3. you have a ready made icebreaker in that everybody needs to pair up with somebody to belay them if they are doing anything larger than bouldering
4. it's middle class or higher and it's mostly white/asian
5. it's very good exercise for (you)

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good job. i am all about mining stocks that are super volatile. they give alot of premium, even when you only hold for a week.

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Turbo green tomorrow? SOXL.

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>rock climbing
Sure if that doesn't work out he can do less risky things like taking a submarine to see the Titanic wreckage

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Could be some chop which would mean some early green next week possibly. There is hesitation about the idea of pushing higher here on the indexes.
It's safe enough if you're not a fool doing sketchy shit. And you KNOW what shit is sketchy. It's not like it's a surprise. Outdoor, bad weather, dodgy equipment, dodgy bolts on the route; sketchy shit.
Also my landlord came to install a new toilet today. Himself. I though he was bringing a plumber but no. Predictably he gets 10 minutes in to the process and finds out the t-bolts are rusted solid. Help, he says. So I go to storage room and get my dremel to cut them free. You know if it was going to be a /diy/ adventure I would have just told him I will buy and install myself.

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Weezer fuckin sucks.

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I very rarely call my landlord to fix anything. I definitely don't want them in my space so the only reason would ever call him is if it's something that will cost a lot of money, or something I simply cannot do, otherwise, stay the hell out.

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That is not what the crystal ball foretells.

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Well its like this; the stocks are more or less my "play money" aka I don't give a shat, its what I like type deal. The funds and my pension is where the serious survival long term action is. Far as returns goes uh my 401k has avg 10% since 2005. YTD it's been 11.6%. Not to shabby considering all I've done since 05 is jack the contribution amounts. (most recent one is effective June 30th). (Pension also gets jacked as my salary goes up). But I'll toss a bone; Currently I'm the owner of 330 KO shares.

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>don't like heights
I will stick to martial arts. BJJ has decent demographics and you can put your head between girls' legs without raising suspicion.
>oh nooo the 5'1" Asian girl has clamped her thighs around my head, how embarassing, how will I get out of this one?

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Haha wouldn't it be funny if some girl at the gym would choke me out and I didn't fight back haha. Like wouldn't that be weird?

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Have a good feeling BOIL will 4x this week.

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Imagine if you could smell her sweaty vagina musk that she tried to cover with light perfume? That would be so distracting I bet you would really hate it.
>sometimes their nipples get hard

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Headed for the Sammy Davis wing, throw up a black hole at the entrance of linens n things on the way.

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>2008 was 30 years ago
>1997 was 40 years ago
>zoomer girls call me "daddy"
>I was just a young guy in college a few years ago but the covid recession 20 years ago ruined everything
It's over

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>Oil, natural gas, commodities
Were driven higher on friday due to the Prigozhen meme, leading to speculators to assume Russian production would fall due to internal problems. This did not occur and was shut down over the weekend. It stands to reason oil will immediately return to its downtrend, along with natural gas (both pumped about 5% on friday).

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good funds to invest in Bonds or ETFs for an IRA? lets here them. other then VT apparently

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i think the biggest skill you need is patience. its super hard. you gotta learn how to sit out for months out of the market.

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>lets here
for an intellectual like you a conservative portfolio of 100% UVXY will do fine

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must be upset from recent bags to be grammer checking.

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Imagine ever being a buy and hold -tard. Lol, lmao even

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Wow, it's been proven a country can never recover form Bolsheviks. Impressive.

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>flat futures

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>oil pumping

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> futures

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Same chart without my chicken scratch. For posterity. Note this reflects data up to 2019

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>it hasn't recovered.. yet
Not in a hurry to sell.

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I'm back from my bear hunting trip in oregon and california

what did i miss?

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> delete all irrelevant distraction photos
> 80 3D pics
> 600 2D pics
frens I had a problem

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>bear hunting trip in oregon and california
Were they gentlemen?

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they were sleepy

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Well for starters, you missed R*ssia pussying out of doing a civil war
Also rich retards aren't good engineers

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I continue to be amazed how perfectly BOIL kang timed the bottom.

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I didn't buy GBTC and I feel like the biggest fucking retard.

Bros. I just keep not doing the good thing.

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i heard about that. why is it when you put your phone down something really weird happens

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>all of those countries have declining birthrates
So have we just been living in the depression all our lives?
Is russia even real?

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>why is it when you put your phone down something really weird happens
You're disconnected from news and events, so anything seems bigger than it actually is (since if you were around you'd be eased into that news)

>have we just been living in the depression all our lives?
Now you're getting it!

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I got 4 letters for this market: SOXS

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>Dragon portfolio
What a disappointment that's been. They talked a good game too

>> No.55398828

Kek. It really explains why every day since I turned 18 has been worse than the last.

>> No.55398830

Here's the thing: If you found a winning strategy, why the fuck would you want to share it? The only time someone will promote something is if they're a bagholder and want to exit. Otherwise they'll keep silent and accumulate until then.

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Movie nights have been accurate lately. That implosion scene kinda hurt a little bit. A twinge. I didn't mention it but it was cool. That scene would have been so fuckin boring otherwise

Also, Russian inner conflict. Bullrun next?

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>> No.55398839

are these in biz? haven't seen them but there have been a lot of earthquakes mag 3+ in Australia, which is unheard of. Lots of geologic activity overall the last few years compared to the previous 5 decades

>> No.55398847

>Dragon portfolio
I was responding to him regarding specific equity/strategy.

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I just bill t-bills straight from the treasury now a days

>> No.55398878

>Also, Russian inner conflict. Bullrun next?
It's already over bub.

>> No.55398904

usually you see green and then red

>> No.55398908

Someone in Russia is going to activate a forgotten doomsday machine, which will cause the biggest exuberance bull run in history right up until the mushroom clouds.
I hope next week's movie is Dr. Strangelove.

>> No.55398920

Green futures the night before are always sus to me after last year. I’d much rather see Green pre-market in the morning

>> No.55398925

Someone give me some SoFI FUD so I can troll stocktwits

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If you cannot visualize the effects of interest rates, you will NOT make it.

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He was always right

>> No.55399026

People won't pay back student loans while Democrats are in office, SOFI is a major liberal arts/soft science degree baggie

>> No.55399076

i run a mental simulation of the entire option chain in real time + graph for every ticker going back to 1920's

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People havent been paying student loans since before the pandemic. Theres a 100% chance they still wont be able to pay it.
You have to take a look at it from the view of the banks. They dont make money on people paying back their loans, they make money on the interest that they can leverage or sell to a another creditor.

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111 in Texas this week.

>> No.55399225

natty gas pumping already, I'm thinking 4 dollars EOW, BOIL 300.

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>he can only mentally simulate 1/35 of of the data at any one time
Smooth brain bro, you might not make it

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When the FUCK are they going to fix the NAV?

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>> No.55399260

Why do I love this shit now

>> No.55399262

um so the bull run is cancelled and A.I is over yeah? stocks to zero again?

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>Pound futures


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>Mumu still thinks this is a new bull market
Many bulls will be humbled

>> No.55399304

1-3 month treasury bills. Yields about 5.2%. Free money with no risk
1-3 year treasury notes. Good income and the possibility for capital gains when rates go down. Very little duration risk at this point

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love me some free money. Simple as

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>> No.55399344

What’s the point in killing a bear? Just to be an asshole?

>> No.55399350

At first I moved past your post because my keyboard is malfunctioning, but really I think it isn't :) Could be wrong though! I'm no longer short.

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>> No.55399395

Are you kidding? I hunt and I love black bear meat, it's super delicious and the fat is amazing to use for cooking. This year I want to shoot 2, because I can. And I will.
And I also tan their hides and when I have enough, I'll have a coat made

>> No.55399438

Big money makers are buying the dip again.

Like cathy wood pumping sofi

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wow just like my video games. you should make a hat like this.

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Deep sea movies or implosions?
In the case of deep sea stuff for me personally it's the unsettling combination of claustrophobia and agoraphobia. The suits, subs, and habitats are typically as cramped as function will allow but worse still is knowing the water stretches almost endlessly all around you but not being able to see through it.
If you mean implosions then I dunno, it's a cool phenomenon and a pretty quick way to die.

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>tfw 30% cash equivalents

>> No.55399491

>activate a forgotten doomsday machine
The Large Hadron Collider?

>> No.55399495

>unsettling combination of claustrophobia and agoraphobia
What about the opposite, freedom of movement in a tight space? I can picture a screeching autist pressing against cave walls to stay elevated

>> No.55399535

No, I was thinking more like an old nuclear attack detection system that's still active. A co-worker of mine theory crafted that the rogue group might get a little extra spicy attention, and my first thought was that some old automatic system partially parted out for Levi's and vodka will retaliate internationally.

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>> No.55399562

To short NVDA or not to short?
Obviously they have real good news right now but based on revenue it is extremely overvalued
But I suppose we all know the numbers don't matter in this clown market

>> No.55399570

That's not really opposite, underwater you can be cramped in a little vehicle but able to move over great distances.

>> No.55399574

dont stand in front of the exuberance anon, things can stay overvalued for a long ass time. also, we're not talking about "hey gpu sales are up", the storyline is AI is real and here

>> No.55399578

SOXL is over right? I shorted it on Thursday, TA from someone on StockTwits suggests a retrace to $16.

>> No.55399603

no if anything we're probably going to 36 EOW now thanks stocktwits

>> No.55399615

Eating predators is haram. I only eat seafood and ungulates. Do your thing though. Bear jacket sounds pretty based. Needs helmet attached like other anon suggested.

>> No.55399619

its not over but the draw down has plenty of reason to continue next week to cool it down.

>> No.55399623

Me on the left.

>> No.55399646

I think it's just a case of CIA meddling. Certain events need to happen, so the PMC splintering off is their means to achieve said event.

>> No.55399672

anon this might surprise you but humans like to eat animals

>> No.55399731

Yeah, I've never eaten an animal I didn't like the taste of.

>> No.55399742

Nvidia is Tesla 2 and during the right time to short Tesla, it seemed like just another dip that would get slurped up by retard strength and only the most stubborn bears thought differently. Don't play it unless you can see the future

>> No.55399751

Don't bite on oil going higher. It will just be another headfake as Russia has transactional friendships with China and India

>> No.55399775

What do futures look like?

>> No.55399803

looks like we're having a blood green week to punish bobo for his arrogance

>> No.55399805
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Green as grass. Percentages on right hand side

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>What do futures look like?

>> No.55399814

how severe is the recession/inflation situation going forward for the rest of the year and beyond?

>> No.55399820

futures look like a man?

>> No.55399827
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>> No.55399832

We'll be just fine. So long as nothing drives up the price of oil.

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Like pasts, we have been here before, we will do this again

>> No.55399842
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>Staple crops up another 1.5%-2%

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>> No.55399855

>futures look like a man?
You need to get off the internet, bud.
Did you buy NTR and MOS calls like I asked you to, two weeks ago?
Several of you replied, so I know you guys heard me.

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>> No.55399865

>Did you buy NTR and MOS calls like I asked you to, two weeks ago?
More like WEAT, but yes.

>> No.55399874

bullshit, thats the tranny from that tv show. you cant fool me.

>> No.55399886

>has a mental catalog of trannies
Hmm, you DO realize how sus that sounds, right?

>> No.55399906

>Expected WEAT to hit like 13 by October
>Looks like it's going down
>Manage to basically call the local top and exit a position while it crashes to around 6
>Crabs violently, drifting downward
>Check today
>It shit upwards
This always happens, fuck

>> No.55399913

People memeing about the Ukraine grain embargo got bored. *This* time around we have El Nino fucking the entire world.

>> No.55399915

I bought IPI. Does that gain me access to the citadel?

>> No.55399928

i only know this because i browsed /tv/ for about a week. notice how i dont know the guys name or the tv show i was on.

>> No.55399935

CF and UAN are God tier. MOS and NTR are mid. IPI is shit. And not in the good, nutritious-for-your-fields way.

>> No.55399954

As a street cleanr, yes. Do you have brown eyes? Because it would be fitting.
>t. I'm a tranny lover

>> No.55399958

Divvy Boomers can only dream of UAN's 40% yield.

>> No.55399959

youre the one posting trannies mr bud lite.

>> No.55399966

>40% yield is attractive
Yeah, like a crackwhore.
>Everyone is a tranny
rent free, kid. not everything is your tranny fantasy...

>> No.55399972

How much do you guys usually tip on your treasury bills?

>> No.55399973

Paypal gonna moon this week. new ATH gonna slap fast n hard

>> No.55399987

PayPal going over 300 in 2 week. large tutes are planning a large pump. if you know you know

>> No.55399993

Well between corn and wheat, I know a lot of corn was planted, and maybe less wheat. Also isn't wheat less resilient than corn? Or more? The heat can't be good.

>> No.55399999

>Yeah, like a crackwhore.
Hey buddy that's the president's son you're talking about.

>> No.55400008

I don't actually know the first thing about farming.

>> No.55400022

bull trannies get slaughtered this week

>> No.55400033

There's monthly farm reports, different crops get 1-2 major planting seasons per year, depends on supply/demand and previous year storage, requires fertilizer and ethanol and fuel as inputs

>> No.55400034
File: 25 KB, 287x309, 1674272289453194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55400048

Checked. Hunter Bidet sucks dick for rocks confirmed

>> No.55400050
File: 938 KB, 1038x768, Screenshot 2023-06-25 225834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>isn't wheat less resilient than corn?
yes, according to the 21st episode of the 1st season of Little House on the Prairie entitled 'Money Crop'.

>> No.55400072

why are you so insecure over a tranny joke. i didnt think you were a faggot until you kept assuring me how straight you are.

>> No.55400097

LXU for me. I'd bet UAN drops off a cliff when they report mediocre earnings and a $2 distribution next quarter. Could be wrong.

>> No.55400158
File: 9 KB, 543x602, 31678 - SoyBooru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if you know you know

>> No.55400164

That sucks for texas, unfortunately localized heatwaves do not change the long term trend or the short term which is that oil and natural gas pumped and hit their resistances almost purely because of Russia memes and will now retest their support lines.

>> No.55400173

You can't eat predators because their meat smells bad. This is why the chinese are vile for eating cats and dogs, it's not just that they're pets but that their meat is no good for eating. Plus, cats bring you delicious mice to eat.

>> No.55400191

>Tattoos everywhere

Dropped. I'd hit that if it weren't for the stupid ink shit.

>> No.55400201

>You can't eat predators because their meat smells bad
Why is that? Like what's the physiological reason? I'd be curious to know

>> No.55400206
File: 277 KB, 600x655, bobo_dont_look.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bulls die this week unless they don't.

>> No.55400218

How am I gettong jewed by buying CFD’s over ETF’s? I’ve tried reading up on it but I’m too much of a brainlet to understand the fine print. Also I’m lazy..and phonefagging.

>> No.55400219

What are we looking at this week bros? Bloodbath? Pumperinos?

>> No.55400233
File: 111 KB, 1089x1200, 1654120562840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I applied for a promotion at wagies again. I'm not going to get it, my boss knows I know that he's not going to give it to me, but I will not allow him to ever argue I have expressed disinterest in a promotion.
This is bullish for the markets for the moment. Boomer brigade's glass defense ceiling against the younger generation holds... for now. The day of the pillow cannot come soon enough.

>> No.55400234


Kek I wonder if any of those businesses got public stocks? I want to short them all.

>> No.55400237

that's such bullshit

>> No.55400241
File: 22 KB, 250x411, 1595946603529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55400257

>HAS earnings coming up
>Just had a record-breaking opening weekend on MTG LotR edition
>MTG already accounts for 30% of their profit

But when is it? It's for the quarter ending in June (so literally the finances from this weekend and next), but Yahoo reports July 17th-21st, Earnings Whispers reports July 27th, and TradingView reports July 24th.

>> No.55400266
File: 24 KB, 597x226, 2023-06-26 05.53.15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oilbros... just bite my shit up...

>> No.55400273
File: 75 KB, 792x825, 1662185292533132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

our turn

>> No.55400290

Why does poo poo smell worse if you only eat meat than if you are a diabetes who only eats candy?

>> No.55400294

Literally bounced off of the previous support, which is now resistance. It will attempt again probably and be rejected harder.

>> No.55400297

Proteins and shit

>> No.55400300

Imagine all the gratuitous burnouts you can do with $60 oil. Then $50, even $40. $2/gallon gas would be back.

>> No.55400342

nice roll

>> No.55400348

CFD is bucket shop garbage. You will get scam wicked and be liquidated
>sorry goy looks like the price touched the exact liquidation price for your position to the penny then went straight back up. Better luck next time

>> No.55400381

Thats called Stop Hunting and happens in illiquid markets. Just monitor your position daily to avoid scamwicks

>> No.55400419

Something about bioavailability of nutrients in their fat because they are too similar to humans. Might be broscience though

>> No.55400482
File: 54 KB, 1037x624, spy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have 10k cash sitting in my trading account, 11k in another savings, and 60k in my checkings. All in cash, I've invested one other time and got burned, someone tell me if the market is going up or down.

From a short term perspective looks like we are peeking, reaching ath, then again from a long term perspective looks like line always go up, so maybe it will keep going up. I've been sitting just on cash for couple years now, am sick of being a poosy.

>> No.55400506

Are you at least getting paid a decent interest rate for your cash? 60k in checking doesn't sound like it's getting the 4-5% "risk free" rate.

>> No.55400520

Just put like $10,000 into a month-long treasury every monday until the market crashes, then use whatever cash you have left to buy the dip (gradually) on the way down. I'm expecting 4-6 months until it shits itself. You can probably earn about $1,000 doing this with half your money until december

>> No.55400524

no, I don't get shit. My savings account was the best rate I could find at the time, at 2% here in Canada. checkings is obviously 0. I'm literally losing money just holding it, baka.

>> No.55400537

When was the last Rocker video? I miss fathands

>> No.55400540

I might just do this, thanks for the suggestion friend. I still have ~50k in space left on my tax free trading account, so I'll fill that up and do what you say. Live with my parents, so I don't even need it urgently. Was just saving up for a house.

>> No.55400541
File: 8 KB, 374x78, Margin man Bill Hwang eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4dte RIOT calls

>> No.55400546
File: 118 KB, 1024x768, 1687644924312055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there any actual reason why you'd be saying the market is reaching a short term peak, or are you just looking at a fucking graph and guessing?
Do you have a home? Because in Canada, home values are likely to continue to rise; given a full stop on BoC rate hikes.
t. Canada anon.

>> No.55400547

You have 81k to invest with and you're scared. Here's what you do. Take about 1/3 of the cash so 27k and buy some in the money SPY calls about a year and a half to expiration. Those calls will be effectively about 3x leveraged. If the market keeps going up your account will appreciate as much as if you were 100% allocated to SPY. If the market gets obliterated by a recession and crashes the most you could possibly lose would be the 27k which leaves the other 54k safe and sound. In the meantime take that 54k and buy something like BIL which is the ETF for short term treasuries and earn a risk free 5% yearly interest on it. Since it's in BIL it'll be available at any time to buy le epic equity dip if and when the crash happens. This is an alternative to just going all in SPY and taking the chance of a huge loss should the market crash

>> No.55400570

>Is there any actual reason why you'd be saying the market is reaching a short term peak, or are you just looking at a fucking graph and guessing?
Just guessing from the graph, lol like every other retard. I live with my parents, and was saving up to buy a house or condo. In Toronto, and average condo prices around the gta are around 500k and houses are 1m+.

Can't afford that shit. Even having a 100k salary, and 70k downpayment, mortgage on a 500k condo would be too high for me. I was planning on maybe trying to find a condo around 350-400 and just rent it out. What do you think.

>> No.55400588

But how are were treated on a bank's balance sheet? ;)
You thought Biden just cared about students?

>> No.55400602

>wanting to be a landlord
Quite a risk to take, bud.
Why have you not considered relocating? Toronto is a shithole, and you'd be better off (financially) out west; trust me on that.
Also, if a majority of your cash is just sitting there it may be wise to put a meaningful amount into a GIC; rates are quite high. 5.25% return is nothing to scoff at, especially if inflation is going to continue to drop.

>> No.55400613

Considering both you and the guy you're replying to have no idea how to trade options, this is bad advice. It's not as simple as "just buy calls" either, he has no idea how far out of the money or in the money to buy based on your advice. He doesn't even know how to get treasury bills. You also sound stupid because you don't know how to buy treasuries either. BIL yields 3%, 6 month treasury yields 5.44%.

>> No.55400622

kill yourself. I guarantee I know more than you and my account is bigger than yours

>> No.55400623

>BIL yields 3%
That's the average over the past year. Current 30-day SEC yield is 4.9% or thereabouts.

>> No.55400625

Thank you for the detailed response. I will consider doing this, loosing 27k sounds scary, but am tired of being a coward. I lost alot of money I made during my internship flipping shit coins and risky stocks why I am so risk averse now and keep everything in cash.
I may buy about 1/4 of cash and buy calls instead of 1/3. Do you recommend I put the rest into BIL or other bonds in the meantime? Or keep some out in cash.

>> No.55400633

>someone tell me if the market is going up or down
Nobody knows for sure, lad. Be very suspicious of anyone who claims they do.

>> No.55400634

You're literally an options infant and I can tell by the way you describe this. Your ego is easily bruised because you think you know more than you do, and you lie about what you have while assuming superiority over others. Anyone who regularly posts here is an absolute infant. This is my first time checking this thread as a professional in this field.

>> No.55400638

>Why have you not considered relocating?
I want to stay with my parents, they are old and rely on me for some stuff. Plus have a good job here. If I do move, will probably head to the states, make alot more money.
>>wanting to be a landlord
yea, not that I want to, but real estate is king in canada, and I don't see it falling for at least 3-4 more years.

>> No.55400650

Look into HISA ETF's like CASH or a cdic insured one from a big 5 bank.

>> No.55400652

>as a professional in this field.
The field of being a faggot?
Fair enough. You are likely correct about being paid more in the US. However, CoL is always something to factor into your planning. Out west my $80k goes a lot further, than it would in Toronto. So just remember to account for CoL.
If you do want to buy property, just make sure to wait until BoC is done hiking. Should be after this next July hike.
Good luck, anon.

>> No.55400654

Don't sweat it and you won't lose anywhere near the entire 27k or however much you use. That was just the extreme to illustrate the difference between the idea and how much you theoretically could lose if you put the entire 81k into SPY. In the money SPY calls with more than a year to expiration are normally called "stock replacement". When you're risk averse it's a good way to dip your toe back into the market while reducing the risk of a big drawdown in case you buy the top. I would definitely suggest BIL over cash for however much you have left over since it's essentially risk free and is just as liquid as cash
If you had any actual insight you would just spill it instead of beclowning yourself trying to belittle others. i guarantee you are a 5 figure retail faggot with robinhood account selling covered calls on your meme stock shares thinking you're a genius cuz you made 20% on GME
>you'll lose even that

>> No.55400673

He would likely lose more on conversion exchange, than he would get back in yield; since he's Canadian.
He could do a Smith, but it might just be better for him to buy a Canadian GIC, no? They're offering over 5% yield, rn.

>> No.55400801

>Sunday thread still up
Damn, everyone's fuck off to holiday without selling their stock already?
kinda risky tbqh

>> No.55400809

>short term
There will be another bear market next year.
>mid term
The market will crab for a few years
>long term
If orange nigger wins in 2024 the market will pump again to 50k DJIA
>lifetime term
We'll reach 200k DJIA in 40 years.

>> No.55400819

futures action starting to look bearish

>> No.55400826

Yields as well

>> No.55400840
File: 23 KB, 640x426, ring-girls-1333493_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

JNUG is today's play anons.

>> No.55400853

dude if you dont know what to do, hire a financial advisor. other than that, you can always just buy US Treasuries. there are several yielding 5%+ and they are the "safest" investment you can make, other than buying and storing physical gold

just dump all 81k into 6mo US Treasuries and collect 5.4% guaranteed returns (annualized). if you dont want to tie up the money for 6mo, you can always put it all in a money market fund that invests solely in US Treasuries and it will pay you like 4.5%, but you can withdraw at any time or use the funds to buy stocks whenever you want

that's what i'm doing - i'm 90% sitting in US Treasuries just waiting for this retarded market to figure itself out and i make a few small trades here and there

>> No.55400854
File: 16 KB, 342x594, 1656434579409751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why it going down

>> No.55400863

shorting is literally free money right now

>> No.55400873

Blow off the top

>> No.55400879

stoch rsi predicted all this

>> No.55400888

The market as we know it will be no longer in 2040, enjoy it while it lasts

>> No.55400900

impatient bulls piling in on the first tick of sunday futures trading then getting bogged almost immediately after

>> No.55400915
File: 60 KB, 1024x775, 1687758924909168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55400923

I will have sex with all the mexican chicks, bleaching their offspring and saving the mutt race.

>> No.55400928

DAX is shitt
FTSE is shit
Nasdaq is shit
Nikkei is shit
Fuck them all

>> No.55400930

>scampumps on sunday when no one can do anything
>scamdumps on real european hours
>scampump at market open
>scamdump into the afternoon reversing into a scampump

>> No.55400934

going down would be good. it would mean healthy market.

im still bullish medium term. short term i don't care about. thats the way you lose money.

some market health indicators are more bullish. last year in 10 months there was 4 big downturns. now in the last 6 months there has been 1 and half.

>> No.55400936
File: 19 KB, 720x468, 1687604135924981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

20 year bear market incoming, hope it was worth it glowniggers ;^)

>> No.55400937

Amen brother, It is the white man's duty to inject his seed into brown populations

>> No.55400947

Volatility is bearish.

>> No.55400949
File: 128 KB, 650x349, widemarket.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the market is looking wide

>> No.55400966

Not always

>> No.55400973

what the fuck is wrong with europe

>> No.55400979
File: 638 KB, 1155x2052, 1599169323995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is a multi-layered question with a tapestry answer.

>> No.55401006

Pre-market opens in less than 1 minute. What will happen?

>> No.55401007
File: 1.57 MB, 498x399, 1683477153081208.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's it, commodities are officially dead. A pathetic +20% bull run and now it's all in free fall. Absolutely pathetic. Why in hell would anyone get into commodities when growth can do 200% in a matter of months?
Commodities might have been the shit 40 years ago but now? It's always funny seeing those supercycle memes and how copper will climb up to levels never seen previously.
I can't believe I fell for it :(

>> No.55401012

Nothing of importance.

>> No.55401020

Brave American traders by the dip and force low T europoors to buy at a higher price than they sold.

>> No.55401023

i played WEAT leveraged and got rekt last year. commodities are too different from stocks to me.

>> No.55401039

Scampumps into scamdumps as we slowly crab downward on the S and P just in time for the July 4th weekend traditional dump.

>> No.55401056

The problem with you and /cmg/ is that the elites are terrified of a 2008 style commodities bubble so they will always work to dump commodities as hard as possible. The saudis CAN trade oil for yuan or rubles or euros, but this 150 dollar BBL shock to oil would allow US fracking to boom, which would decrease oil and the US's dependence on KSA and put them geopolitically at Iranian mercy. So the leverage over them means that only Russia benefits from oil spikes.

However in international economics the current Russia and the Soviet Union of 50 years ago effectively have the same policy on oil which is that they just dump that shit without caring what the price it, just to produce and sell, so they will always be more likely to tank the market than to pump it.

>> No.55401107
File: 664 KB, 1076x1081, 1686701656647206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought WEAT at 10.50 and sold at 11.70 LOL

>> No.55401127
File: 80 KB, 1024x692, 1682171638960577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>polish oil anon barely in profit

>> No.55401130
File: 2.41 MB, 320x584, 1687630542217969.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How high is brappy gas going before the seasonal december peak?

>> No.55401153

for me it was lwea. i bought the top but it instantly went down.

didnt lose much but ignored commodities after that. so good trade overall

>> No.55401172

I have 30k bucks I plan to split evenly by buying MSFT, AAPL and GOOGL.
Either the bullrun will continue a bit more and give me some profit, or those 3 mega caps are going to recover any possible losses within a year.
Is this a good plan?

>> No.55401187
File: 6 KB, 264x191, kenji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got laid off
Well, damn, don't think I'll be having fun in the stock market for a while, if ever again.

>> No.55401206

refocus on what you wanna do and then start pushing in that direction.

>> No.55401362

finally the dax is behaving rationally. I'm mad it took so much time to get there, really

>> No.55401367
File: 47 KB, 830x515, 1684709606971432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tech leading into selloffs
Yeah, I'm thinkin we're back.

>> No.55401386
File: 269 KB, 973x873, 1630008234862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

June 16th was the generational top

>> No.55401390

Just buy TQQQ and leverage with deep OTM TSLA puts. Since everything moves together if MSFT, AAPL, or GOOG do down than TSLA will be doing down much faster.

>> No.55401420
File: 210 KB, 698x717, Janny Pepe dao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope. We crabbing then another leg up.

>> No.55401425
File: 353 KB, 697x756, 1647622618269.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

n-no.... it can't be...

>> No.55401450

there's this stock that consistently in the morning experiences a dip followed by a peak. Almost every day you can easily flip 100 dollars profit on it. It's been going on for a month.
What the fuck is the catch. This can't just consistently happen right?

>> No.55401452
File: 195 KB, 1024x1024, Extremely Jewish suspicious looking real life bear rubbing hands, in big city, wide shot realistic photography.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

D-Do people usually cash out before the summer holidays ?

>> No.55401456

>China: "we support Russia"
>EU: "we support Ukraine"
>DAX: V shape recovery
How is everyone so optimistic in this economy?

>> No.55401461
File: 11 KB, 240x240, 1687661667970273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know the old adage:
>buy in May and dee-cee-ayy

>> No.55401475

that's a calendar spread

>> No.55401484

>Anon getting rich by investing in the sun

>> No.55401491

The US is literally trying to pass a bill to have a treaty with Chile. Copper will pop off to ridiculous levels. Whether its 1 year, 5 years , or 20 years is unknown. Its a finnicky sector. Grab some mid/largecap producers that have revenue streams and pay a dividend, and accumulate slowly and wait.

>> No.55401499
File: 115 KB, 512x512, 1687070077480633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sink or swim, who fucking cares. Cut the birth cords, press send. Yeah, thick. Gaga can't handle this shit.

>> No.55401514
File: 47 KB, 640x853, 1684598274880343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is now a good time to start loading up on dividend stocks, or is a crash likely soon? I'm eyeing things like ENLC, 3M, and Lowe's just for a safe bet in the mix. Planning to dump 500-1000 per month for the next five years.

Is there a better strategy I'm not seeing? As a schizo, I would like the input of randoms online before committing to this strategy. The goal is to have 1k or close in divvy payouts per quarter by 2028, if the US hasn't descending into civil unrest by then. In that scenario, stocks mean jack shit anyway.

>> No.55401522

it's this or you start daytrading futures to scalp a few hundreds of dollars per day

>> No.55401530

>boomer DCA
won't work in a decade long crab market
>Is there a better strategy I'm not seeing?
Sure, you can short VIX futures, just don't start doing it now lmao. Or you know you could buy things low and sell them higher.

>> No.55401534

"Fourth of July dump"
Check the Jewish holiday calendar before making trades, next one is a down tempo doozy

>> No.55401537

why not buy bonds instead of stocks if you anticipate a crash. risk free rate is nearly 5%

>> No.55401538
File: 141 KB, 285x317, 1681747819371054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a dump after every holiday weekends I'm talking about observable trends not shemitah schizoing.

>> No.55401545
File: 119 KB, 712x534, 1683905139381260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should have loaded up on dividends during the Covid crash. Now? Overpriced as hell.
Either invest in growth and slurp every dip or stay in the cash gang.
Stop giving me hope bro. Commodities are ridiculously manipulated. Copper especially seems finicky as hell, even moreso than oil

>> No.55401556

And what happened during Shemitah? You think Tisha B’Av is going to be different? Sorry it's like not expecting BBQ shootings to increase on Juneteenth or Marth.

>> No.55401562

Why "lmao" at dividends? It's not like they can just decide to not pay them. There's plenty of decent paying divvy stocks, the only gamble there is 3M since they might get hyperfucked by PFAS litigation.
Aren't bonds a one-time thing? I'm aiming for "just park some of your net worth and collect a small payout quarterly" kind of strat here, not "turn 1k into 1.05k in a year."

>> No.55401576

Sun futures when?
fr tho I've checked the chart. Goes back a full month of dips and peaks. Same pattern everytime.
Could've made an easy 2k this month.
I'm going in.

>> No.55401577

Good for you, dude. Sounds like an interesting anomaly. Give us an update in a week.

>> No.55401583
File: 97 KB, 1504x845, 2023-06-26 12.50.24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dividend stocks are underperformers, so you buy stocks that do worse just so you can pay extra taxes on dividends. Dividends are an illusion.

Would you buy this curve? That's how dividend stocks underperform Shit&Poop 5000.

>> No.55401592

meds now

>> No.55401597

>Planning to dump 500-1000 per month for the next five years.
>The goal is to have 1k or close in divvy payouts
That's only 60k total. Barely 600/quarter payout pre-tax.

Also there's nothing schizo about this strategy you pathetic fuck.

>> No.55401600

This is the kind of shit Blackrock uses Aladdin for.

>> No.55401606

No sell off until October

>> No.55401615


>> No.55401643

>Loses money forever

What the fuck is Earth's problem?

>> No.55401668

>not understanding buying at a discount
I hate how badly this place doesn't understand the basics

>> No.55401693

wtf is this small jump on soxl?

>> No.55401695

No clue what you mean by "one time thing" but bonds pay out semi annually and can be bought for 10 years to 20 year duration

>> No.55401708

bonds spike when stocks crash
the longer the bond the higher the spike

>> No.55401720

>laughs in 2022

>> No.55401727

this place is so retarded, actually just gonna bail until tomorrow

>> No.55401730

seriously you fags need to take a BASIC class on investing

>> No.55401732

>US 500 -0.12%
>VIX +7.37%

>> No.55401737

I think it's more retarded to think we can enjoy the Boomer tailwind of ever-decreasing interest rates and zero default risk when no first world country has inflation under 4%. But you do you, champ.

>> No.55401752

If you want a bit of risk you can try IEP.

I heard all types of arguments for and against div. If you have 0 tax (like rrsp for Canadians) or if you reinvest in stocks rather than cash tax free then I do think there's an argument to be made.

In the end, if divs was the best way to earn money everyone would be doing it.

Personally I think mid term divs are better and long term (10 years plus) growth are better.

>> No.55401756

Nobody uses BASIC anymore, anon. At least learn C.

>> No.55401771

Watch Sanctum 2011 it was just that kind of kino you are looking for.

>> No.55401772

>dividend stocks are totally gonna stop underperforming any second now
yeah sure

>> No.55401776

I know you can't eat carnivore liver because the vitamin concentration is high enough to kill you with just a small quantity of liver, so that sounds plausible.

Bonds did crash in 2022 though so what's your point? They have been going lower since 2020. Long term bonds go up in a crash was wrong in the COVID crash and again after the everything bubble and again when the Ukraine war started.
I'm getting massive deja vu, I'm sure I had this exact argument in /smg/ a few months ago.

Inflation is high but it seems kind of not that bad? There was a lot of talk of people using food banks here when the food and energy prices went up but nothing in the news now. I don't know anybody that poor so can't tell what the situation is for them but I see a lot of new Porsches and Teslas recently. It is making me think inflation is a meme.

>> No.55401778

you're the one saying retarded things and being smug about it lmao

>> No.55401782

Sorry to hear anon. Unless you work in tech, that’s super unlucky considering no one wants to lay people off right now. Every board room is deathly afraid to do layoffs after COVID since it was hard as hell to hire anyone back. It’s much easier to let your commercial real estate lease run out and save money that way. You can always rent another building when you need to

>> No.55401786

it's always cringe when ''men'' (read effeminate NPCs) hunt with a rifle. Americans truly turned hunting into a disney entertainment.

>> No.55401790
File: 135 KB, 2222x232, clearly-bullish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Larry Ellison sold $640+ million worth of ORCL
Clearly, this is bullish. AI will save us all. Why else would you sell almost a billion worth of stock?
Congratulations on being exit liquidity, /smg/

>> No.55401802
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I didnt know sainsbury was pozzed.

>> No.55401815

What should they hunt with?

>exists in 2023
How could you not see this coming?

>> No.55401824

>>What should they hunt with?

>> No.55401848

meh. it depends on the situation. where I am geographically getting within 200 yards is considered close range. 3-400 being typical. rifle is the only option really.

>> No.55401860

>blogging to shit up the threat
>kills things for fun
yeah youre a total cunt arent you. die alone, bitch

>> No.55401861

>Inflation is high but it seems kind of not that bad? There was a lot of talk of people using food banks here when the food and energy prices went up but nothing in the news now. I don't know anybody that poor so can't tell what the situation is for them but I see a lot of new Porsches and Teslas recently. It is making me think inflation is a meme.
It's "kind of not that bad" because we're in a rather idyllic set of circumstances - everyone has jobs and cost of living raises. However we're seeing jobless claims start to exceed the magic "recession has started" tipping point, the end of SPR releases and the start of Saudi oil cuts, pretty major droughts that are quickly reversing food price drops, a banking system that vetoes any further interest rate hikes, and a pretty terrifying 8%-of-GDP deficit.

If you look back at the 70s, there were plenty of periods where inflation was still there but not that bad.

>> No.55401883


>> No.55401900

Happy Monday /BOIL/bros!
Its going to be a great day!

>> No.55401902

Just watched under the silver lake now I wanna decode song lyrics

>> No.55401948

what is going on on soxl? was there a PM earning released?

>> No.55401975

So how low will she go today? I got puts left over from Friday, and really really wanna watch the market get fucked while I profit.

>> No.55402001

>broke even after 2 years of trading
This shit is dumb man I hate trading

>> No.55402024

thanks for playing

>> No.55402025
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>This shit is dumb
no u

>> No.55402029

What's is indicating that it'll go down today?

>> No.55402032

Been getting recommendations to buy semiconductor stocks or ETFS like SOXX, but would those crash if china invades taiwan?

>> No.55402046

Now start a course in how to get rich and create a YouTube channel and chill it.

>> No.55402058

if you want to buy the semi with a hedge over taiwan, buy intel, Qorvo, TI or skywater. All of them have fabs in the US.
But the semi are flying pretty high for their return right now. I would wait Micron's earning later this week

>> No.55402068

Great, thanks anon

>> No.55402076

maybe the real profit was the friends you made along the way

>> No.55402084

bake it

>> No.55402087

Didn't you see the news? The CIA attempted a coup in Russia and it failed, so we're going to go down.

>> No.55402140
File: 476 KB, 1152x768, 1665596575505785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55402155

i dunno man, i've been seeing the same doomsday predictions since before covid even hit. i'm starting to think that there will be no implosion, only eternal crab

>> No.55402169

>we gonna get the bang on a sunday thread
damn where is everyone?

>> No.55402175

Is the expected increased earnings already priced in for CCL? It has gained a lot the last few weeks already

>> No.55402186

It doesn't matter if the threads based or shite
Just bake it (bake it)
Just bake it (bake it)
Just bake it (bake it)
Just bake it (bake it, uh)

>> No.55402187

I think the news said CIA prevented a Russian coup so we're going up?

>> No.55402196