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Why can't he answer a simple question and why does he get so upset about this if it isn't true?
Is it really over bros?

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>ICPoor nigger working extra hard on a sunday and posts AVAX FUD nobody gives a shit about
bullish for AVAX.

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dont touch avax before 2025. look on planned sell and thx me after.

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Kek that awkward silence got me, what a clown.

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>buy high sell low

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>Another Icypoopee cuck thread
Fucking cringe lmao

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Drop your scam bags before it's too late.


You only need to own these coins to make it.
>b-but XRP is a scam, it's a security!
Yeah, it might be, but it's fast and can scale.
>BCH? LMAO, it's a dead fork!
Maybe, but it offers an alternative path for BTC in case BTC is taken over.
>XMR? only criminals are using it
You could be classified as a criminal too in not so distant future.
>DOGE? hahahaha, what a retard, PEPE is better
Memes are strong, son.

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Post this tomorrow when the shills start their shifts and you will get 10 replies like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM-e46xdcUo all from different IDs with 1 post.
This is what someone who is a bad liar (and knows it and doesn't want to show it) does when put on the spot. They completely freeze, don't say anything (because they can't) and then run away from the situation. He's probably too autistic/not sociopath enough to spew out a complete bullshit answer or a joke to dodge the question. That same freezing happens to me when caught lying.

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>Post this tomorrow
ICPoor shills have to work on weekends.

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Fuck ICP and fuck avalanche, you will lose money by bagholding either one of these scams. Why do you call every avax critic an ICP shill?

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>I'm going to stop this conversation if you're going to ask more questions about cryptoleaks
LMAO if the roach king responds like a kid just about to throw a tantrum then what's left for paid shills on /biz/?

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Best part is when he's asked about the onchain evidence. He can't refute that and he knows it. The sting in his stomach prevents him from saying anything. Complete acute stress response. Fucking lmao. From the start he should've went with diplomatic "I'm not familiar with the article and can't give my opinion on the allegations made in it" but when asked if he's aware of the article he agrees. Looks like the day this board is clear from the roach infestation is finally coming.

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nobody cares about the turk scam

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No wonder why he hired so many aggressive brownies to shill that scam, he is doomed. I bet he can't sleep well either he looks tired and getting old really fast.

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>b-but icp
Holy roach cope. This shit is going down faster than you can say double spend.

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>ICPoors working hard on the weekend

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Last moments of earning avax from shilling on /biz/. Might as well farm the (You)s on negative threads which you are instructed to avoid. Taking a bit more risk of getting fired is sensible this late in the life cycle. Do you get paid to promote avalanche? Do you have the balls to answer that one with a clear yes or no answer or are you going to dodge it?

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ICPoor tards and their retarded schizo theories. did you become mentally ill when ICPoor dumped -99%? or have you already been born a retarded nigger?

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Do you get paid to promote avalanche? Why is it so hard to answer?

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of course not you schizo nigger

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>Does not answer
I shill ICP for free and that's possibly worse. Just answer.

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you cant read you dumb nigger? >>55396753

why are all ICPoor niggers so pathetic?
your shitcoin never getting any adoption must really buckbroke you lmao

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Either you're taking a big risk of getting fired or you're dumb enough to do this kind of posting for free, well the pay avax shills get probably isn't worth it anyway. Heavy bags? At least you're winning the ICP holders when it comes to that. You're down only, what, 80%?

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Thus far I have used encrypted chat on the ICP.
I have played video games.
I have social media'd.
I have traded tokens and coins that are actually associated with projects.

Please point me to anywhere I can do this with Avax. I REALLY want you to.
I will buy if you do so even.

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>Heavy bags?
nope, bought the ICO. Not everyone is a slow brained nigger retard thats always late to everything.
Must suck being an ICPoor retard like you.
tomorrow is monday and you will have to go wagecuck for minimum wage lol

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>used encrypted chat on the ICP.
useless and nobody uses this, also does nothing for the token (token not needed).
>I have played video games.
shitty flashgames nobody cares about and that do nothing for the token (token not needed)
>I have social media'd.
social media with 3 users lol nobody cares also does nothing for the token, again token not needed.
>I have traded tokens and coins
low liquidity shitcoins nobody needs or wants. also does nothing for the token, token not needed.

tl;dr you are literally retarded

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It's amazing how everyone's always an ICO buyer and into Bitcoin since '11. Maybe you should've sold the top don't you think?

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again, not everyone is a slow braindead retard like you and unlike you I know how to take Profits and how to manage risk.
ICPoor retards like you literally hold their useless trashcoin to zero. you never even saw a profit kek.

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When you're smarter than most people you tend to get irritated when they ask stupid questions because they're wasting your time.

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These things I refer to function though.
Please please PLEASE point to similar projects running on Avax and I will literally IMMEDIATELY buy.

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Not really.
T. Smarter than everyone

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>These things I refer to function though.
not at scale and has no users so irrelevant.
>I will literally IMMEDIATELY buy.
looks like there is a misunderstanding here, I dont want you to buy AVAX, stay poor you stupid nigger retard.

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>T. Smarter than everyone
>said the low IQ ICPoor working minimum wage

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Good for you on buying the ICO and selling the top. Can I ask you what you or avalanche people in general have against ICP? I'm not up to date with the rivalry and you're clearly very into it.

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no such thing. I'm just pointing out that ICPoor is a scam going to zero with a token that is literally not needed and a community full of brain dead nigger retards spreading lies all day.
Lets hope they cant endure their poverty any longer and rope already.

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why doesn't he reply to that? and how are the coins clean just because you send them through the avax bridge, it should be perfectly traceable. maybe his lawyer told him to stfu about anything regarding that website.

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>why doesn't he reply to that?
Emin has an expert legal team on Dominics ass, he dun goofed

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Kek if you roaches call icp useless what should we call that roach chain that can't even host a website in 2023?
Also why are you third worlders so aggressive? Calling us niggers won't make you white Eduardo..

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Avalanche will tokenize all the assets in the world but ICPoor is useless, thats fact. also why are you even here? shouldnt you be playing shitty flashgames or visit websites nobody cares about?
go back to your retard nigger computer and stay there.

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Please create generals for your retarded 2021 l1
Or make your avax vs icp general

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I asked two questions an all i got was nigger nigger. Why do i even try to communicate with roaches.

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Sorry the pedo cat only posts from monday to friday. Most of the team doesn't work weekends, Emin is trying to save some Liras for the dark days ahead.

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>Please create generals for your retarded 2021 l1
wtf is that supposed to mean you stupid ass bot, proofread your shit before posting you mouthbreathing downie.

why should I bother answering question from some retarded nigger?
ICPoor fud cucks have to work on weekends otherwise that gay retard Dominic doesnt pay them. pathetic.

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It's over.
Sold everything and bought ICP

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16 posts already? Some one is going to get a performance bonus this month. I know that you feel alone since it's Sunday but tomorrow the rest of the gang will be here to back you up.

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hahaha the roachie is soooo mad.
it makes me so happy.... giddy even!
i'm gonna stroke my hard white cock while reading his posts over and over again haha.
i bet he's getting a little stiff down there too.... ;)

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>bought ICP
>It's over.
yes you wont make it.
typical for an ICPoor downie.
>entire ICPoor minimum wage crew has to work overtime on Sunday but actually its only 1 spastic samefagging
kys gay retard

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hahahahaha ohhhh roachie, we love it when you do your little dance for us... kneel down in the center of the circle and let us jack ourselves all over your cute brown face! you know you want to ;)

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see >>55397522
>kys gay retard

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They only jack to those cat girls. Those brownies are weird.

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the little roach roach can't type very much anymore.... he's too busy touching himself in his private parts!!!
we understand little roachie! you don't have to type anything at all if your hands are too busy with something else! hahaha

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looks like the roachie went away to finger his little roach butthole on his cockroach bed. have fun little guy :3

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Holy shit this guy is scared and you can tell LMAO

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Why Avax fud is always the most pathetic, recycled and vile shit one can come up with? Literally fiction clown level, Unironically sometimes i wonder if all the fudders are just part of a shit creative writing project

>> No.55399272

yeah it's funny how hard he tries to portray being self-righteously angry while it's obvious that he just has no answer.

because avax itself is the most pathetic, recycled, vile project in crypto

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why did avax need to advertise on the fucking subway? if the chain is so good it should speak for itself no?

to me this is the only sign needed that its a fucking scam...they are desperately looking for bagholders. Dfinifty has not spent once cent on marketing

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>the gay ICPoor niggers are still here whining about Avalanche
top kek

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welcome back little guy. did you cum? i know i did :)
i also know why you came back....GET ON YOUR KNEES!!

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answer my question jackoff. you are avoiding the question just like emin because you have no retort except to revert to ad homin attacks. you sound like accumulating.icp and his buttbuddy ivan.

>> No.55399439

excuse me sir but why are you trying to have a serious discussion about the AVAX cryptocurrency scam with somebody who was born for one thing, and one thing only - to be my little cum slut and making his daddy feel good?

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who has a tighter ass? emin or the lawyer?

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Another W for the ICP master race

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irrelevant. they're both VERY fuckable

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It means that your holding a 2021 l1

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this. emin already stated that the pdf was fake and gay, yet that eurocuck kept pressing him about it condescendingly. then emin sat in silence shocked and fuming because the whole 1 hour interview was ultimately just a set up for a hatchet piece, so emin kindly told that ytuber faggot to fuck off lol AVAXbro here WAGMI

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Hello sir how was your weekend, ready for a new shift?

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>Why Avax fud is always the most pathetic,

Only retards would fud Avax, the ecosystem is as solid as they come especially when you talk aout the innovations in the space which include NXRA and JOE.

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the cryptoleaks report on avax astroturf accounts was right lmao. imagine needing to promote and defend a scam project on 4chan just to be able to afford food LMAO

>> No.55401472

imagine having to FUD AVAX 24/7 on 4chan just to be able to afford food LMAO

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What is your favourite dapp?

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Roach bros what is going on, the ICPoors are making fun of us and where are you? The weekend is over wake up!

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Emin got trolled, cryptoleaks an obvious targeted exaggeration of basic corporate politics.

>> No.55402209

WTF is this retarded fud lol You can't "launder" or "taint" funds with a transparent bridge. That cryptoleaks article is so fucking stupid holy shit. That literally applies to every bridge, it has nothing to do specifically with avax. And you may as well just say crypto in general is money laundering and tainting funds its retarded. I not promoting avax just stupid dunning kruger fud shit like that is infuriating. People need to learn when have no idea what they're talking about, "cryptoleaks" and that host should kill themselves for being retarded.

>> No.55402235

>it's totally made up
>pure fiction
>it's a made up tale
>it's a total fabrication
>it never happened
>this one was invented by a writer
>it's false
>it's a fake
>not a chance

>> No.55402585

Why was he nervous and why didn't he respond, our great roach leader was shaken like that because of a lie?

>> No.55402614

Because its idiotic and infuriating to waste time to debunk retarded fud that makes no sense to begin with. A better response would be to explain how bridges in general can't launder funds, but I actually give him credit because wasting 45 minutes of my time to get trolled at the end would piss me off so much it would be hard to keep your cool.

>> No.55402655

I'm glad you agree

>> No.55402794

Oh ok thanks for the explanation, where were you this weekend? The ICPoors were making fun of us and my roach bros were gone, buts that is ok i got you by my side now at least until Friday right?

>> No.55402817

Take your meds dude

>> No.55402846

Scroll up and see for yourself

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I agree with you about the interview fud being a non-issue as the guy was clearly out to get Emin with bullshit but the Avax fudders have a point about there only being Avax shill threads Mon-Fri lmao. It's pretty inorganic.

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Like I said I'm not an avax guy, I have no clue if avax makes shill threads. I'm just saying its completely retarded to say a permissionless, transparent bridge can be use to launder or taint funds, and the cryptoleaks website and this youtube interviewer are either fucking retarded or have some agenda, the fud is nonsense if you know anything about crypto, it not related to avax.

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Was that P/C COIN poisoned?

>> No.55405390

yeah, shit ID
>doubt though

>> No.55405420

What will you say about Chainlink chink boboso, who overloads the biz with constant shilling? This is unlike PolkaDot. Every interaction and projection sound reasonable and organic. With DePIN coming through PeaqNetwork, it will create a borderless ecosystem that will interact with others via AI agents.

>> No.55405431

Who still believe in xmr?

>> No.55405537

What's the make it stash here anon? Looking to add it to my Matic, Near, Peaq and Kas bags for long term gains.

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The jewish lawyer fud at least made sense but it started getting whacky when cryptoleaks claimed half the avax dev team were bot accounts (using picrel as the metric, kek) and that bridges are coin mixers.

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ICP poorfags can not claim a single win until the get back over 400$. It look likes there is still a long way to go.

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36:05 gotcha bitch! kek master

stinky turkish scam it's on radar for jail time

Thank you, just sold this dumpster fire.

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GTFO with your cheap cringey clickbait you piece of shit pajeet nigger kek

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bruh , isnt laundering money like... part of the function of crypto? what are we big centralization daddy gubmit uwu?

>> No.55409192

this board is filled with blatant avalanche fud threads

someone is being paid

i literally dont care about fucking avalanche but all i see are these shitty threads everywhere, accusing avalanche of being paid shills when all I see is an obvious team of esl fudders trying very hard

god its so fucking gay

>> No.55409238

It's the Racist ICPoors.