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I want to buy an escort but if I spend $500+ to cum in 2 minutes I think it might be a waste? Is it really better than fapping?

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you won't get rich quick, but the returns are juicy

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I'm tired of being lonely. Idgaf about finances. I make six figs.

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me on the right thinking about my coworker

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give me some and I'll cum in anything you want and mail it to you

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Let me guess, an ITfag?

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if you never had sex you should do it once just so you stop obsessing about it. once you have it you realize its not worth spending $500 and youll stop making these retarded threads

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fo sho and all the women I see in public are fat. I want a fat ass thin waist chick to fuck.

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It's not worth it for $500. Go to Europe or Asia and do it there, or bet yet just watch porn and jerk off

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I've had sex exactly one time. About 5 years ago with a chubby mature women. I want to try a younger broad. I'm 30, own place, fit, six pack, six figs. Also a chang lmao. Just getting tired of being lonely. Want some intimacy. Financially $500+ for 1 hour seems kind of crazy but I've never done it before. Idk fapping is getting boring.

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>if I spend $500+ to cum in 2 minutes I think it might be a waste?
It is a waste

>Is it really better than fapping?
It isn't.

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Just got back from a trip to the bay area. Hadn't been back for years but the hooker game there hasn't changed at all. if you like Asian girls worth checking out. Girls are hot, service is good, and it's really convenient too just text and set up an appointment no fuss. Cheap too by US standards. Check it out next time you're in town. It's what I miss most about the place

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have you tried just getting a gf? they are free. they would be easily impressed by your wealth and athletic physique too. it doesnt sound like you need to stoop to buying whores. very few men are ugly enough to need whores as their only option for sexual outlet.

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I made a meme over it because I know zoomers can't comprehend language in written form

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do you go to them or do they go to you? how did you find them?

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You should try it. It's definitely better than fapping. Just find a provider who does GFE, you'll have a good time and it'll be a weight off your shoulders, I promise

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I might check it out. I visit couple times a year as my company is based there. Bay Area is ridiculously overpriced tho.

I'm a chang. I want to wife an AF. Seems like a waste of time to go after WF. Even tho I attract some WF occasionally. It's definitely temping. My mindset is I don't want to lock a gf up if I don't imagine myself putting a ring on her. And a chang in murica is kind of hard.

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Go to Cuba, you'll find that just make sure she's legal.

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lurk moar

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This is the most important image of the century ;/

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I go to them. It's easy. Text to make an appointment. You'll be given an address and a time. The address is always some big apartment complex. Text when you arrive at the appointed time and you'll be given info on which apartment and how to get in. Go up to the apartment and knock softly. The door will open, you step inside, and the fun begins.

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So let's say I spend $1k+ for a GFE. Assuming we have sex and she spends the night. Will she cook me breakfast? I get insane post nut clarity. Kind of a risk if the escort is annoying. Kicking her out will be a huge waste imo as $1k to cum is crazy.

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Also, most single women I see in public are fat. Where do you find single women to fuck? I feel like a creeper going to college campuses kind of. I'm near Denver area. I don't fuck with online dating. I wear over $10k 24k gold on my body in the form of chains, rings, and bracelets so an intelligent women will easily be able to value me based on my peacock looks. Not hard but also I'm a chang and most WF aren't into that. Seems only low value WF are.

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Well just do gfe for an hour then. See if you like before splurging on some overnight visit. You're not paying just to cum it's the whole experience that's included. $1000 might be worth if she was exceptionally talented but I'd say that's pretty rare. In the bay area you can get an hour for more like $220, which is another reason I miss the place

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Might do this. Man, as a chang I kind of understand why I'm so lonely in America. As a WM I don't think I could cope.

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Take the AMP pill. That will teach you how to fuck so the gf respects you.

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no drugs even tho I've done most drugs you can imagine. I'm 30 wtf.

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He means Asian massage parlor. I wouldn't recommend it. They're kinda dingy and not really a great environment for fucking tbqh. Not bad if you just want a handie tho

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I went so SEA couple months ago. Got a massage and the masseuse kept asking if I exercised lmao.

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Chang adjacent, i know the feel.

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top signal.

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It's fucked bro. Can't imagine what it would feel like being a WM. Most muricans are fat af that provide no value.

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Why autistic people always have huge dicks?

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idk but i ran across an autistic guy with huge fingers today. bet that dude had a huge cock but had a personality of a snail.

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AMPs are alright. They're weird, but fun usually. It's the most cost effective and efficient way to get sex xp points. Look for AMPs in non-upscale locations where the masseuse wears lingerie. Have a want before you go if you're sensitive because those girls will make you pop in a minute if you let them. They're pros when it comes to dick.

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Don’t get married
Not a joke
Have them on the leash for the rest of their lives and if they leave then you lose nothing.

Getting married will not get you loyalty regardless of their race
That comes with your personality and you don’t have the personality that demands loyalty, I can smell it from here.

She leaves and you can go fuck 20 year olds all day of you want.
She leaves and you can find a replacement when you want.

>80% of divorces are started by women
>90% if they’re “college educated”
>50% of marriages end in divorce
Just don’t do it

Thanks me when you’re not divorced and force to give up half your stuff with 15-20 years of alimony payments.

She’s allowed to fuck her boyfriend while getting a payout from you monthly and in your old house you solely paid for.
Remember my words if you ignore me.

Her being Asian won’t change things.
She is American Asian, they are not the same.
Even then foreigners will rape you too for that green card and get half your stuff as well.

Trust me Chang, do not give her the blang blang.

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It's not about cumming. I can fap in 5 minutes an cum. It's more about GFE. Fuck I feel pathetic for saying this. Most normies aren't on my level. Physically and mentally.

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The real question is what are chances I'll be caught in a sting op. Like I said never done this before. Pretty sure it's illegal most of murica.

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Maybe move to a state with more asians like texas or virgina. California is gay

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>They are free

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Felt like i should post a pic

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You’re Asian, that’s like saying people aren’t on the level of a bug.
Your abstract thinking is extremely limited and that’s compounded by low levels of creativity.
Otherwise you wouldn’t even be posting some stupid shit like this.
You’d have the critical thinking skills to perceive every aspect of your situation before you even had the time to write something stupid like this.

The fact that you have to ask anyone at all is on its own sad.
The fact that your ego is simultaneously this high is laughable.

Go get your dick sucked and stfu
Also don’t get married

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Fucking an AMP girl once a week will increase your confidence and you'll stop flapping. Fucking is fun. The girls can be very nice, especially if you're a regular.

You can't keep a simp mindset after you've been boning a lot of women for $200. You're like, why should I get caught up in some dumb chick's bs when I can fuck anytime I want for a couple bills? It's stupid to pine. Plenty of good things to do in life other than wait for a dumb woman to give you ultimate approval.

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It should be by the hour. Explain to her that you want to do multiple rounds and not have to leave until time is up or when you want to leave. If you can only cum once and can’t do multiple rounds then you need to see a doctor and get on testosterone replacement therapy

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Almost zero. Police don't have the resources to go around setting up stings and raids all the time. So long as you're not picking up street walkers there's almost zero chance of being arrested.

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never EVER have sex, it's just not worth it

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Sad reality, what are you suppose to do if you want a family though? Threaten her with minecraft if she steps out of line?

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and how do you make sure its not a gang of niggers waiting to rob you?

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Reviews. But even without reviews I trust the process. If you're setting up shop in a luxury apartment building and jumping customers when they arrive doesn't seem like it'd take long for the cops to show. Seems bad for business yeah?

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Not worth it.
I had sex with a woman and got an STD and went back to wishing I was a virgin

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I’ve banged 3 girls and one was a hooker. I couldn’t even stay hard because of how off-putting the whole transactional aspect of it was. Also she made me wear a condom. I ended up not even nutting lol but she rode me like a porn star and that was pretty cool. She also ate my ass and snaked her tongue down my dick hole which actually felt pretty good despite how it sounds

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Set up hidden cameras around the house
Get her to hit you on camera
Save it and use it as evidence that she is abusive

They will give you the kids with no visitation.
DO NOT give her any visitation rights after that.
No, “I want my kids to have a relationship with their mother”
Once you open that door, she can now sue for the kids completely.
She can also fight for 50/50

But if she has no rights then she can’t get shit.
Ridiculous system.

The only other option is to make sure you have a personality that demands respect.
Be fun enough and funny enough that she doesn’t get bored.
Treat her like she is replaceable but intermittently making her feel like you care about her and she is given kindness.

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about then just do step one of getting her to abuse you on camera.
Tell the courts you were afraid of coming forward and not being believed because you’re a male.
You didn’t want to turn her in because she cared about you after she beats you and you believed it.
You were afraid of not being believed about the abuse.
Say she did worse off camera and that what you recorded is light work.

Essentially appeal to emotions and be smart.

Try to find a somewhat trad and virgin wife.

Women that have had 0 sexual partners have 92% success in marriage.
Drops to 70% at 1, 65 at 2, 55 at 3, and 50% at 5+
Continuously gets worse the higher amount of dicks she has taken.

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The $500 escorts have to be pornstars or offer amazing gfe in my experience

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Hung men are exclusively retards in one way or another

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I feel like going to war against the elite and changing the laws of society would be easier then this

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Skadoodle Skadash!

Retain your wizardpowers and buy magic internet cash!

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if you have any hobbies join clubs for that and meet women there

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how did you find them? facebook/hookerclassifieds ?

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where are the reviews? is there a website for this? i thought all those sites got shut down with the backpage crackdowns

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do they let you film so you can watch your own homemade porn later?

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why do so many simps put pussy on a pedestal? it's not that great and women are annoying and provide the intellectual stimulation of a retarded child.

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You're paying for the anticipation really. And the memory. The act itself is little different to fapping spend some time suckling her booba or something its a little more fun - or if you have her tease you for an hour and dont cum but once you cum its the same as always

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you can always go back to your shithole, third world parasite

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Get contact with a Korean agency.
The 30 minute quickie handjob+blowjob used to be $50 now its $100 .
Extension +30 minutes for a quick fuck also used to be cheaper before corona chan but now if you want extension you usually just pay another $100 or $200 depending on the young woman.
With $500 you can get all nighters with proper escort service or the gf experience.
And the best thing is after a while if you are smart and a regular with some madam or more experienced woman she can hook you up outside the agency and with younger beginner/amateur young women.

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its just different.
I can tell you some escort experiences are kinda terrible, girls are just a bit boring and after a while your mind starts thinking why the fuck you're in there with a girl who is clearly not into you.
Some also have the whole hooker looks and attitude which, to me, is very uninteresting (but some people like it...).
And some are super hot who get really into it and the sex is pretty incredible.
End of the day, biggest advantage is you can meet a person and you'll be fucking her in a couple of minutes and you can go a bit crazy vs a random thot you meet irl

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Well checkout your local offerings, I mean the closest big city and find ads for girls, then trough one of them get the contact.
Or if you have contacts with someone that can setup a kakao account for you or to give you id number to use.

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>Women that have had 0 sexual partners have 92% success in marriage.
No. Not divorcing != successful marriage. It just means that religioustards stay together despite hating eachother

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Non ironically just go back to your country and pick up a trad gf there chang, simple as, you can probably do it in less than 48 hours what the absolute fuck are you doing

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lmao these are all massage parlors. are you saying they also let you go fuck hot asian young girls at their apartments?

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ah shit i cant read the reviews they want $25 subscription, is this site legit? is it worth the sub?

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$500 escort and $30 street walker will give you about the same service. i've tried both.

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All you need is a good VR headset and either diy fleshlight/real one.
Thank me later.

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Idk about where you're from but most countries have prostitution banned so you wouldn't want to go to the cops to complain about you losing money and self-incriminating yourself.
At least I know in Dubai these bait and switch African gangup is VERY common. And all of them set shops in upscale apartments.

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>if you never used heroin you should do it once just so you stop obsessing about it.

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power of the pussy, most men have lizard brains when it comes to it and the jews have been exploiting that weakness over a millenia

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i dont know the american market but it's a legit site for those who go to massage parlors. you want to read the forum for useful tips. you should absolutely pay for the 25$ just once to check for yourself and see all the beginners tips etc. reviews can be faked.
some redditors review:

other forum where burgers discuss escorts:

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You know someone is a virgin when they think their first time they'll cum in 2 minutes instead of not being able to get hard from the anxiety.

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and kek for still not using https. use a vpn to interact with this site

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sounds successful enough to me

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A couple things: Denver has one of the worst male:female ratios of any major city in America. Also it doesn’t have many Asians so you are playing against the odds if you want an AF gf. Oh and if you don’t like the amount of fatties in the fittest state in the country brace yourself and definitely don’t move to the south.

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I am 29 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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People experience the same game on low graphics and ultra graphics. Looks can be worth the extra for some people.

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this is why you take a vacation to a third world country to coom. the price per coom is better than a $500 fat american escort.

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$500 is too much OP. stop overpaying and supporting overpriced whores. $200/hr max is my limit. sometimes i will do a QV (quick visit) for $140 which is 15 mins but they get a good deal if you convert to hour rate.