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there be a MMA cage at Smartcon? If so, where do I register? Thanks in advance

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Also to the “advovates” here, you ought to make this happen. It will be like the modern day throwing the baseball at the target and dunking your teacher at the county fair. Its the least you could do for us after scamming us for years (down 90 w no end in sight).

Also, you know how I know youre gay, you refer to yourself as an “advocate”.

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Based Sergey isnt even phased by larping spic

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Which is why he should get in the ring with him. Just go a round or two with headgear etc and have a ref so it doesnt escalate. Surely fatboy has balls, right?

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It would also be great if biz personalities could square off. After all, so many of your zoomers and incels are so tough, so youd be down im sure.

>in before you dont even know this movie


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A normal human doesn't waste his time by trying to "prove a point" to a dog when it barks at him

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>scamming us
You get what you deserve. You could have bought low and sold high. You could have bought high and did basic research and realise you have bought low.
In reality you look at the actual scams and wish you got in and out of the pump and dumps instead of believing you had the patience for fundamental investing. But you didn't. Because not only are you retarded but also risk averse unless it is the most mindless risk taking possible where you can excuse your failure as pure luck.
>tl;dr you lack the brains

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Okay that is too far
I thought this guy was half joking but he is an actual psycho

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I have a cap somewhere of a bunch of death threats to sergey posted on 4chan. Same style of posting. I think it's the same anon, he kept trying to drum up support. Accused me of being autistic for making it lol.
Lemme check if i can get it.

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Eh, i can't find it. I made it over a year ago, maybe two. I titled it 'death threats against sergey' or something but archives got rekt afaik.
Maybe just a coincidence though. Monke c monke do. Not worth keeping clearly.

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>francis shows up to deliver a performance
>francis doesnt show up after all that talk
some entertainment either way

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I want to see based francisco body slamming chainlinkgod who will be the step in for sergey. Get the bucket drummer hobos and breakdancers to be hype men.
Sergey should also dump another 1m link and hire ice spice to twerk on stage and give a performance.

If they do this stuff then I would actually consider going.
Not going to this nerd snoozefest to listen to that fatass mumble about his stale talking points and show his same bullshit slides while the price is $5

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>he wasn't scammed he just didn't sell before sergey dumped on him, heh
Yeah I don't think he sees it that way.

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Thats how far the fud has come. Sad really.

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course he doesnt see it that way. he's 2 stupid to sell at a loss and too stupid to accept he fucked up so he's going to murder sirgay over it cuz he cant accept he lost all his money not selling and accepting his losses. instead he holds and seethes and shits his manpanties at sirgay and will attempt to murder him at smartcon over his own investment fuckups. I cant stand people so up their own ass with stupid they lash out at others over it. but his stupid violent nature is to be expected from a 4th world turd with an iq about 95 or less

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Sergay dumped tokens this is a perfectly reasonable response low T faggots like you wouldn’t know

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based fransisco
subhuman nastyslob manlet deserves the rope

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fuck off sissyqueer. murdering someone becuase you're too stupid to sell at a loss and accept a loss is 4th world tier sub95 behavior. calling me low t for pointing that out just outs you as a sub95 violent retard that cant accept when he fucks up. lash out more retard you might amuse me with your low IQ bs for 2 minutes.

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>fuck off sissyqueer. murdering someone becuase you're too stupid to sell at a loss and accept a loss is 4th world tier sub95 behavior. calling me low t for pointing that out just outs you as a sub95 violent retard that cant accept when he fucks up. lash out more retard you might amuse me with your low IQ bs for 2 minutes.
t.low t subhuman

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That’s why thirdies will curbstomp you sissfied western “men” sergay dumped tokens and now this is the response

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>internet feedback parasites resort to lowest common denominator tactics to get attention
lmao what is this twitter ?

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>subhumanoid sub90
>trolling outside of /b/
>underage and/or mentally underage
I dont even need to reply anymore to your sad pathetic subhumanoid ass. run along dicklet and go troll outside of /b/ somewhere else.

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Get your T checked and cut down on the Big Macs nastyslop faggot

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>high estrogen subhuman keeps sperging out

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>high estrogen, esl chainnigger >>55392392 literally can't stop sperging while dilating

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Only a cuck wouldnt get revenge for someone wronging them. Get back in your sissy cage link cuck

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.. top signal

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>60x up in fiat, 10x up in ETH and BTC
Sergey wronged us?

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It’s crazy but at the same token the dude could have lost his entire net worth, obviously if that happened he’d be pretty pissed, especially so considering Sergey has his constant token dumps

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kek I love this song. At the very least Sergey will waste some token dumps on personal security. He has no one but himself to blame for fucking his bag holders up for so long. Imagine defending someone who was responsible for “uhhh ccip in 2022 y-yeah”

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You can definitely spot Francisco when he is spouting his barely coherent low iq drivel in some LINK threads
What a retard lmao

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I doubt it's the guy in the pic. Even 4chan retards aren't that retarded.
My guess is that pic related guy fucked some neets oneitis and the neet has gone on this epic mission to get dudebro swatted.

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not some random larping anon at all guys, totally real happening