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I currently have reason to believe the crypto markets are fraudulent.

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over 95% of the volume is said to be fake so you're probably right.

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Please explain to a retard with some valuable info and analysis that could upgrade his understanding.

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No wonder... you are a retarded nigger bobo, that got left on the sidelines... thanks for playing, chud

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OP just now realizing where there is money there is lies

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Elaborate faggot. Dont you just come here and spit some shitty gossip out.

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whats the crypto equivalent of a synthetic cdo ?

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crypto is just shitty software, computer code, that doesn't really do anything
Bitcoin itself is solving trivial math problems to sustain itself. It's a pointless process and huge waste of energy.
>inb4 fudder
kys, I was in crypto 2014-2018 and after all that time not a single token has mass adoption or a real use case

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Mixed quantum computation might be the next real deal but it's a long way from theory to functional product, and the market is still filled with bag holders that want dollars but cut their loses, it's going to take a long time to unwind the 20/21 vc scam run. 22 wasn't enough of scams and scam funds going bankrupt

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Dude, we’ve known that two cycles ago.

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No shit retard. Just grab some vbone and don't worry about it.