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Reddit is bullish as fuck, downvotes to oblivion just for asking why the markets are pumping
Biz filled with indians, asians and bots rippin' on you just for asking
Crypto Twitter has no clue
Youtube bulls are open mouth basedboys hyping it and youtube bears are just as clueless

There's literally no place on the internet that can give a straight answer, let alone an honest one or an intelligent analysis. All alone, with literally 0 information, its a complete roll of the dice.

I fucking hate this shit.

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Mods, range ban frog post spammers from thread creation

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you'll learn. lol

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what do you want to know?

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Mods, reinstate flags so we can autoblock indians

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why is it pumping?

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>reliable source appears
>everyone flocks to it
>buy now1!!!
>everyone buys
>sell now!!!!
>everyone sells
>everybody becomes rich
>meaning nobody is rich
>OP gets rich, but still owns nothing

You really thought life would be this easy? That someone tells you what to do and then BAM, you're rich?

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hope this helps

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simpler view

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you censored the indicator names
I cant even research them
youre a prick

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>There's literally no place on the internet that can give a straight answer

You need to learn to read the universe yourself. For example, when my grandma asked me about bitcoin in 2021, I knew we were nearing the top. And when my dad asked me if I head about the "SBF guy" back in late 2022 I knew it was a bottom signal. Searching for answers and info online is flawed because you're dealing with severe survivorship bias in the form of shills, while everyone else stopped posting. You can look for market clues in raw data using google trends or other analytics.

But you should always look at situations with this in mind: if something is easy to guess then it's probably priced in already

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it took me like 3 years of intense studying the market to get where im still a crass amateur. all those scripts are open source on tradingview. to start, look up stochastic, macd, and wavetrend. dont pay any money for scripts

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godmode is another one. the phoenix rising package of scripts is good

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Do you genuinely think that you're meant to understand these things?

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If anyone could actually accurately predict the market they wouldn't tell you, and they would be infinitely rich. All you can do is follow your gut and do good research.

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The answer really is as simple as large funds moving the market around to build hype for the Blackrock bitcoin etf next year. It will shart the mart again by EOY and that will probably be 'the low' before takeoff next year, in order to fulfill the 4 year cycles meme. You don't need anything else because anything else is less reliable.

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has it actually paid off? TA seems like a huge meme

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after many stumbles its starting to. mastering probabilities is the hardest part. they want you to think its a meme so you blindly put in your retirement every month and keep the margins fat.

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What investment strategies involve minimal clairvoyance that aren't bonds, t-bills etc? I would think the only thing is backtesting and trying things out continually until something seems to work.

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>mastering probabilities
wdym? thinkning about doing probability theory masters / phd lately coincidentally. sounds like it hasn't really helped much though? Are over 50% of your trades profitable?

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Reddit is still filled with midwit Bobos larping as intelligent investors. Real life normalfags are not talking about crypto at all. Meanwhile corpos are buying or trying to buy.
Normalfags will seethe and cope in a years time wondering why they didn't buy on this day

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heh, those are the very things I would say need minimal clairvoyance. The less risk you are taking on, the better you should be able to predict how your money will do

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Sure but then again i could give you a massive alpha and you would ignore me. Here it is: Rebate is doing a x20 once the uniswap V4 is released. Do your part now

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ok, what's so hard about that?

yeah that's why i used them as examples. i understand that more risk means less security and more clarivoyance or some other insight required, but i want an investing style that minimizes the need to go off hunches. i read picrel series and enjoyed it. closest i've found to what i'm looking for

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really its not that hard. the market relies on the promotion of ignorance in order to maintain itself

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>For example, when my grandma asked me about bitcoin in 2021, I knew we were nearing the top. And when my dad asked me if I head about the "SBF guy" back in late 2022 I knew it was a bottom signal.
Based anecdote enjoyer.

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>just for asking why the markets are pumping
Blackrock, fidelity, and deutsche bank all just applied to make bitcoin ETFs.

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Crypto Twitter is literally fine, 4chan is literally fine, youre just an ignorant cuck who can't dyor for shit. and hell, you could just read the fucking news? Coindesk, Cointelegraph? I don't know exactly what "intelligent analysis" you're looking for. Just go to the websites and read about the cryptos yourself. God damn. I am too old to read this zoomer faggot shit.

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Reddit is owned by a Turk who is married to Serena williams. OP tries to sell it as the "white place" in this promotion thread.

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the founder of reddit shot himself in the head after he went to prison for publishing paywalled research papers. the serena willliams marrier isnt involved anymore. its all corporate owned now.

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reddit is controlled by this guy Donald Newhouse through like 3 layers of subsidiaries. Pic related. Not chuck schumer, the geriatric dwarf on the left. He's also has control of Vogue, The New Yorker and Wired. It's pretty funny how literally no one knows about this dude and his family

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oop forgot pic

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why would it? this chart is slow bleed to 0

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Why do you need to rationalize every market movement? This is the behavior of people who think they are smart that just got into investing.