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Kek, he still doesn't hold Avax. We are hitting 3 digits before EOY. Just check what happened last bullrun within the space of months.

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God I wish 3AC would buy in again

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>> just check what happened last bullrun.
yeah. shitcoins have one pump and then never pump as hard again. the fate of avax.

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Two sets of ears?

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They secretly will with their new exchange, that's funded by oil money. Zhu Su is a maxi at heart.

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Holy cope
What are you hodling? You sound threatened at least.
I'd give all I have just to have AVAX Chan sit on my face

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thats so AVAXchan can hear you better.

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avax girl is cute

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My last hopes are here, Anon... If it won't happen I will kill myself

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It will happen, eventually Avax will hit 4 digits.

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$150 EOY

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Notice how the pajeet fleed the thread upon being asked what is he hodling kek

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Hopefully $200 by EOY. WAGMI

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Bump it! Buy Avax sir

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giga based

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Convince me why I should buy it, or not whatsoever

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best multi-chain L1 right now. the consensus mechanic blows other chains out of the water, allows for decentralized horizontal scaling without a centralized bottleneck like DOT rely and Cosmos' HUB. also Avalanche consensus gives you sub second finality and MEV immunity for free, no need for added gimmicks or extra complexity, just the base consensus engine by itself is subsecond and leaderless(no 'M' means no MEV). also good biz dev, as Cornell based academic team, Emin and crew are fairly well connected. credentials and academic prestige = easy partnerships, Emin is the only crypto advisor on the CFTC advisory committee. not to mention Emin has technically been in this space longer than Satoshi Nakamoto, he built a PoW-based p2p digital currency called Karma shortly after 9/11, which turned out to be really bad timing since feds didn't want Al Qaeda using it.

So throw money at multi-chain and multi-chain enablers like LINK. unfortunately ETH is going backwards, they are copying EOS' solution to scaling instead of copying Avalanche's consensus and going multi-chain. this goes along with the EF devs' MO of only protecting initial investors and pre-miners, protecting MEV mafia, playing it as safe as possible, going deflationary, etc, to benefit those with the biggest ETH stacks(not such a bad thing if you have a big ETH stack like me, but unsustainable in the future). multi-chain will eat their lunch and there will never be a flippening. ETH's speculative value was always based around the fact that it was dynamic and the devs were willing to explore solutions to scaling, this is simply not the case anymore.

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Every AVAX shill is a grassroots community marketer who gets paid in AVAX to do it. They reply to themselves with different IDs and create lots of fake interest and discussion. If you browse /biz/ for a few days you'll see how inorganic all of this is. Their objective is to make you buy AVAX, hold it and maybe even stake it (for a negative inflation adjusted yield, which they will lie about). They will manipulate you with hope, technojargon, AI waifus and dreams of riches while getting paid by higher-ups who slowly dump on retail with the tokens they created for themselves for free. Go look at EOSETH chart and read about the history of EOS. This is the exact same scam all over again for newfags like you who don't know how this works. Don't fall for it, they are masters at manipulating.

Inflation numbers:
Circulating supply Jan 27 2022: 244,852,769

Circulating supply Jan 27 2023: 314,771,897

(314,771,897 - 244,852,769) / 244,852,769 = 0.2856 = 29%