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>be me
>own a big bag of LINK
>never think about it
>barely even come to /biz/ anymore
>meanwhile rudders are engaging in an outright meme war against LINK
>in reality there a only three poojeets posting amongst themselves on two phones each
>think it will impact my financial decisions whatsoever
>LINK moons
>idiots wasted 5 years of their lives hating on LINK while I’m getting rich
what goes around comes around

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pretty sure ur gettin broke, not rich, mate
btc going to 100k
ur collapsing in sats

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We finna flip Atom on cmc linkbros how we feeling?

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>I never come to /biz/ but also I know what's been going on here for the last 5 years
Can you feel it baggie? Sub-$5 soon

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>meme war against LINK
I'll have you know i've been here for over 10 years and i'm one of the biggest reasons the Schwablords plan failed, i was the front line fighter in the 2017-2022 shill wars and killed countless link-trannies with simple words so you better watch your fucking mouth before you talk to me like that you little cocksucking faggot

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Is your skin color the same as your id?

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>big bag
You must own more than 10k?

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The only reason you made this thread was to shill your bags pajeet.