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The retards who threw $5 at doge with every paycheck aren't the ones who fuel bull runs, so it doesn't matter if they're out of spare cash now. The actual big boys that move markets are richer than ever. If you don't realize this then you're ngmi this bull run.

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>Price goes up
>Can't stop thinking about bears

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How many times did you get liquidated today?

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My short orders didn't get filled. Waiting for you fomotards to lift the price up a bit more

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I’ve been short since 30k. I’m going to add more to my short 30k with the reasoning that if we go above it, say 40k, 30k will be the retest level, and I can exit without any loss. On the flip side, 30k is likely the local top for this year, so I can make gains while we bleed the remainder of the year.

In essence, shorting at 30k is a very safe bet.

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This is a bull market until 2025. Bobos will get skinned alive.

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Wait are you laughing at the fact that bulls couldn't get it to 32k to hit my orders? I know, I'm disappointed too.

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I'm still short and strong. BTC has been artificially pumped with BUSD and USDC. The proofs are there. This looks like a clear bear market rally.

12k remains the target.

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>30k local top this year
This bobo is drunk off fermented berries. KEK

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lmfao. anon i can't. go back to wage cucking because will never maje it in this space. The big boys are back in and you missed the bottom. I net you were crying for 100k in November 2021 too right? Or are you even newer than that one? lmfao