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I made my first crypto purchase recently. It was for mommy porn.

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Circular economy

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Post it

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>buying porn
ngmi dude

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it's not just porn. it's niche/fetish porn. i've watched all the free stuff of the kind i like already. i got like terabytes of mommy porn. now i buy and share new stuff

i share my stuff at simpcity

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Wait till sex and porn has no effect on you, then you reach the next level.

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why do you think i watch fetish porn? regular porn does nothing for me anymore and hasn't for years

when i become desensitized to every kind of porn out there then i will have ascended

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>mommy porn

You poor zoomers must have whore mothers who gave you no affection. The very idea of mommy porn disgusts me.

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All porn disgusts me
all women disgust me.
I probably got aids from gay sex.

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i know i have mommy issues don't judge me