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What does it say about the job market when US companies are literally resorting to child labor to fill positions (for absolute shit jobs) that not even immigrants will take?


>this company had investments from BLACKSTONE

I swear it was Blackrock but they just mandela effect reality shifted to create "Blackstone".

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It is important children learn the value of hard work and responsibility. Nintendos don't buy themselves. This will make men of our future generations. ayup

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China not needed?

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Same shit different Jew. Or maybe even the same Jews idk.

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nothing wrong with that but since OP is a huge fag it wants to proof for himself how much morally better he is by posting like "look how evil they are"
this board is not your blog FAGGOT

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The fuck is Blackrock nigga haha, it's like the scuffed less professional sounding version of Blackstone. Why would anyone call themselves Blackrock lmao.

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I'm not posting this to say "look how evil they are", I'm posting this to raise awareness of US becoming a 3rd/4th world country.

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Also, job market discussion is 100% related to economics/finance.

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Ugh sorry... It's just I'm not going to work is all!