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>one of the most real and serious threads on /biz/ in a long time
>scared jew jannies shut it down, while allowing mongoloid threads about jeet shit coins and frogposts

If that's not a signal that LINK & AVAX are the future, I don't know what is

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Take profits on the way up or you'll end up like the baggie fuddies in every chainlink thread. Utterly mindbroken and delusional arguing with themselves while samefagging from 3 different devices. They bought the top and held it all the way down. That's why they have 30pbti about a coin that they don't supposedly care or own..

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Being schizo is a core part of using 4chan. If you remove schizos you remove then soul of this place.

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Shalom Moshe Goldberg

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This. The schizo threads on 4Cuck are where the serious topics and issues are discussed. Schizo anons did some digging a few weeks ago and found that NSF-jews are pouring a shit load of funds to Ava-labs. I'm surprised that little to no one in biz knows about this

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>30 pbtid
There was a kekfuddie with 130 posts trying to fud in a thread the other day
Thats not a typo. 130.
One hundred and thirty posts
All trying to neg people into selling
The only thing you need to say to that kind of astroturfed lunacy is "just not gonna sell" and they act like you just killed their mum or something. Its hilarious

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its even more funny considering their actions are causing more people to hold rather than sell based on PA
this place is contrarian by nature if you fud there are plenty that take that as a buy signal
especially now since the fud has moved away from plausible technical points but has gone outright deranged

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>posted from an iphone
Nobody gives a fuck about link or their holders, go beg for more money palatine you fucking nigger.
>Link holders

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someone wanna link the thread quoted in OP? I don't think the payout will be worth transcribing it.

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The real redpill is that BRICS will be gold backed and Bitcoin is going to $0 after a major hack/bug destroys it.

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if you believe in that image then you are not redpilled in any way.

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not buying your bags Moshe

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What you actually meant to say was:
>nobody cares about link or their holders goy! honest!
>except us - the mix of top-buyers, paid fud astroturfers and people who lost everything on lending platforms
>we care so little we need to have a new fud thread every 10 mins all day every day, and up to 130 fud posts in non fud threads
Lol sorry kekfuddie troon im only going to keep buying link
Please confirm how upset you are in your response
Its one of the dumbest psyops ive ever seen
Even shareblue on pol 2016 was more subtle

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Here's the thread

Funny how all the jew and pajeet shills are all quiet when IC3 is brought up and never spread FUD against it.

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rose and avax are not a thing
stop trying to make them a thing

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>First they came for the trap posters, and I said nothing, because I was not a coomer. Then they came for the schizos....

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I'm the guy that made that NSF post in that thread and I found some more stuff recently.

From that Statement Emin gave for that hearing last week:
>"Before founding Ava Labs, I was a professor of computer science at Cornell for almost 20 years, advancing the science of blockchains with a focus on improving their scalability, performance, and security."
>"During that time, I consulted with various U.S. government agencies and departments on a range of topics."
I wonder what those other Government agencies are. I know that he worked with the FBI before during that DAO hack:
>"Sirer worked with the FBI and other law enforcement to try to track down the perpetrator, who remains unknown" (FBI helped cover up Emin hacking the DAO??)
And the FBI glows hard as everyone knows.

>"I hold a National Science Foundation CAREER award and previously served on the DARPA ISAT Committee."
quote: "The National Science Foundation CAREER award is the most prestigious award presented by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through research and education, and the integration of these endeavors in the context of their organizations' missions."

quote: "Since 1987, the U.S. Department of Defense has relied on the 30 scientists and engineers who serve on the DARPA ISAT study group to provide ongoing, independent assessment of the state of advanced information science and technology and to recommend new directions in research."
Emin basically works for the Department of Defense!
>"four national intelligence services are subordinate to the Department of Defense"

>"I serve as a member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Technology Advisory Committee."
the previous explains how he got that role.

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Lol, not this 16 year old again.

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Why did I waste a precious minute of my life reading that retarded shit. Having schizophrenia is no excuse, fuck you and sage

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Yo what's up, I'm the other anon from that thread that shared all the links to all the threads financial insider anon created.

Holy shit, great digging anon! I knew Emin glowed, but he glows on a completely another level. How did you find all of this?

Taking all of that as well into account to the trillions that will flow into the crypto market the upcoming years (pic rel is a chart from one of the top wagie consultant firms), Avax will see huge growth


Tell your boys at the JIDF they are inbred mongoloids that are too retarded to come up with FUD against IC3.

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>How did you find all of this?
I had almost forgotten about that thread but then last week, I dont remember if I saw it on twitter or here on /biz/ but someone had linked to that Emin statement where he talks about the NSF and Darpa for that committee hearing last week and from there it was like a couple google searches.

(according to the wayback machine this was posted in early 2016, thats 2 years before the Team Rocket paper and 4 years before Avalanche Mainnet and a year before chainlink.)

>"Six Cornell researchers will receive grants totaling more than $3 million as part of the NSF Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) program."
>"SaTC investments include 257 new projects to researchers in 37 states, totaling $74.5 million."

>"Emin Gun Sirer, associate professor of computer science, will try to build a sound new base for “cryptocurrency” – online financial systems like Bitcoin. Current systems, Sirer says, are insecure, and the underlying structure offers no way to achieve security. He proposes to create a new foundation blending cryptography, game theory, programming languages and systems security techniques on which to build a new, secure digital currency system and a system for smart contracts. He will bring together technologists, economists, social scientists and policymakers to shape the future of digital currencies."

interestingly Ari Juels is also listed there
>"Ari Juels, a computer science professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, will develop new encryption methods, focusing on encryption of passwords and other user authentication."

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>"i don't have an argument... fuck... i know what will shut this down! Ill switch ids and accuse him of being... 16!"
Smartest kekfuddie on biz right here, folks

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While reading through his White House statement, the timing seems to be too much of a (((coincidence))) to be published shortly after the Binance lawsuit.

It's also interesting how Ava Lavs have their base of operations at New York of all places (the most anti-crypto state of them all). Probably an indication that Emin in close proximity to other glowie organizations that are nearby.

>interestingly Ari Juels is also listed there
the IC3 guys are all working closely together. Cooperation between Chainlink & Ava Labs is cruical in order to tokenize all assets.

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No fud, I’m asking to learn how ive been manipulated and what ive missed :

Why couldn’t Hedera do all of those things ? Is it because Avax is better one some technical ways ? Or is it just a founder thing ?
Also, isnt Leemon a Christian ?

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I have a $1 DCA from scaling in during 2017/18 and I'm "utterly mindbroken" and my life is in disarray seeing my networth down 90% in 2 years. I lost $1m. How would I not be mindbroken? I don't even know how to move on.

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this board is D E A D.

only paid shills talking to each other. theres literally no organic conversation at all.

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Im with you on the rose argument, but AVAX? seriously nigger? what's in your mind?

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Any anons look into this coin Cypherium? It’s IC3 as well or was at one point and even has collaborated with BCG. The CEO clearly is in contact with the BIS but is seems very scammy

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>his White House statement
its not the white house, its "The House Committee on Financial Services" and it is considered to be one of the House's most powerful committees.
and with House they mean the "United States House of Representatives" which is the lower chamber of the United States Congress.
>It's also interesting how Ava Lavs have their base of operations at New York of all places
Thats strange and something I have been wondering about for some time, why have they chosen this Location and why is Chainlink not in NY like Ava Labs but instead registered in the Bahamas while their office was/is in San Francisco?
Like why wouldnt they both be in NY? What could be the reasons for that?
>the IC3 guys are all working closely together
IC3 is bigger than just chainlink and avalanche but these seem to work mostly together while other IC3 projects are more or less doing their own thing, they arent as complementary.

>Why couldn’t Hedera do all of those things?
they fudge their numbers and have been lying about many things since the start of their project.
they also dont have such glowniggerly connections to IC3 and they dont have the technology to accomplish what Chainlink and Avalanche plan to do.
>Also, isnt Leemon a Christian ?
he has the Physiognomy of a scammer, he doesnt look trustworthy and personally I wouldnt even trust him with 5 bucks.

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What are they lying about that all the companies joining their council haven’t seen ? How do you know they are lying ?

Isn’t the resume of the founders impressive, since they were both in the army, and the phd, and the wargames, and everything ?

What do you know that isn’t public knowledge?

Weren’t they invited on the WEF ? The house of the guy singing about the Great Reset ? Like Chainlink is part of it and their council ? Isn’t it glowy enough ?

And what the hell you talking about the physiognomy ? Would you trust Sergey more ??

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>rose and avax are not a thing
>stop trying to make them a thing

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This insider said Hbar is a scam. That's when I stop reading. Hbar is the glowie coin.

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Exactly my sentiment.
I’d like to feel I was right but can accept if I’m wrong.

But just flat out saying Hbar is a scam without any form of proof as to why ? I’m guessing they are trying to play us as well. As always, you get truth mixed with lies.

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yes it glows but it glows different, it glows the same way FTX, Celsius or Bancor glow with similar rat faced jewish people behind it that lie all the time about everything.
these Scams are set up so you dont make it.
>Isn’t the resume of the founders impressive
no and its simple because they have zero connections to IC3 where all the actual tech comes from and they seemingly came out of nowhere too, very suspicious.
It is also interesting to note that Emin Gün Sirer is not a big fan of Hedera, now the question is why wouldnt he?
if the tech and people are legit, why would Emin call them out instead?
The explanation here seems obvious, Emin is an actual academic and the type of guy who always has to correct others and he knows its a scam and because hes an autist it upsets him that there is people like this that shit up "his field", thats also why hes been attacking L2s all the time.
Later on his handlers put a gag on him so he avoids attacking them now, I guess so he doesnt blow their cover too much.

I leave you with this interesting information I found when taking a closer look at Leemon.
>"He was recognized as having received his PhD in Computer Science faster than any student in the school's history (33 months)."
just a cohenincidence so nothing to see here goy.

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No, I don't think Leemon Baird is like Sam or others.

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>I don't think
I see

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Wrong about new York being anti crypto. It's actually one of the only states which is pro crypto. Endorsed stx, helped mitigate tethers criminal liability (double jeopardy) mayor linked to some crypto projects, BTC glowies based there, fednow there, Etc

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Well sometimes you just have a feeling that someone is not a bad person and I have that feeling about Leemon Baird.

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It is BTC you retard.
What kind of mental gymnastics are you doing.

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oh fuck off you deranged bagholder. that's just link mental gymnastic post #1532 of the week.

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>new York being anti crypto
>“The New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) has the dubious distinction of being the single worst regulator of crypto in the country,” Rep. Ritchie Torres declared last year in a Daily News op-ed titled “A liberal case for cryptocurrency.”
maybe "anti crypto" is the wrong word here, its simply not an optimal environment for your crypto startup/business, that might be more precise.
many people had a similar feel about Sam Bankrun Fraud or Machinsky and invested in their Business, where are these people now?

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this does fuck all for the price.

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Did you only just respond to the alert in the fud discord? Fuck your slow we're gonna have to drop your roles down

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Did you come to a conclusion OP?

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holy shit

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What the big idea?

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the implication is that it eventually will have an impact on the price, on a related note, back in the days the NSF launched the Digital Library Initiative along with DARPA and NASA, which issued research grants to universities to help build this digital library.
One of the very first grants went to Stanford University, where two graduate students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, began to develop a search engine called "Google".
In the beginning People also didnt understand Google or how it would make profit and it took some time until things developed, a similar thing is happening to Chainlink (this also explains why Eric Schmidt is so close to Chainlink) and Avalanche right now and after some time and some adoption we will see these coins moon but right now we are still in 1999 and nobody has a clue.

also Google is the perfect case in point that through its ever expanding pipeline of tax funds, the NSF has always been able to artifcially create new industries and pick the winners and losers of those industries its involved in (all of them).

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yah ive seen enough implications from the fat ass to know its all full of shit

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cool thread. appreciate you guys.

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its like you are in january 2000 and you are saying that jeff bezos is a poorfag loser and full of shit and that amazon shares are going to zero.
our problem today is the same as back then, we are just too early and these technology paradigms move at glacial speeds.

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Based info for a board full of low-IQ jannies.

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Nice thread, I might grab a bag of avax now.

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The around the clock non stop posting of these two shitcoins ensures I would never drop a penny on them

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not buying your vc pump and dump avax jeets

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I dumped link a while back, I love being a schizo, that is the essence, I would catch IDO now and might ape in projects like Immunify lIfe which are working towards healthcare development

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actually after pondering on this for a bit I have a new theory:
maybe whats going on here is something called "inter-service rivalry".
Leemon was high ranking in the US Air Force (probably still is) but the NSF (which means IC3 to some degree too) has its roots in the US Navy (first NSF director was from the ONI).
and indeed there exists some rivalry between the US Navy and the USAF and it probably extends into the Research field too. I didnt really dig deeper into that so no idea if thats actually true or not, just a theory.

but lets go full schizo for a moment here, remember how the Air Force runs all these Psyops?
now lets check the Gematria for "Hedera Hashgraph":
366 and 666: "A Satanic Mark" followed by "treason", also notice "Solar Flash" and "Black Sun".

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I am not buying shitty bags too
when is the IDO ?

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>Some retarded /pol/ schizo posting larps for attention
>Gets obviously deleted
>"Waaa the jannies are jewish!!"

why is this thread still up?

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oh lmao he is just shilling rose avax and links

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They do have an rivalry and its on research field too.
but they are loyal too schizos
less than a month, based on polygon.

>> No.55348814

I just bought a legendary shit ton of this shitcoin. If this gaysex schizoposting is 0.001% valid I’m going to be a 6 Gorillianaire

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>They do have an rivalry and its on research field too.
any examples?