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ngl, it hit me suddenly, a realisation.
Ive been buying crypto every month, from my paycheck 300$ here and there (havent sold any), and my portfolio hassnt seen a green day. Buy Meme coins? all go down, Buy good coins, shit also bleeds like a coffee drip. WHAT THE FOK, how do you guys do it. im down like 50% on everything. but hey, haven't taken profit havent earned it, havent sold havent lost it right ?? heheh kek. srsly tho like mike said "What does it take a guy to get a bj over here"

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I work on site. Sat on the toilet for the 2nd time in 1 hour posting on a Tibetan Yak farming forum.

It's not hard

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Also the market moves like 0.005% a day even for crypto this is strange right? Its my first bear market but god damn what is this vacuum? Is this what the bottom of bear feels like?

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Its bera you nigro!

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Nigger I only make 32k a year and have been buying 1k a month, my life is inside out and backwards

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We're at the bottom of everything going on currently in the world. It can get worse though, but at this point it's not likely. a good time to accumulate alts.
Dca is a long term strategy, how long have you been investing?

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thing what pisses me off the most,
try to do your own research buy good shit, no normie stuff like cardano and it just stays the same. Some guy randomly throws 300$ in to some Peepeepooppoocatdogsnarf coin and it does 50000% overnight, 1) what. imma bout to flip my table fr fr

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Holy shit only 32K a year? How do you survive on that?

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I bought in at around 50% way up to 2020 Bull market, ofc didnt take profit. Held it all all the way down (said fuck it, itll go up again), and started investing every motnh since around '22/November so good 7~ months. Hopefully this time is different and I can actually make so green. Just gotta not paper hands untill 2025~ Top (is that a good strat)?

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Bruh I earn around the same, 35K living in Japan working for a Medical company (the credentials and requirements for the job are ridiculous), and its considered a "Above normal salary, not bad" how much do you make m8, throw some schmekels my way

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Definitely do not sell at a loss unless you bought something retarded, yes that is a good strategy. You are not early, if it makes you feel better most people holding crytpo are at a loss, I'd say anyone that didn't get in before 2019 that has bought but not sold is most certainly down. We're at the bottom now likely, so if you want the dca strategy to pay off its best to keep buying

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Thanks senpai, real hero, giving me some light in this dark asshole ass cave that the market is now. waited this long, I can wait another half a year to see some green grass

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Yw brother, do yourself a favor and buy some chainlink